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  1. The Grey Wolf

    The Shivers

    Except we know leprosy exists separately in Westeros since Baelor I forced proud Lord Belgrave to wash the ulcerous feet of a leper.
  2. The Grey Wolf

    About Viserra’s Bethoral

    The Long Reign is by far the most problematic chapter in F & B and part of that is because GRRM covers 40+ years in less than 75 pages.
  3. The Grey Wolf

    About Viserra’s Bethoral

    Honestly, it's a major disappointment that most of what we know about J and A's daughters revolves around their sex lives.
  4. The Grey Wolf

    About Viserra’s Bethoral

    Viserra's whole story would make better sense if the New Gift had still been a big problem and if she'd instead been promised to Lord Manderly's heir.
  5. The Grey Wolf

    Dance of the Princelings

    That's one of my many issues with the Dance. The text clearly shows authorial favoritism.
  6. The Grey Wolf

    Dance of the Princelings

    @Eltharion21 I found Jon Roxton cool before F & B revealed him to be an unapologetic rapist.
  7. The Grey Wolf

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    The mere fact we have to guess why a king's marriage took place to begin with does not do F & B V1 any favors. Honestly, F & B V1 is so unbalanced I don't hesitate to say that it is, in fact, NOT a complete history of House Targaryen from 2 BC-136 AC.
  8. The Grey Wolf

    How did Daeron and Baelor end up like they did?!

    @Ellaena Ser Elyas Scales says he would bet on Jaehaerys in a fight between him and Maegor if the latter somehow returned. That's explicit and in my opinion another sign that GRRM doesn't always understand how children actually develop, the worst example being the Lucerys-Aemond debacle on Driftmark. As for names a mention is due since we're unlikely to ever get a full or even partial history of House Targaryen before the Conquest. @Vaith I agree. The Conquest of Dorne wasn't just an ego trip.
  9. The Grey Wolf

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    @Ellaena Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.
  10. The Grey Wolf

    Redwynes During/After Dance

    In that case why did they declare for Aegon II during the Dance? Why did Gyldayn mention them when discussing Lord Lyonel's ability to renew the war during the Hour of the Wolf?
  11. That begs the question of why the Lannisters, Farmans, and Kennings lack a big fleet despite living next to the Ironborn and have more than enough resources. Also, the text itself (either F & B or TWOIAF) says that the Westerlands were "thinly defended" because of Lord Jason taking so many east so that dog won't hunt.
  12. The Grey Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Lord Butterwell needs to be added to the "defected to the Greens" section and Ser Roger Corne removed from the "Men of the Reach" section since he's actually a Crownlander. Also, a page should be made (and included in the Wars of Conquest section) on the Ironborn civil war/Targaryen invasion of the Iron Isles.
  13. @James Steller I agree. @Canon Claude If Daemon doesn't marry Rhaenyra a lot changes. 1. How many kids, if any, do Aegon II and Rhaenyra have together? 2. Who does Laenor marry, if anyone? Even if the marriage isn't consummated that still brings another house into the Velaryon circle. 3. Who does Daemon marry, assuming Laena dies as in OTL? 4. Who are Rhaena and Baela betrothed to and does either one of them claim Vhagar, again, assuming their mom dies giving birth to that stillborn son? If so, which dragon does Aemond claim? 5. Rhaenys and Corlys were rich, powerful, shrewd, and ambitious, with a legitimate claim to the Iron Throne, albeit one that had lost at the Great Council but 101 AC and 129 AC are very different years so who really knows? 6. Daemon wished to be king most of his life and without a marriage to Rhaenyra to draw him into the Black/Green conflict on her side he would remain an outside enemy to both her and Aegon II. 7. Who does Helaena marry, does she have children, and does she claim Dreamfyre? 8. If Daemon remarries does he have any children by his third wife? 9. Without the "Strong" boys stoking the ambitions of Corlys's nephews they probably tow the line, which means Corlys has up to seven more pawns in the marriage game. 10. If Aegon II marries Rhaenyra there will be in-fighting over the division of power between them. 11. If Aegon II marries Rhaenyra then they'll probably stay in KL, which means the Velaryons could easily blockade the capital and capture Dragonstone, which would give them access to Silverwing, Vermithor, and Sheepstealer (assuming Grey Ghost and the Cannibal remain untamed as in OTL). To conclude, Daemon and Corlys could have in such a scenario the support of at least a dozen houses by marriage alone, the Velaryon fleet, and Meleys as well as Caraxes for a certainty, with Vhagar, Seasmoke, Moondancer, Silverwing, Vermithor, and Sheepstealer also being potential assets, which is more than enough to start a civil war.