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  1. Have to disagree here. QoT is the only person to figure out the HS and it only took her one conversation.
  2. Somebody please kill Cersei. She's so annoying and one-diminsional.
  3. Everything about this entire episode was spectacular. 10, easy 10. Best episode of the entire show, possibly. People rating this episode poorly…I'm not quite sure about these people. Just stop watching. It's not supposed to be a dramatic reading of the book. Brienne-Hound fight was incredible.
  4. I thought this exact same way for a long time, but you've just got to let it go. The TV show is not supposed to follow the book. The books are simply good source material and that's it. The show stands on its own. For me, it's actually more enjoyable that way. When the show first started to "go off script," I was a little offended. Now I welcome it. I don't want to know what's going to happen with every little subplot. Give me some surprises.
  5. Sansa has been learning the game ever since Cersei killed her wolf. Her education was the worst kind. She's like the pawn that survived the chessboard and now has been transformed into a queen.
  6. Seemed like the only option, and you knew that it would happen at some point.
  7. Save Sandor! Save Sandor! Sandor is my favorite character of the whole freaking show. The guy is a great actor and has really brought one of GRRM's best supporting characters to life. The scenes with Sandor and Arya are excellent. I was laughing my butt off during the tonight's episode so much so that I think they might have topped the chicken scene with Polliver. I'm just going to throw this out here, but I wouldn't be upset if the show runners changed up the script with Sandor and found a larger role for him. His character can't go away and then resurface as some hired hand who has found religion. Sandor has already hinted about going across the Narrow Sea to join the sell swords. I would love for Sandor to later join up with Tryion and Jorah. In my dream of dreams, Sandor ends up as the captain of Jon Snow's kings guard. Of course, that would be totally un-Sandor-like, but a kid can dream.
  8. It's clear from reading the majority of these posts how profoundly warped Hollywood has manipulated the general public into thinking they need action, action, action, explosions, death, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada, etc...to move a plot. The character building in this dialogue-driven episode was magnificent. Bravo to GRRM, period. This was one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones yet. Why? It made us love, hate but most importantly understand the characters. To begin with, It's unfair and, frankly, asinine to create your expectations for Game of Thrones based upon the novels of GRRM and then criticize the episodes because not enough happens. Plenty happened, people. Have you read the books? GRRM does not write action! He creates characters. He writes hundreds of thousands of words creating characters. The action is secondary to character creation. I repeat. The action is SECONDARY and ancillary to character creation. Why do you think GRRM refused to write "Rains of the Castamere?" If I have to spell it out, then you're a lost soul. This was an important episode in the character developments of protagonists Jon Snow (loyal/lover/layered/confused/boss), Jaime Lannister (growing noble by losing everything/future hand to the king (Which king? Who knows? Just a prediction), Tyrion Lannister (trapped/cornered/weak/moral), Theon Greyjoy (broken to be rebuilt) and Robb Stark (pitfall king/father); and antagonists Daenerys Targaryen (mad queen), Margaery Tyrell (evil, manipulative ho), Joffrey Lannister (pawn king), Tyrion Lannister (puppet master/hypocrite) and Ramsay Snow (super psycho/genius/boss/Jon Snow's antithetical adversary).
  9. Questions from Episode 3 I need clearing up? 1. Since when do the White Walkers arrange the dead in the shape of universes? I don't remember this from the books. 2. Why is Tormond going over the wall? Wasn't it someone else in the book? Can't remember. Does this mean Tormond is going to die?! I hope not. He hasn't even talked about his "biological advantages" yet. 3. What the eff is Ghost doing? 4. When is Samwell going to kill the wight? 5. Where are they making Stannis out to be a bitch? 6. Ramsay told Theon: "Winter is coming." WTF? 7. Locke seems like a good character for the show and all, but why replace the Bloody Mummers. Was really looking forward to seeing the leader of those dudes on screen. Would have made a great character. Maybe they couldn't find an actor good enough to pull off that role? 8. Why so much hate for the song at the end? Thought it was both great and equally as shocking as Jaime parting ways with his sword hand. 9. Lastly, who gives a rip if stuff in the show deviates from the book? I like the changes. It's not supposed to be exactly like the book. If it was, it would be difficult to watch. The Pod stuff was great. It showed Tyrion and Bronn are just dudes who want to know details of this Pod's great sex-capade. Now, I would't put it past Tyrion to have the whole thing set up that way to make Pod feel good about himself. You know, come out of his shell a little bit.
  10. I don't think Rickon was running off for good. At least, that's the impression I got. I think he was just running around like a little kid would do or something.
  11. Just some random thoughts... 1. Marg is a dangerous girl. Love her character. 2. So glad to see the Hound. One of my favorite characters of the show. 3. Hot Pie needs more screen time! 4. Are Rickon and Osha along for the ride for good? 5. Arya has put on some weight. Will make her character and transformation to a ninja assassin more believable. 6. Bran is old. What happened to that cute little boy? lol 7. Could have done w/out Shae getting jealous about Sansa. That was a little lame. One second she's worried about her; next second she is jealous of her b/c Tyrion remarks that she's pretty. WTF? Out of character for someone who has been portrayed as pragmatic. 8. Kingslayer/Brienne fight scene was pretty good. 9. As others have noted, Kingslayer's joke about Renly and the throne was the best line of the episode. 10. QofT had a nice scene. Bring me my cheese! 11. Summer looking badass when Jojen Reed appeared was probably my favorite scene of the episode. 12. Bran is so big that Hodor can't carry him. 13. I really wanted to see a shadow cat. When the heck am I going to see a shadow cat?! 14. Jojen saying he saw what happened during the Rebellion was interesting for, well, you know why. Does Jojen know who Jon Stark's mother is? 15. Hodor EDITED TO ADD MORE THOUGHTS 16. No real problem with Cat talking about Jon Snow. I already thought Cat was annoying, so whatever. 17. Theon stuff was great. 18. Karstark talking about Robb's wife was ... interesting. 19. Loved all the Brotherhood scenes. 20. The map at the beginning of the episode seems a little off scale. Is this just me?
  12. So many annotations. I love it. I'm not sure if this has been covered, but in the Tolkien's trilogy, Aragorn is originally a Ranger of the North. He later becomes the king of men. So, there's that. Aragorn marries an elf, a race touched by magic...Targs.
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