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  1. I have a copy of the Voyager first print GoT HB I might be willing to sell, plus a first print of CoK. Feel free to PM me.
  2. The print of Graig Kreindler map of King's Landing is a fairly rare collectible, the map was originally produced for the Meisha Merlin edition of Clash of Kings. He produced 50 prints of it which he offered to members here.
  3. Geddon

    Vote on the Reputation System

    The reputation system is driving some people away from the board, I've yet to see a benefit to post ratings that can make up for that. I think the feature should be removed. Having said that I don't see why it can't be enabled/disabled on a per-user basis. It's just CSS, no? Wouldn't it be possible to create a modified version of the skin that doesn't display the reputation/voting elements? That way the people who don't like the feature can use that skin and browse the forum blissfully unaware of the popularity contest.