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  1. Here's a link y'all can donate through if interested: https://www.launchgood.com/campaign/emergency_repose_for_for_beirut_explosion#!/
  2. @Lord Varys Is there any way you can share the new pictures?
  3. @Darth Richard II You're not crazy.
  4. Black-and-white pics are complete! Also finished writing the second of three interludes for Anathema (Part I)!
  5. Started playing the DLC for Spider-Man today.
  6. @briantw Just beat it. Died much less often after getting a few key abilities.
  7. Updated overview of my forthcoming book: 1) Thirteen short stories written by five different authors (three set in Mistland, ten standalone) 2) Artwork consists of one map, two black and white pictures, and two colored pictures 3) Changed the release date to late August
  8. My current output is measured in paragraphs, not pages.
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