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  1. The Grey Wolf

    Gender relations in Westeros

    @Hugorfonics The Maesters know about C-sections. One example is the birth of Jocelyn Baratheon. Another might be that of Aegon "Bloodborn" Frey.
  2. The Grey Wolf

    Gender relations in Westeros

    @Lord Varys Re child ratios: I'm not so sure. If you compare the Plantagenets with the Capets you notice that the latter had a bunch of queens die giving birth and way more remarriages. Same idea when you compare the Plantagenets and the Stuarts. The latter had way more child-producing problems compared to the former. Also, not every couple lost most of their kids. Henry II lost only 2 children young. Henry III lost only one. King John lost none. And so on. While Aerys and Rhaella are more symptomatic of the extreme average that doesn't necessarily mean someone like Catelyn couldn't (and didn't) exist in the RL Middle Ages. All that being said you are right that the number of couples with dead children in Westeros is nowhere near as high as it should be (and the number of women who die giving birth the reverse of that due to plot and laziness).
  3. The Grey Wolf

    Why doesn’t Dorne have a navy?

    @Lord Varys Westerosi navies make little sense. 1. The Westerlands have the Reach and Ironborn for neighbors but their fleet is smaller than both. 2. The Starks haven't had a fleet for thousands of years despite the presence of the Ironborn and the Wolfswood. 3. The Stormlanders are said to be great sailors in TWOIAF but we're never given any examples of that. 4. Dorne as mentioned above. 5. The Arryns, despite being a hop and a skip away from Andalos never got into any kind of conflict with Pentos.
  4. The Grey Wolf

    Dance of the Dragons Pilot Near Orders

    @Lord Varys I agree. The only way to make the Dance interesting would be to change or add new material.
  5. The Grey Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Repeating this in case anyone forgot to make the above changes.
  6. The Grey Wolf


    Neither do I.
  7. The Grey Wolf


    @Toth I personally prefer Lost Butterfly to Presage Flower if only because it feels better-paced.
  8. As a Muslim this gives me mixed feelings.
  9. The Grey Wolf

    Population of the Rhoynar and the Dorne a Thousand Years Ago

    @Corvo the Crow Simple. GRRM can't do math.
  10. The Grey Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Another thing to note: According to F & B Ser Criston rode to Stokeworth and Rosby with 500 household knights plus a certain number of sellswords (I don't have my copy handy and don't remember the exact figure) and contrary to what TWOIAF hinted at, there wasn't much of a battle at either place. Furthermore, because Rosby and Stokeworth added their forces to Ser Criston's the Greens had around 4K at Duskendale and Rook's Rest so those pages on the wiki should be updated accordingly as well. (Should the Ironborn's sack of Lannisport, capture of Fair Isle, and capture of Kayce (where F & B and TWOIAF contradict each other) be given pages of their own or added to the aftermath of other battles?) (Also, does anyone think the short, sharp battle on the shores of the Gods Eye between Ser Criston's vanguard and Houses Wode, Roote, and Darry should be given a page of its own? Unlike the battle three days after the one at Acorn Hall there's no other battle to add it to as background or aftermath as far as I can remember.)
  11. The Grey Wolf

    King's Landing - an unrealistic city?

    If you control a city built on a river's chokepoint...
  12. The Grey Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Ser Gyles Belgrave, Ser Julian Wormwood, and Ser Titus Peake still need to be added to the list of Greens. Also, for the Battle of the Red Fork, it should say the Greens had 1K knights and 7K crossbowmen/men-at-arms since that's how many men Lord Jason raised and there were no battles involving the Westermen prior to that point. By extension, we can say Lords Vances and Piper had less than 8000 and that at Acorn Hall + Fishfeed the Lannisters had less than 8K due to prior casaulties. Oh, and depending on how many casaulties he took during the Moon of Three Kings + Subduing the Crownlands maybe the page on the Muddy Mess should list House Baratheon's strength as 4K foot and 600 knights or less than that? Shouldn't Lord Derrick Darry be added to the list of casaulties at Second Tumbleton? Finally, on the First Tumbleton page it should list the Greens as having 18000 foot and 2K knights since that's the number F & B gives us in the leadup to the battle. @Ran Any thoughts on the Kayce and Roger Corne conundrums?
  13. The Grey Wolf

    King's Landing - an unrealistic city?

    @Lord Varys Maybe that's why the Manderlys were kicked out of the Reach by Perceon III? Because they were trying to build a city using their "swelling power"?
  14. The Grey Wolf

    How did Rhaegar get his reputation as a warrior?

    @Lord Varys Honestly, I feel part of the problem is that: 1) There are too few wars/rebellions/uprisings in general (No peasant rebellions, no religious schisms/holy wars (unless you count the FMU), no foreign wars in Essos (either for conquest or in support of one faction) or invasions from there, no sellsword mutinies, etc.) 2) The wars are almost all ridiculously short (Aegon's Conquest-2 years, the Dance-3, (inital) Conquest of Dorne-1 year, First and Third Blackfyre Rebellions-1 year, Ninepenny Kings-1.5 years, RR-1 year) despite the fact gathering and marching men takes time, not to mention it takes time for men to grow up and reproduce (Looking at you Vulture King (I)) 3) Despite Westeros's oversized castle culture there is a dearth of sieges in practically all the wars shown thus far, which makes no sense