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    My father was killed by the evil warlord Wu Tang. I entered Shaolin monastery to learn kung fu in order to avenge my father. I completed 33 of the 34 chambers of shaolin, at which point I understood the futility of vengeance killing. However, at the bequest of the evil Manchu emporor, an evil monk betrayed shaolin and burned it to the ground. I hid in the hills around the former site of the temple for five years, hunted down by the evil manchu minions. Out of necessity, I eventually killed them all in a series of more and more ingenious traps. The last one I killed happened to be the evil warlord who killed my father. Thus I was forced to do what in my deepest heart I had wanted, and yet had sworn to myself I would never do. In shame, I buried the medalion and made my way to Atlanta, GA, where I now have a good job as a software developer.I still fight evil on the side (mostly late at night) but having three kids has forced me to cut back on that a bit.
  1. I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the dragon-theft scene. The tower at the end was clearly intended to be the house of the undying, but I've always imagined the house of the undying to be a one-storey ranch-style affair, probably with a stucco exterior. I mean, it isn't called the tower of the undying, is it? So they turned the house of the undying into the tower of the undying which got me thinking -- what else have they changed in this episode? Did you notice how Littlefinger kept staring at Arya. I don't remember him being into little girls in the books but suddenly that's his thing in the show? It's really unlike him, IMO, but there you go. And then the beheading scene. It was reminiscent of the botched beheading of Mary Queen of Scots or the opening execution in Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence but was a bit unrealistic since there wasn't enough screaming. Ser Rodrick is plenty brave, sure, but after the first sword blow fails to remove his head I would expect him to at least yell or something. But he's a pretty tough old guy. Still, after the second blow failed to remove his head, I expected him at least to say something to somebody about it, or at least to stand up and make another wisecrack at Theon's expense. And it's really this constant lack of unrealism and failure to follow the clear direction of the book that has me quite upset about this episode. Should I blame the producers for the many missteps in this episode: to whit the bad headjob, Littlefinger's pedarasty, and the multi-storeyed warlock hangout? Should I blame the writer? Should I blame the director who is only filming what the writer wrote who is only writing what the producers pay her to write who are only giving the fans what they want -- opportunities for Tyrion to slap Joffrey? I blame Pod.
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    Plus Harry the Heir suddenly shows up in the books, an obvious reference to one of our moderators. Three cheers for Harry the Heir! [And no chicken or the egg debates, please. Harry is obviously the chicken AND the egg.]
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    Dagon: The name of several Greyjoys, is an ancient Semitic fish god. The name also appears occassionally in the Lovecraft stories.