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  1. Dorian Martell

    Euron's Plan and Why it has Failed

    the next time you sit down with GRRM and he tells you all sorts of book spoilers, record the convo and take some pics of you two.
  2. Dorian Martell

    Theories About the Silent Old Man Jon Refuses to Kill

    This is one of the foundations of the great northern conspiracy
  3. Dorian Martell

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    All of this. euron is no skinchanger. His magic comes from the shade of the evening that he captured with the warlocks. He is strong, brave, cruel, driven and merciless. Why wouldn't he use a power he recently discovered? Bingo.
  4. Dorian Martell

    The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    Faith is all we have
  5. Dorian Martell

    The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    There are plenty of actual book parts you put together, but the overarching theory is bunk. Bob did not have an affair with Cersei. It wasn't in the books. The smiling knight was not magically resurrected and joined the citadel. It wasn't in the books. "Arthur and Lyanna's flight" can't mirror Arya and the Hound's because there was no prince and another member of the kingsguard. Not bad for fan fic, but still mental masturbation with ZERO evidence in the books
  6. Dorian Martell

    The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    Nothing in this theory is supported in any way in the books. You even state your theory is based on another theory. If you had something, which you do not, there would be no glaring holes in the theory like: Cersei has no memory of Bob before their wedding. If she had, then there would be something to talk about. But there isn't. So, there is some constructive criticism.
  7. Dorian Martell

    The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    I didn't need to add anything. the theory was shot full of holes chicago gangster style on the first page. Pro Tip: you don't get to tell people to move along in a public space
  8. Dorian Martell

    The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    I was going to compile a whole list of quotes and then add something but I only got to through the first page of replies before the total lack of evidence/fan fic rewrites/desperate for another book crackpot overwhelmed the multi quote function of the forum. Good job on the Joke. Edit: And it is still less plausible than my theory of the Great other being the bastard of Megatron and Optimus Prime
  9. Dorian Martell

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    I wouldn't find anyone to marry them as I will die before they are grown and the whole family will be spread over 2 continents. I will do what ned did and keep them close as long as possible
  10. Dorian Martell

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    In addition to all the songs in my sig, I find the whole of Dead can Dance's "Aion" to be wonderfully close to what I think ASOIAF would sound like. Here is a sample
  11. Dorian Martell

    TWOW humble opinion discussion

    1: Myrcella 2: Probably neither, but there will be a very large battle at oldtown 3: Sacrificed 4: Burning Shireen, possibly after the queen's men are killed by the wildlings 4a: They are already there 5: Stannis 6: Her own, with no love for Ned and less love for House Bolton 7: No. He is very crafty 8: Try to make it home. 9: He will like her. She will get to love him after he impresses her 10: Watch the huge battle with the Ironborn. He is our only Reach POV 11: Any knowledge they have about Dragons. They are probably in possession of a dragon egg that Euron used as payment for his brother's death 12: who knows. GRRM can be cruel 13: Margery and Harry the Heir 14: (f)Aegon, but I am inclined to believe he is legit at this point 15: One will die and one will go wild so nobody 16: there will not be much changing of hands. People with val steel blades tend not to lose
  12. Dorian Martell

    Theon's bastard

    Asha and whatever continental lord she marries to get his army to secure her lordship
  13. Dorian Martell

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    We can always cry into our mulled wine
  14. Dorian Martell

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    the Prince losing and getting killed is a major crux of the plot. The books we read can't happen without it. Speculating just ends up writing the story yourself.
  15. Dorian Martell

    Would you prefer if Rhaegar won?

    Why would people prefer the author write a different book? If they don't like it they can always put it down