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  1. So, does Gendry now have a better claim to the iron throne over both Jon and Dany?
  2. I hope Dany burns Varys, Tyrion better not betray her.
  3. It was easier for him to leave Brienne by being like that.
  4. Addicted to her, he needs to kill her to kick the habit.
  5. Decent standalone episode again if we just ignore everything that has gone before and a certain degree of logic, so loses a few marks for that, so a 6.
  6. Not happy with how Rob is being made out. He looks completely desperate and nobody believes he will be able to take the rock. While Unsullied loved Rob in the last two seasons, I can see them being turned off him during this season. The RW will not leave the viewers in as upset and shocked mood as the readers were.
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