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  1. All of this. euron is no skinchanger. His magic comes from the shade of the evening that he captured with the warlocks. He is strong, brave, cruel, driven and merciless. Why wouldn't he use a power he recently discovered? Bingo.
  2. What is not to be trusted? After his brother dishonored him by impregnating his wife, Vic is forced to kill his wife for the dishonor but he can't kill his bro because of some ancient taboo, so his other brother sent the first brother away but he returns after two years right as other brother dies. First bro takes command, sends vic fighting before sending him half way around the world to bring back a wife who vic plans to take for himself. What could possibly go wrong
  3. I had assumed that the ships that went to hardhome were from the watch. Why would a rep of the Iron bank strand himself at the edge of the world?
  4. That would be very interesting if Cersei was killed by her 8 year old son
  5. Jamie, tyrion, arya, Sansa, loras, stannis, rickon, john and dany all have older siblings. Any one could be the Volanqar that kills Cersei
  6. Tansy was Exactly a red herring. It is bits like that that make me doubt even the most "Obviously Obvious" bits of anything in these novels. Grrm Loves to mess with his readers. Fake/un Deaths, magic and glamour, when used as plot devices are resolved rather quickly. Mance as rattleshirt, Bran and Rickon coming out of the crypts, these were resolved within the book. If Syrio has not returned, I highly doubt Sandor will either.
  7. In books as vast as these 5, there are a lot of letters to connect. Everyone we thought dead is actually alive. Ned, Robert, John Arryn, Aerys, Rhaegar, Arthur Dayne, Drogo, Viserys, Balon, Syrio, Rob Stark. Everyone is secretly Targ royalty, including those that are secret non male line Blackfyre descendants. Everyone secretly practices sorcery. It gets kind of boring after a while reading into every discrepancy and assigning meaning to what are often mistakes by the author, like Jane Westerlings' hips. When they show up again, in the proverbial flesh then it will be believable truth. Until then it is all speculation, no matter how much text that "Obviously" spells out.
  8. nothing is spelled out for us in these books. Hoster mumbles "tansy" in his fever/opium dream and cat wonders if it was a woman he knew. A few pages down, we meet a whore named Tansy. Seems pretty cut and dry until we get Lysa's story of drinking the tansy abortion tea and then it makes sense. As of all 5 books read, Sandor and his hound persona are both dead. We saw his horse, so it can still be alive.
  9. At best with a liberal dose of thick unproven assumption heavily read into the text then SANDOR is the grave digger, but the hound is dead
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