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  1. The Chequered Raven

    The Three-Eyed-Crow is Old Nan, not Bloodraven

    No! I would say a logical assumption is, that there must be more than one Shadowbinder in Asshai... Surely shadowbinding and dark magic is not a common trade as baking bread or beeing a carpenter, but Asshai is the center of shadowbinding, I think it high likely that there are more than just one teacher there. For sure, this does not rule out the possibility that Quaite and MMD get in contact there, but it is not certain!
  2. The Chequered Raven

    Heresy 208 Winter is Coming

    Maybe she brings the Wall down by accident... Yes, I don't think he will be resurrected right at the beginning from TWOW, maybe we get some Jon-inside-Ghost-PoV's...
  3. The Chequered Raven

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    I really like this thougt! Mance's black cloak was sewn up by red silk of Asshai... As you stated - why should Mel burn a fake-Mance to save the real-Mance? Just to burn him later on...???
  4. The Chequered Raven

    Heresy 208 Winter is Coming

    My bet here is on "stay" - Mel itself has stated that at the wall her magic is more powerfull. If she resurrects Jon, she will do it at the wall. And then we have even two PoV at the wall!
  5. The Chequered Raven

    Heresy 208 Winter is Coming

    Do you really believe this? The next book is called "The Winds Of Winter" - so tell me, where does these winds will most likely blow? Out of the "land of always winter"? Or somewhere in Essos...???
  6. The Chequered Raven

    The perfumed seneschal

    Yes, this is as well for me the reason to rule him out. And he is as well not all the times perfumed, only if he poses as Varys he uses perfumes, if he poses as the gaoler he uses stink etc. The perfume is only part of his disguise, only one part in one special disguise.
  7. The Chequered Raven

    Heresy 205 bats and little green men

    I also wonder about the claim that Quaithe is a shadowbinder. This business of touching Dany's wrist might be a kind of shadowbinding that allows Quaithe to come to Dany by other means rather than by glass candle. I expect someone peering through flames to have eyes like burning coals rather than shining with moonlight. I always interpreted this as the real moonlight reflecting in Quaithes Eyes. The scene takes place at night, so it could be the real moon reflecting in her eyes.
  8. The Chequered Raven

    Heresy 205 bats and little green men

    Interesting thought. Do you think this is his goal? To me in all likelyhood he's more the one who tries some magic without really understanding what he is doing... A kind of trial and error. But that's more a gut-feeling about Euron, not textproofed.
  9. The Chequered Raven

    Heresy 205 bats and little green men

    Don't get me wrong, I do not doubt tht Euron does blood sacrifice, I only doubt that he sacrifices to the drowned god. Only his sailors think so, most likely because the drowned god is the iron islanders god. Especially the involvement of warlocks (from Quarth) suggest a different god (or demon, if there is a difference between gods and demons...) as the drowned god (from the iron islands). I think Euron is just experimenting with magic (without much knowledge about the whole thing), maybe he don't even know exactely whom he is sacrificing. Maybe he don't even care as long as it works and he can benefit...
  10. The Chequered Raven

    Heresy 205 bats and little green men

    Well, it was "whispered about" and that ist not quite the same as "it is proof". Maybe they saw Euron made blood sacrifice - but maybe he did not sacrifice the drowned god but someone or something else, and the sailors just interpreted it as a sacrifice to the drowned god because the drowned god is their god. Who knows whom Euron sacrifices...???
  11. The Chequered Raven

    Necromancy and Khal Drogo

    Any evidence for that? Interesting theorie, but are there any hints in the text to support it?
  12. The Chequered Raven

    What have you learned since coming on this site?

    Well, they worked hard to earn these hatred...
  13. The Chequered Raven

    Gods Are Not Mocked: Deals with the Devil at Harrenhal

    I don't! For sure - all we can do is speculation... Maybe it works somehow this way: Arya claims three deaths, so her "payment" is three deaths. Howland claims a favour, so his payment is another "favour" (Don Vito Corleone comes to mind...). Do we ever discover what this favour was or will be? I don't know. Or maybe the difference is that Howland asks for Justice. Maybe the price for Justice ist somehow different as if one asks the God's aka Devil for a personal benefit...??? And Arya doesn't ASK for anything, she STEALS the three lives!
  14. The Chequered Raven

    Gods Are Not Mocked: Deals with the Devil at Harrenhal

    Well, ARE there really different Gods? Or is it just one with just different names in different countries or regions? One may even go further and ask if there are really a God and a Devil? Or are these two just a different point of view of the one and only supernatural beeing?
  15. The Chequered Raven

    Gods Are Not Mocked: Deals with the Devil at Harrenhal

    Not directly. But after his prayers were answered Lyanna disapeared and the final outcome of this was Roberts rebellion. Lots of lives for the MFG...