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    Things I love the most in this world other than myself:
    One Piece, ASOIAF, Yaoi, food

    *loyal to House Stark but House Martell comes a close second and it's the most badass IMO(bec. of Oberyn, Doran, and sand snakes... Doran's children are stupid. I pity him. You wouldn't even believe they're Doran's children.)
    *fave char is Jaime but Tyrion comes a close second(used to be my fave char w/ Jaime but Tyrion being fave char is too mainstream so i got sick of it XD)
  1. JaTyAdo

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Liked: -Cersei telling the story of 'Rains of Castamere' to Margaery and Cersei ignoring Loras... I'm loving how Lena's playing Cersei's bitchiness... -Sam killing the whitewalker -Stannis freeing Davos -The Hound and Arya's conversation taken from the book -Daario and Mero(the guy who was bad-mouthing Dany)... They're hot, :drool: especially the Mero guy and I like Daario in the book, mostly because he could talk back to arrogant Dany :) -Tyrion and Joffrey clash at the wedding celebration Disliked: -Stannis having this tone of not-giving-a-fuck in sacrificing Gendry -How cool Arya looks at Stranger's back.. shouldn't she suppose to be tied up so she couldn't flee? ...because Arya in the book wouldn't stay that cool when she's abducted -how Sansa and Tyrion's wedding play out -Joffrey taking the stool for Tyrion to stand on, making him look more pitiable Is there a Robb/Catelyn scene? And Wendel Manderly is going to be shown in episode 9? Only now and we got loads of annoying Shae and Talisa scenes... I only watched the clips from youtube.. so it's most likely not the whole part..
  2. Gosh, these two things are pissing me off.. Stannis is in love with Melisandre and Edmure is a total dumbass.. ruining characters that I love.. Damn! And Robb gave him some advice like 'Yeah, you know, I didn't mess up when I married Talisa!' Really now?! The show is good but the character assasination is totally unacceptable!!
  3. I thought all JS fangirls hate catelyn.. nice to meet u btw

  4. Wow you ship willas and Oberyn... I do too... I thought I'm the only one... I'm fond of anime as well

  5. Man, I just love you... U see the the awesomeness of Stannis and the Hound in a deeper way...

  6. We both think the Hound is hot. :)

  7. Fuck you GRRM! I can't focus on my studies now :(