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  1. Mauvka

    [Spoilers] EP601

    Count me in the minority, but I enjoyed the Dornish massacre. Seems to me that it would be foolish to murder Myrcella and then _not_ go though with a full coup. Also, Doran Martel was making an error in keeping his plans so close to the vest. The Dornish are an easily riled people, angry at the Lannisters, and as far as they could see, Doran was just endlessly appeasing the enemy. His killing made all the sense it needed to in my eyes.
  2. If Talissa ends up being actually a Volantene lady... after this episode I can actually get behind that. Now that she and Robb are actually talking to each other rather than the snarking from the earliest episodes, I'm a lot more sold on the two actors' chemistry. The description of the Volantis slave society was a nice touch foreshadowing for book 5.
  3. In defense of the Joffrey/whores scene... I think it does quite a bit more than just show the progression of his depravity. This scene solidifies why, once the Lannister/Tyrell alliance is made, Joffrey must die. Think about what we've seen of Joffrey up to this point from the perspective of a powerful family like the Tyrells: He beats up on Sansa--Well, there's bad blood between them (war and all that), and she's far more a prisoner of war than a queen. There is no reason to presume from this that the way he treats Sansa will be the way he treats Margaery. He has commoners/drunk knights tortured--again, the Tyrells would think they are above such risk. They are a powerful house, not like the rabble. He had Robert's bastards killed--an ugly order, but some may call it justified While many of these actions can be a bad PR issue for the Crown-Tyrell alliance... none are a serious threat. What Joffrey does with the whores, is. As someone above noted, a teenage boy is presented with two naked young ladies in a room... and his reaction is to have them beat each other? The mental depravity of that scene goes far beyond anything we've seen before. Margaery can never be safe married to this Joffrey. That is why the Tyrells will take on the huge huge risk of assassinating the king. Not just the king, but a Lannister king. I'm sure the Tyrells have heard the "Rains of Castamere," and they need a better reason to take that risk than "Joffrey has a mean streak." That is why we will have the Purple Wedding.
  4. Agreed. Meanwhile, we get the wolfdream of Jon-as-Ghost. Next morning Jon wakes up in the woods with a headache, talks to Mormont about seeing the white Walker but keeps mum about Craster. And the plot continues past the diversion same as in the book.
  5. Mauvka

    References and Homages

    Cersei's mocking jibe about the "turnip knight" may be a reference to Viscount Charles Townsend, whose exprimentation with new crops lent him the nickname "Turnip" Townsend among the nobility.