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  1. @Ran I agree its more likely that Maegor had fertility issues. My problem with the Targ family tree is the obvious compression. If there was ever a place where the family tree could and should have exploded it was under Jaehaerys I what with the Dance right around the corner. For example, would giving Daella another child or having Viserra die after her marriage produced an heir or letting Prince Aegon live have been too difficult? I personally doubt so.
  2. @Ran On the other hand, neither Ceryse (who had sex with Maegor for over a decade) nor the whores he apparently also bedded ever conceived. Furthermore, Tyanna was, according to rumor, a dabbler in alchemy and sorcery who may or may not have resurrected Maegor revenant-style from his coma. Finally, there is the fact Maegor's mother, who was herself rumored to dabble in sorcery, had him, her only child, late in her childbearing years and confidently predicted his gender as well.
  3. Honestly, if F & B is any indication, GRRM is terrified of family trees. Just look at the fact that despite nine of Jaehaerys I's thirteen children surviving childhood he has only seven known grandchildren, three of which are bastards.
  4. Lame but very true. (I wonder if there are more Targs from the pre-Conquest era?)
  5. Yeah but who's claimant #14 in that case?
  6. I finished writing the third interlude for "Anathema (Part I)" so now I can focus all my spare time on actually editing the anthology as a whole!
  7. @Ran Did GRRM tell you by any chance when the above characters died?
  8. Maybe. One of F & B's many problems is not telling us when important characters (Rhaella, Jocelyn, Vaegon, Saera, etc.) died.
  9. I think we can narrow down when Rhaella (daughter of Aegon) died. When Gyldayn is discussing Rhaena's last years he mentions that she would visit her daughter in Oldtown once a year. Since Rhaena died in 73 AC Rhaella therefore could not have died prior to that point.
  10. Received latest drafts of "Sun Tiger" and "The Hound of Ashmire". Also expanding "Anathema (Part I)" and "Scotland's Heir".
  11. In my case that'll have to wait until I have an actually finished product.
  12. Some actually good news?! In 2020?! I must be dreaming. (Please don't wake me up.)
  13. Is that reddit link a weekly thing?
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