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  1. 7 hours ago, Alexis-something-Rose said:

    @Ran, I was wondering if you happened to have seen the Hightower family tree (if there is one). I'm asking mainly because I'm interested in finding out the name of the brave woman who popped out 10 children (and then probably died of exhaustion).

    If you are talking about the current Hightowers, Leyton had 3 other wives before Rhea Florent so it is more than possible that some of his children are actually step-siblings and it not one woman who gave birth to all of them.

    Her name sure does bring Shiera Seastar to mind, doesn’t it?

    Yeah it does.

    I wonder if she is from Hyrkoon, being a warrior woman who fights bare-chested fits but she just could be a snake dancer(?) from some part of Essos.

    Anyhow she is interesting [emoji15]

    And sorry for the 1 year and some late reply. [emoji21] [emoji21]
  3. There is a book called The Palace of Love written by Jack Vance. I think GRRM is a fan of him?

    In Chroyane, Garin's palace is called Palace of Love (not sure if it was Garin's palace I imagined it as open to the public because of Tyrion's thoughts, anyway).

    It might be a coincidence given the sexual nature of the Rhoynar.

  4. again, more krakens !!

    Thanks for sharing :laugh:

    Oooh, shiny.

    Who wants to bet that Victarion ends up blowing the dragon horn (or having it blown) during the battle, Barristan's forces hear it and assume it's the Red Lamb's call to retreat/advance, and Victarion accidentally ends up screwing up Barristan's battle plans?

    Oh.My.God :bowdown:

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