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  1. Wagshell

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    For most of the history of the wall, no-one believed in white walkers, so them being destroyed really shouldn't make much difference to the duty of the watch. Mistrust of wildlings will slowly return over time and things will be just as they were prior to the start of the show.
  2. Wagshell

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    Hadn't Euron circimnavigated the world in the books, or did I make that up in my head?
  3. There aren't going to be any sequels apparently, so how it was left is how it is. Bran didn't become a villain, so that's a story for you to create in your own fan fiction. It clearly wasn't the conclusion we were left with.
  4. Wagshell

    Tryion's Momentary Blue Eyes

    I just checked. They aren't blue, there's just a lot of light reflection in his eyes.
  5. Wagshell

    Arya is Azor Ahai

    Anyone who thinks the writers put any thought or importance into Azor Ahai is going to give themselves a headache trying to work out what the facts were.
  6. Wagshell

    Numbers of Dothraki and Unsullied?

    I'm guessing that the answer is that it just looked good to have a military display like that, reaffirming Dany's rule of fear, so that's what they had...
  7. Wagshell

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I think GRRM intended a lot different, as he takes his time over character development and detail, which the show gets rid of to favour action blockbuster style sensation over depth. As I don't believe there will be another official ASOIAF novel, it doesn't really matter. It ends as it ended.
  8. Possibly the most powerful man in Westeros, because he threatened a bloke in a bar. Okay.
  9. The unsullied seemed all but wiped out at Winterfell They were right there in front swamped by the wave of undead that we saw initially wash over them and then just keep coming. Their numbers should have been reduced to just a couple of hundred, realistically. They weren't still out there in huge numbers when Dany and Jorah were outside the wall and there weren't many inside. Very few Dothraki came back from the charge too. Many unsullied would have been lost when their fleet was sunk and there was no way they managed to swim ashore with all of their helmets, shields and spears. Yet their numbers seem to grow with every time we've seen them since. Culminating in a big display of strength in front of the keep. There seemed to be thousands, each fully equipped with helmet, shield and spear. And the Dothraki seemed surprisingly well repreasented too. Where are all of the spare unsullied coming from? Are they cloning them? Did each unsullied come with a whole extra kit they left ready at Dragonstone? Or am I the only one confused by their resurgent numbers?
  10. Wagshell

    Crackpot theory: Jon the next NK?

    Well, as a story line it's only possibly going to appear in fan fiction, so obviously it could happen, just like everything else. GRRM isn't going to write it though, if that's what you mean.
  11. Wagshell

    Arya and the Horse

    It was done because it would look good, a little bit mystical and serene and fans will try to project some more interesting explanation onto it, saving the showrunners from needing to. There's no meaning and it will never be mentioned again.
  12. Wagshell

    So how/will that go down in the books?

    What will go down in the books? There can't be too many people thinking the books will actually be written now? Nothing. There won't be any more books. I said it about three years ago and was shouted down by people saying that TWoW would be out later that year. I still say it.
  13. Wagshell

    Dragons far to weak

    A new weapon? It's really just a bigger crossbow. No newer technology really.
  14. Wagshell

    Dragons far to weak

    I have to agree. Everyone in history easily beaten by dragons. Arrows just bounce off them. Nobody until Qyburn, in all of those years and battles thought to say "You know, we could just make a bigger crossbow, that'll probably do it."
  15. I can't imagine Arya will succeed in killing Cersei though. It can't just be her killing off every villain. They've set her up to look like it should be possible for her, so now she will almost certainly fail. She might get the Mountain though. seeing as he's her bodyguard (possibly dying in the process), which would probably be a good way to annoy the hound, who is bound to be there and involved.