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  1. Ros is a mary sue? That doesnt make sense. Are you suggesting that ever since Benioff and Weiss first read AGoT, they have fantasized about being medieval hookers? You do know what a 'mary sue ' is , dont you?
  2. Vogarro's whore was a whore too. Didnt stop her from building a significant enterprise.
  3. Margaery is more complex on the show than in the books. She and her grandmother are good examples of females who demonstrate their skill and intelligence through mastery of more feminine powers. Instead of just whining about not being born men, they embrace being women. You could probably add Mel to the list as well.
  4. We need to have the Lysa/Littlefinger marriage this season too! (doesnt that marriage have a 'colorful' nickname also?). There should be an episode where they crosscut between all four weddings.
  5. Tywin was not involved in the purple wedding murder, but i believe the writers will want the audience to consider him a suspect in the whodunit over the subsequent episodes.
  6. polarbear

    How would you rate episode 303?

    A significant portion of the tv audience tunes in every week specifically for a few minutes of Ros-boobs and Tyrion/Bronn japery. Characters and their relationships to each other is what captivates audiences; not hints of economics and finance based stroylines that wont pay off for another three seasons. (get it...pay off ;)