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  1. Saw Blind Guardian live a few years back. May have been my first concert too but either way it was awesome.
  2. @BlackLightning Viserys I and Daemon did have a younger brother but he died in the cradle. Prior to the release of F & B V1 many people, including myself, hoped he would be the ape prince from Axell Florent's story, which would have helped make sense of Daemon being Rhaenyra's favorite uncle, but oh well.
  3. Tentatively titled "The Wolf in Red".
  4. @Angel Eyes I'm not entirely unsympathetic given the size of the family tree I'm currently working on. Nonetheless, the lack of cadet branches during the Dance really weakens the whole "golden age going to shit" vibe GRRM was clearly going for.
  5. One of my co-authors found a professional editor. Should receive a new draft of the second map today. Trying to pass time by writing a new short story.
  6. Aemon at the GC of 233 AC is another example of vows not being an insurmountable issue.
  7. According to the GC of 101 AC Rhaenyra wouldn't have a claim yet she did so I don't see why the same wouldn't apply to Vaegon. Furthermore, Baelor I was both a Septon and a king without any vow-related issues. Finally, when the succession is being discussed in 132 AC, Vaegon, if alive, would be the only male Targaryen left after Aegon III. I'm pretty sure everyone would prefer an old Archmaester to nothing short of uncertainty, especially since Munkun is the one who argues Baela/Rhaena can't be Aegon III's heirs because they're women yet when asked where they can find more male Targaryens says he has to "research the issue".
  8. @Thomaerys Velaryon Yes but if anyone would remember him were he alive it would be a former Archmaester.
  9. I think we can further narrow the range of years for Vaegon's death. When Aegon III's regents are discussing the succession no one, not even Munkun, brings up Vaegon despite him being the only other male Targaryen left, which means he must have died in or before 132 AC, at which point he'd be sixty-nine, the same age as his father, which is believable.
  10. @The Dragon Demands There could be multiple Rat, Hawk, and Pigs same as the Vulture Kings.
  11. Sad. Need to buy a copy of The Sunne in Splendour asap.
  12. @Ephraim'sFruit No sadly. TWOIAF and F & B V1 have some new material but it isn't much.
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