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  1. The Grey Wolf

    Best place to discuss my future history of Westeros project?

    I started something similar on my blog (HiddenhistoryofWesteros) if anyone wants to check it out.
  2. The Grey Wolf

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Got back into writing my next short story this week (though I haven't edited or tried publishing the previous ones yet) but its going super slow (like a 100-200 words a day). Is that normal or am I just a hopeless perfectionist who lacks self-confidence when it comes to the ideas I'm most passionate about?
  3. The Grey Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Also, the following men need to be added to the list of Blacks: Lord Hornwood, Lord Cerwyn, Hallis Hornwood (Mad Hal), Timotty Snow (the Bastard of Flint's Finger), and maybe Lord Hornwood's younger son.
  4. The Grey Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    @Ran Any comments on the Kayce discrepancy and from where Ser Roger Corne is?
  5. The Grey Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    @The Wondering Wolf F & B reveals that Ser Roger Corne is from the Crownlands when discussing the lead-up to First Tumbleton.
  6. The Grey Wolf

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    1. Julian Wormwood and Gyles Belgrave need to be added to the list of Greens. 2. Ser Roger Corne needs to be removed from the Reach section of said list since he's already in that of the Crownlands. 3. Maybe the sack of Lannisport and the fall of Fair Isle should get their own battle pages? 4. TWOIAF claims Kayce fell to the Ironborn but F & B says it was only under attack by said Ironborn. Which book is correct?
  7. The Grey Wolf

    Heredity laws of westeros

    @Syl of Syl You're thinking of Joffrey Lydden, who married Gerold III's only daughter and child.
  8. The Grey Wolf

    [SPOILERS] Jaehaerys and Alysanne

    @Alyssa of House Arryn I agree. F & B is a big disappointment for me. Another missed opportunity would be Alyssa Velaryon, who I was hoping would be the Dowager equivalent of her daughter Alysanne (to contrast with Visenya and Alicent being the ambitious/"evil" stepmother/Dowager) but instead GRRM retcons, silences, and then shoves her off-stage with nary a backwards glance. (Just look how Jaehaerys's reconciliation with Rogar gets a full transcript but his reconciliation with his own damn mother gets less than a paragraph and no dialogue.) Seriously, why would Alyssa marry a man like Rogar? Robar from TWOIAF, implied to be a nice and sensible guy, I can get behind but not F & B Rogar. Also, what is up with Jaehaerys's whole "I don't need another dad" schtick? It comes off as quite Oedipus-like given the fact his dad died when he was only eight. Furthermore, what is up with Barth's BS in A Surfeit of Rulers that Alyssa was an Aenys-like figure who only wished to be loved? She made fun of Maegor to his face in open court, defied him more than once during his reign, and only two chapters prior was calling for wholesale executions of Maegor's court!
  9. The Grey Wolf

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    My biggest takeaway was that Shuri got dusted. After all, the Russo brothers revealed a while back that Valkyrie was still alive as of Infinity War.
  10. The Grey Wolf

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    I can sympathize. Whenever I go see a movie I'm really hyped for I have to make sure the last time I ate or drank anything was at least three hours ago if I don't want my stomach to betray me at a crucial moment. Having said that, I've watched three hour movies before and when they're good (Silence, The Hateful Eight) I don't actually notice how long they are so Endgame possibly being 180 minutes or more doesn't worry me too much.
  11. The Grey Wolf


    @Toth I understand. I've been working on three original literary settings as well as my third rewrite of the Dance of the Dragons but with the MCAT in less than three weeks everything fun in my life has, for the most part, been pushed to the side temporarily.
  12. The Grey Wolf


    @Toth I do wish the premise was used with more tact. As for diversity, what I meant was more non-Europeans. Having said that, what's the name of your fanfic and where does it take place setting/timeline-wise? And I thought people born after the 1800s couldn't be Servants (hence why we can't have Simo Hayha as Assassin for example)? @Fez Sorry for not being clear about the Netflix-exclusivity thing.
  13. The Grey Wolf


    @Toth He would be. I just found the idea of him being summoned as an assassin funny because of his cunning and use of disguises. Plus, I wanted to include an Indian character for the sake of diversity. And the bow could still be his Noble Phantasm.
  14. The Grey Wolf


    @Toth @sifth What do y'all think of Death Note and FMAB? Oh, and here is another Fate roster: Saber: El Cid Rider: Chevalier de Bayard (This was tough because I really wanted to include Carolus Rex but what's done is done...) Lancer: Hector of Troy (Since Scathach took his place in my prior list.) Archer: Rama (Thought of using Arjuna bit I'm a Karna fan so...) Caster: Morgan le Fay Assassin: Odyssesus Berserker: Boudicca naturally Honestly, if I could make my own Fate storyline I would go with depicting the Second and/or Third Holy Grail War (since the First wasn't really much of a conflict).
  15. The Grey Wolf


    @Fez I don't know if you'll like them but for what its worth I also recommend The Ancient Magus Bride and Violet Evergarden. Oh, and One-Punch Man!