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  1. An 8. Final scene with Daenerys was a little too cheesy for me and the weakest in the episode. Also the weakest finale of all three seasons. Loved the Arya scene as well as the small council meeting with Joffrey and Tywin nailing their parts.
  2. A 10. Complex storyline with tthe RW and they did a great job with the screen interpretation. Even though I'd prepared myself, am left feeling shattered. That final look between Robb and Catelyn just about did me in, as did the parting between Bran and Rickon. Why GRRM, why do you hate the Starks so much??
  3. An 8. A lot better than the last two episodes. Would have loved more Arya/Hound screen time, but also hoping this just means we'll see their storyline following through to Season 4. Totally over the number of nude scenes this season.
  4. 6/10 I'm now officially over the nude scenes this season. Theon's being tortured, we get it: far too much screen time has been spent on explaining just how bad his torture is at the expense of getting other characters right such as the Blackfish and Loras, and the storyline dvelopment for Bran which has been so weak. Also, the writing for Sansa this season has been woeful. Disappointed as I'd really looked forward to this episode, knowing GRRM had written it. I'd better stop right now. On the positive side, Nicolas Coster-Waldau and Charles Dance continue to shine.
  5. 7/10. Would probably have scored it higher, except that the last two episodes have been so good. For the first time, departures from the books have really bothered me. Especially don't like that Sansa knows of her impending marriage so far ahead of time. This episode has wasted Bran story development time and has re-inforced to me that this season has not handled his story well. And there goes my theory that Ros would be the Dontos replacement in Sansa's story.
  6. 8/10. Can't believe they left out one of the Hound's best lines thrown at the BWB during their pre-fight Lord of Light, night is full of terros spiel: "This cave is dark too, but I'm the only terror here". Still, loved the fight between Sandor and Beric. Would have rated the episode higher but some things jarred with me. Jon and Ygritte scene felt uncomfortably forced, the babies in the jars scene was just...weird and am still deciding what to think about the Loras/squire surprise. Loved the whole Tywin, Cersei and Tyrion scene.
  7. 8/10. Far and away best part was Dany's Astapor scene - every part of it just amazing from beginning to end (and I'm not even a Dany fan). Would have given it more but didn't like the Varys/Ros scene and am over the whole Podrick thing. Also didn't see the fit of Bran's scene in this episode. Overall a great episode.
  8. 9/10. Best episode of Season 3 so far. Daenery's storyline a lot more watchable this season. Liked the Blacfish and Riverun scenes. Only disappointment for me was the Podrick scene - unecessary - only reason I could see it being included was to give Tyrion and Bronn some more time together, but it didn't work for me. I would rather more time was given to thecrucial plot lines.
  9. Better episode than last week. Gave it a 7/10. Nice to see the Hound again, have been looking forward to his storyline this season. Really hoping the show does it justice. Bran and Reed scenes seemed flat and undeveloped to to me - such an important storyline but their meeting seemed lik an anti-climax to me - and Bran just seems to fall into place with things, no real questions asked about their purpose beyond surface queries. Thought Lady Olenna was spot-on. Not so keen on the Margaery-Joffrey and Tyrion-Shae scenes - didn't feel it really added anything to the episode. Still undecided about the Cat scene with her memories of Jon. Overall, liked the pacing better in this episode.
  10. Agree with those that thought it was a little slow. Disappointed we did not see the battle from the NW at the start - felt this was a let-down after where we were left at the conclusion of Season 2. Jon's scene with Mance. I don't know, felt a little....awkward. Liked: the look of the growing dragons, Tyrion's scene with Tywin. But looking forward to next week.
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