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  1. I’m shocked by the fan turnaround on this show. I mean, why now? What made season 8 (hate) so bad compared to prior seasons? If you go on rotten apples, each season from 1-7 ranges between a score of 91 thru 97. Season Eight currently has a 58. This implies a precipitous drop in quality - SPECIFICALLY within the last season - while all other seasons were supposedly great. Only... it wasn’t a precipitous drop. The show has been awful for years. Yet the majority of people didn’t complain then. So...why are they unreasonably complaining now? Season 7 was equally, if not worse than 8, yet S7 currently has a 93 score. WHERE THE HELL WERE THESE COMPLAINERS BEFORE? Maybe a few deserved complaints to the show runners from prior seasons would have been more productive than a silly petition now. To all the bandwagon complainers of this last season - shut up. Too little too late. You should have noticed the stooooopid before. 
  2. Table8

    Who will die in the last episode?

    Dany, greyworm and Sansa. Maybe Jon.
  3. Table8

    I’m going to miss this show

    At this point I will only miss Preston Jacob’s “episode watch” YouTube videos.
  4. Table8

    Mourning Dany

    Sorry, I will probably rehash what others have said. I’m doing an immediate reaction to OP She had Nukes. The Targaryen conquest was always about using excessive weapons. i feel that the Dany character was the only honest ending that came from the initial meeting between grrm and dipshit and dipshit.
  5. After a week, I may have been harsh when I implied S8E3 episode was better than S8E5. s8E3 is the worst thing ever on HB Edit: my “worst thing ever” comment may be tested by S8E6
  6. Table8

    I thought Greyworm was justified

    I might sound dumb because I read the books long ago and don’t remember. Do Unsullied have that characteristic? Vengeance? And if you say grey worm is different, why? if we are going by show, no he was not in character.
  7. Table8

    Mourning Dany

    More EXPLOSIONS!!!! explosions are AWESOME! make sure my expectations are subverted! So do the opposite. Yay stooopid people win!!!
  8. I never needed this catharsis before. But here I go. what was the point of Jaime’s story? His whole story arc seemed to be about Cersei using him and manipulating him. But he wizened up. Only...he didn’t. He just went back to her. There was no point to any of his story. there was no point to white walkers either. no point to anything in this show I paid attention to, for eight years. these guys think, “if we make explosions and dragons flying and battles (who cares about strategy) we can dizzy our dumb viewers into thinking we know what we are doing.” D and D are just jangling keys for the lowest common denominators, knowing people will be content with garbage because “oooo bright lights!” how did we all make these two hacks millionaires?
  9. Compared to anything on TV right now? This episode was a 3 simply because of the darkness and the Arya out of nowhere scene. Compared to GoT season 1? Not even a 1. Compared to S8E5? 100
  10. Week. I mean weak.
  11. Haggard is good word. I need to see again. One of the few good points of episode. edit: makeup is one of the good points of episode.
  12. Huh? You can’t be serious.
  13. Her hair was very unkempt prior to the battle. It was the clue That she was Mad Queen
  14. Honestly, tonight of all nights, we should not bicker at the choice of words for insults to the two HACKS