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  1. Moseh Khayim

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Most people, sadly, seem to be done with Game of Thrones alltogether.
  2. Moseh Khayim

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Most people probably don't remember who Kinvara is.
  3. Just trying to justify their rushed final season. Embarassing really.
  4. Moseh Khayim

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    Given the lords of Westeros' reaction to Sam suggesting more of a democracy, they don't give a damn about the common folk. Period. Talking about bittersweet.
  5. Moseh Khayim

    The argument of D&D was too focused on Star Wars

    They were rushing before Star Wars was even an issue. The second they got bored with GOT, they should have just stepped down.
  6. Moseh Khayim

    Could HBO consider another extra season?

    No way in hell. A sequel series on the other hand...
  7. Moseh Khayim

    Magical Drogon going to revive Daenerys

    Yeah, let's further tarnish Dany's storyline. Drogon taking Dany home is probably the best way they could have ended it, given the circumstances.
  8. Moseh Khayim

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    1. Because at a certain point you're invested. 2. Finishing something for the sake of finishing it shouldn't be thought of as an accomplishment.
  9. Moseh Khayim

    Bronn - Highgarden and Master of Coin? Really?

    Yup. World building was one of the reasons I loved the books so much. Show Westeros seemed to get smaller and smaller. And there was plenty of potential. They could've turned Euron into a mysterious and charismatic psychopath with a magical horn. Could've introduced a boy-claiming-to-be-a-presumed-long-dead Targaryen Prince. A sexy and dangerous princess of Dorne that wasn't a joke, but a player instead.
  10. The two main characters sure got the short end of the stick. Strange thing is, I'm not even that unsatisfied with the way those two end up. It's just how and when it happens.
  11. Moseh Khayim

    What about the Dothraki?

    Yeah, because they are just the type of people to quietly settle in a foreign place.
  12. Moseh Khayim

    Making Daenerys Mad: Teaching D&D some writing.

    They played up the loss she experienced. They should have put an emphasis on her growing paranoia.
  13. Moseh Khayim

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    Even though I increasingly started to dislike GOT, yes. Though I would prefer a Blackfyre Rebellion series. Or an original show that would focus on less known territory like Asshai or Yi Ti.
  14. Moseh Khayim


    If he really only had a thousand soldiers, there wouldn't have been a lot of conflict. Apparently, Sansa alone had thousands of Northmen outside "the city gates".