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  1. The Grey Wolf

    How powerful were House Osgrey?

    Before the Conquest they owned four castles (which is more than even the Peakes before the FBR) and a thousand landed knights did them homage. That's nothing to sneeze at.
  2. The Grey Wolf

    Tolkien 3.0

    The one by Jacqueline Carey? If so I have. It wrecked my heart.
  3. The Grey Wolf

    Tolkien 3.0

    @The hairy bear I forgot that line but he does kind of go off the deep end once he has the Silmaril in his possession and even before that sending Beren on that suicidal quest was a low thing to do. As for the Sons of Feanor, I'll grant that Celegorm, Curufin, and Caranthir were pieces of shit but Maedhros and Maglor are decent people ruined by the oath they twice swore their father. Just as an example, Maedhros gave up his claim to the position of High Kingship to Fingolfin to make amends and ensure the Noldor weren't further divided than they already were.
  4. The Grey Wolf

    Tolkien 3.0

    That's how I see him too. Except he's not an asshole to just the Noldor, many of whom didn't even know that Feanor was the one that started the First Kinslaying, having arrived after conflict with the Teleri had already broken out. Furthermore, Morgoth should take priority.
  5. The Grey Wolf

    Tolkien 3.0

    Didn't he take a strong guard because he knew Morgoth was lying but got overwhelmed by sheer numbers? And as for the Union, that was doomed by the treachery of Ulfang's sons and the lack of support he received from Orodreth and Thingol, who I agree is an asshole. I just really relate to Maedhros, being the eldest out of a brood of six myself. In some ways he also reminds me of Jaime.
  6. The Grey Wolf

    Tolkien 3.0

    @The Marquis de Leech Why do you think Maedhros was poor at military stuff? The text says he was an even better warrior with his left hand than his right after it was cut off and after the Battle of Suddrn Flame Himring was the only holding of the Sons of Feanor not to fall before Morgoth.
  7. The Grey Wolf


    If there was a Farman-Lannister marriage during Jaehaerys I's reign the latter might have Targaryen blood indirectly.
  8. The Grey Wolf


    It's interesting that Aerea and Rhaelle are not listed as being married or having children. While Rhaelle might indeed have become a septa like Maegor intended Aerea dying unwed and/or childless is a worrisome possibility.
  9. The Grey Wolf


    Me too. Darn video quality!
  10. The Grey Wolf


    @Lord Varys Maegor the Cruel, Prince Aemond, Prince Daemon, and Aegon II for sure. Maybe Aegon, son of Baelon, too? And one of Jaehaerys I's three dead sons? Or a child of Rhaena? Aerea? Rhaella? There are so many possibilities.
  11. The Grey Wolf


    I bet House Rogers follows the Old Gods.
  12. The Grey Wolf

    Westeros; the sleepy superpower

    @Dukhasinov You mean Visenya, not Rhaenys.
  13. The Grey Wolf

    Westeros; the sleepy superpower

    @Bael's Bastard Meria sent the offer during the Conquest, not before it. Aegon I was a nobody prior to 2 BC.
  14. The Grey Wolf

    Why wasn't Daeron I married to Daena?

    Except we're given reasons why Aegon and Naerys didn't want to be married to each other whereas Daeron and Daena would, by all accounts, make a splendid couple.
  15. The Grey Wolf

    The Book of Swords - The Sons of the Dragon SPOILERS

    The answer is in the quote. Ae usually indicates Valyrian descent but not always. For example, we know House Baelish is from Braavos and there is a local Westerosi legend involving a Princess Daeryssa.