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    First time visiting this part of the board, but whattheheck, might just introduce myself then, especially when I see people writing in Swedish. Hej på dig! I'm Jakob, soon to be 22, I'm (obviously) from Sweden. At the moment I've recently returned from a roadtrip through the US which transcended into a backpacking-trip through South America. All along, my best travel companions where written by George RR Martin. Since returning home I've been spending an unhealthy amount of time on this board. I hope to be able to combine this addiction with studies since I'm starting university monday, Peace and Conflict studies. So, that's me, nice talking to all of you! And, yeah, my name is not at all ASoIaF-related, it's from a song by the Libertines (well, not originally, but tell that to 15 year old me trying to come up with a cool nickname), sorry about that one..