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  1. ABSOLUTELY. This episode was BY FAR the best of the Season. Holy fuck this episode was awesome.
  2. When he put his fingers in Oberyn's eyes, that was awesome (gruesome and horrible to watch - but that's the point). But when he squished Oberyn's entire head in.. that was just ridiculous in my opinion. Ah well..
  3. Did you guys actually like how Gregor practically squished oberyns head like a watermelon? It felt extremely unrealistic. I mean, I can understand someone getting their face smashed in by a gauntlet, but squishing someones head to watermelon? come on... really?
  4. Felt a little generous, 10/10. I absolutely loved the episode. Probably the strongest opening since EP1S1. LOVED IT.
  5. Just keep reading, book 3 is, in my opinion, the best book of them all, it is absolutely brilliant. And stay safe from spoilers, you're not even safe on this forum. I mean there are spoiler free sections but :P you're never entirely safe. Personally I got some spoilers from youtube videos while i started to read, and after I got them, I stopped watching anything GoT related on the internet for like 6 months(while i read all the books), and it payed off :P and btw, Welcome to the forums! :)
  6. I think it was one of the best this season, yes, not much happened, but I think it was a awesome awesome episode. It was absolutely brilliant, LOVED the Daenerys scenes.
  7. I really really liked the episode. One thing though, I was not a big fan of Ramsay. Baby talking with Theon was pretty cringing, and I didn't like that it felt like he was a little more crazy, and a little less sadistic than he should be. In my eyes he is a really sadistic asshole, but not particularly "crazy". But all in all it was really really good, the climbing scenes were PURE gold. So well done.
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