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  1. When I first read this chapter I was bored by it.  But after I saw what happened to her character in the show (and how poorly it went off) I went back and read it and really enjoyed it.  After reading the history of the Vale in TWOIAF I think Littlefinger may play different sides against each other, and gain power in their disunity.    I think after a few more chapters in the Vale, Sansa will assume her Ladyship at Winterfell briefly, hosting a banquet for all northern houses to formally solidify her Ladyship and ties to the North.  Meanwhile things go bad for Cersei and Aegon takes over King's Landing.  Nobody remains in KL that can torment Sansa so she travels to KL to bend the knee to the new king.  Aegon is bethroned to Arianne but is enchanted by Lady Stark's beauty and she plays the game of thrones to become queen, somehow getting rid of Arianne.  In this she plots against the Tyrells (Margery also plans to rid of Arianne).  But as I am thinking about this I realize there really isn't enough time for all of this plotting.  If there really will only be 7 books, Dany will arrive in Westeros before the end of TWOW.  I think there must be more, at least 8 if not 9.  If the events of the first book of the original trilogy are AGOT-ASOS and AFFC/ADWD is largely made up of filler that was to be the 5-year gap between books 1 and 2, then it just seems very unlikely that only two books will cover acts two and three of the series (act 2 being when Dany reaches Westeros and act 3 is the finale with the Others).  After so much expanding there's no way the rest of the story will fit nicely into two books.    I don't like the idea of the story turning into the war against the Others.  I feel like GRRM has written himself into a corner.  After all of these colorful characters and interesting plot threads the world is faced with RARRRR!! evil ice zombies?  I feel of all of the things that are inevitable to occur, that seems the most out of place.  Sorry I don't post here often so I had a lot to get off my chest.
  2. 1) I pictured him ugly, old and pale (yeah despite being dornish) and bald. I picture him much like Arianne pictures him. Out of touch, cool tempered, patient, meticulous. Also has a childish optimism about certain things and the way the plan will work out. He is numb with grief over his brother and reacts the opposite way from the sand snakes. I pictured him to speak in a slow drolling way. My description is based on the text. 2) He doesn't look at all like him and it doesn't affect my image of the way he looks in my head. I have read the books twice before seeing him on the show. 3) I don't recall seeing him in anything else so it has no effect 4) I haven't seen anything about him other than a short promo for season 5, an in his performance on season 5.
  3. All of these changes are simply making my head spin. I try to watch it for what it is but it is difficult. I give it a 4. King's Landing was very sloppy, particularly the LF/Cersei scenes, Dorne was laughably bad, Jorah and Tyrion was alright and Arya was decent. WF is WTF. I hope Dave and Dan know what they're doing, because it sure looks like they're ruining the show.
  4. 7/10. I liked the first ep better actually, because it had Maggy the Hottie, also because it was a pleasant surprise to see Lancel act just like he did in AFFC. It was great seeing Arya finally make it to Braavos and I really like Doran Martell. His appearance is very different from in the books but the character is still the same. Also Ser Barriston's advice to Dany was great, sounds like word for word from the books, even if it wasn't told like that. I didn't like that she had that dude killed. I don't think that happened in the books, but it's become so cliche at this point. In the books Ned, Robb and ____did this - all sentenced to death by a sword. But unlike the other three, Dany didn't swing the sword herself. And Brienne/Pod is a mess. To me it feels so cheesy that they actually meet Sansa. I knew it was inevitable, after Brienne met Arya but it just feels so awkward. Any scene with Brienne is awkward. I have a feeling she may finally seek her revenge on Stannis this season and I hope they kill her off.
  5. I rated it a 9. Loved everything about it save for the Braavosi scene. It just irked me that the representative from the iron bank didn't speak Braavosi. Also althrough there were plenty of scenes that were straight from the pages (Tyrion's trial) some of the made up scenes weren't written up to my standards, the braavosi scenes. I loved theon's scenes and I love how it started out with Asha (can't remember her show name) reading the letter from Ramsay.
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