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  1. Finn Jones is second-billed after horror legend Robert Englund in this teaser trailer for the upcoming The Last Showing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X9Ua8gwKxA
  2. ambi76, we do see TV!Loras teaching Tyrell squires how to fight with a sword in "Kissed by Fire," but that scene is rather insignificant. It's bloody tragic that Finn Jones channels slightly more of book!Loras' spirit in a 90-second trailer for a fantasy B-movie than in the past 1.5 seasons of GoT. :rolleyes: TV!Loras hardly gets to be a knight or even a character anymore, he's just a powerless political pawn who's barely more than an extra. In addition to the swordfights that Finn performs in Sleeping Beauty, other Loras-like moments for me were: - When Barrow climbs the tree and finds something important from his would-be love, it vaguely reminded me of, "...a place he [Renly] showed me once when I was a squire at Storm's End..." - Trying to break into a creepy castle is mildly reminiscent of the siege of Dragonstone. - "You betrayed me" and the subsequent duel have shades of book!Loras blaming a few of his fellow Rainbow Guards for Renly's death. - "You will never understand true love" naturally made me think of, "When the sun has set, no candle can replace it."
  3. Finn Jones (a.k.a. Ser Loras Tyrell) is already being typecast as a curly-haired, pretty boy warrior, as you can see in this trailer for Sleeping Beauty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouRLmEo2fBM Strangely enough, there are a couple of moments when his character (called Barrow) seems more like book!Loras than what we've seen of TV!Loras so far.
  4. Gethin Anthony (a.k.a. Renly Baratheon) guest starred in yesterday's episode of Call the Midwife.
  5. For those of you who are Renly/Loras shippers, I invite you to join this Facebook page dedicated to the couple (please note that there are book spoilers): https://www.facebook.com/RenlyBaratheonAndLorasTyrell After the relatively strong negative reaction to Loras' scene in "Kissed by Fire," I thought it would be a good place for fans of Renly and Loras (plus Gethin Anthony and Finn Jones) to discuss and celebrate their favourite couple from GoT/ASoIaF.
  6. For those of you who are complaining about Loras fooling around with another man, sex doesn't equal love. We never get his POV in the books, so we can't be 100% certain that he never slept with anyone after Renly's death.
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