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  1. Most people, sadly, seem to be done with Game of Thrones alltogether.
  2. Most people probably don't remember who Kinvara is.
  3. Arya's laughter works several ways. On the one hand, she's laughing because she's finally within reach of some measure of safety and again, it gets snatched away. She's just a couple of days too late. On the other hand: her aunt just died and that really doesn't seem to phase her. And, yes, like she said, she doesn't actually know her aunt. But hey, it's still her aunt. Not a scene to my liking. There was some rumor that the Hound could be getting himself killed by the Knights of the Vale. In hindsight, that doesn't seem logical with Arya by his side. But then they could've just skipped the Bloody Gate alltogether. We've had enough close encounters and I don't think they're fooling anyone in to believing a Stark reunion is within the realm of possibilities.
  4. Now, you can argue whether or not to nitpick on the "Only Cat" scene. And sure, it's just a single oneliner. But it seems as though D&D just have to be altering slight things to keep the show theirs. As if they have a desperate need to prove themselves. What's next? Will "Elia!" be cut? "Stannis!"?
  5. Cersei is all about appearances. She was so looking forward to a reunion with her perfect brother. The first thing she saw, was a stump. What about that last scene with Stannis, Mel and Davos. First Mel urges Stannis to lock him up and have him executed. Davos hands the letter and suddenly he has a role to play? Was that anything like it was in the books?
  6. Asha will head for the Dreadfort. She´ll receive news that her father died and that a Kingsmoot is decreed. She´ll turn around and head back to the Iron Islands. First things first.
  7. The Hound asked if this was the first MAN she killed. It was (in the show).
  8. Until the end I was still expecting a SH scene. Like a post credits scene. Saving it up, it guess. I think in the end it´ll just have a bigger impact. The RW will be long forgotten and then BAM!
  9. Pink cloak might have been too much (maybe faded red), but I was looking at the cloak Edmure gave to his bride and for the life of me, I couldn´t make out any Tully characteristics. Disappointment is a big word, but I would have liked some more of these elements from the books. Didn´t mind the alteration in Cat´s end, although I didn´t like the scream. Also wasn´t really fond of the impact reactions (stabbing, crossbow bolts). However, the entire build up to the massacre was pretty great. I read the books, I knew what was coming, but there were times that I was actually smiling. Offcourse not during the betrayal itself. I don't think any non-reader knew exactly what was coming until Lothar(?) shut the doors. At that point, you knew it was going to take a turn for the worst. I do hope they are going to a better job of portraying the North's love for the Starks in the upcoming episodes/seasons. I mean, why single out the guy who played Wendel Manderly if they don't give him any lines during the RW-episode itself? Didn't get a good look as to what happened to him, but it does seem like the Blackfish escaped. Not going to give a rating. Don't feel like it with this episode.
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