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  1. I know. What happened? I blame poor writing on this show.
  2. Easily the best episode of season 3 so far, and MUCH better than any of the shit we got in season 2.
  3. To be fair, if you really analyze Cersei(in the books, anyway), she clearly is lying to both herself and everyone else about loving her children and just uses them as puppets for her own power. Sexing up in front of her son's corpse, keeping tommen from attending Small Council meetings, removing Joffrey from the battlefield, etc. But that's irrelevant, if you want more on that, there's thirty pages of this discussion in the re-thinking Cersei thread. haha
  4. Hey guys, something to consider: If Mel is going to be going to the Riverlands... one of two things will happen: 1.) Arya will still be there, thus Mel will meet Arya. HOW, if in any way, could this change the show's events when they reach ADwD material and Mel begins seeing "arya on a horse" and all that? OR 2.) Arya will be gone by then, but we'll still be following the brotherhood / mel / gendry. Could this mean we follow Brotherhood till the end of the season/Lady Stoneheart? Or perhaps that we'll follow the brotherhood until Mel leaves? Just interesting things to speculate on.
  5. A little? A LITTLE?!?!?! Seven hells, some of you guys are way too forgiving with your opinions. Also, I really don't know how I feel about those descriptions of those three eps. Some of these plots feel like they're moving way too fast, and others way too slow.
  6. This is, hands down, the greatest thing i've read all week. I'm dying from laughter.
  7. I would much prefer a single gruesome stabbing to the heart myself. Choking is always so uncomfortable and awkward to watch in any movies or TV because it always comes off cheesy, over dramatic or unrealistic - or any mixture of the three. It's a hard thing to pull off correctly in film, I think.
  8. Reposting what I posted in the DOES THIS SEEM RUSHED? thread because it's relevant here as well: Realistically, even season one feels a bit rushed at times. I know this is just whining and wishful thinking, but the first season(if they had the budget, and the actors to cast for Roose Bolton and Edmure/Brynden and all that) could've been excellent as 12 or 13 episodes. Season two and the first two episodes of season three all feel horribly rushed and horribly slow at the same time. Plot wise, it's all moving QUITE fast - but since they cut off SO MUCH of the meat off the bone and we're left with little to no details or discussions in show, everything feels super fast paced and individual scenes just don't FEEL important. On a lesser scale, however, individual scenes and ESPECIALLY individual character arks seem to be horribly slow, feel drawn out and overall feel like they're going no where. It's kind of an interesting fail paradox the show has gotten itself into.
  9. EDIT: Pessimistic, cynical post ahead from a butthurt hardcore book fan who is also borderline OCD and a perfectionist. So... you've been warned. Samwell stuff: Yawn. Giving what they HAD for material, they really dropped the ball by skipping over something so exciting. I wanted to see a wight bear take down like ten men. Jon Snow: Man is Ygritte obnoxious. Mance Rayder is definitely NOT what I pictured in my head, nor is Tormund, but oh well. Decent enough scene, but felt kind of yawnfestish as well. And Jon's reasoning was pretty bullshit. Sansa: Ugh, just ugh. The girl who plays Sansa is a great actress, as evident from the first season, but I swear in the second season and apparently now D&D just spoonfeed her uselessness. At least in the books she was interesting in King's Landing. Also, major lol @ Ros and Shae. Seriously, what are the people behind this show thinking? I also got to love Littlefinger spilling his ideas and whatnot to Sansa this early on, ruining any ambiguity as to what he's planning. Especially since the readers don't actually LEARN LF is working to remove Sansa from KL until after the Purple Wedding. Robb/Catelyn: Yawnfest. This is why Weasel Soup and the correct Roose Bolton should have happened. Bronn stuff: HURRAY TITS AND FILLER Tyrion stuff: Pretty solid. Peter and Lena and Charles Dance are all great and the scenes were pretty cool. Although, I wish the Tyrion/Tywin scene was actually longer and gave more time for the situation/conversation to SINK in. Marg/Joff: Kind of pointless scenes, especially since the show has already established Marg as a schemer and not the kind hearted 17 year old she is in the books. Dany: Necessary scenes, but still kind of lacking any real spark. Also, Barristan Selmy's reintroduction was shit. Davos: I thought Davos's return was pretty terrible. Him on the rock was mih, could've been done slightly more dramatically. Then with Sallador San, is he really leaving the plot now this early? Kind of makes me wonder why the show bothered introducing him in the first place. (although, to be fair, he is supposed to have a major role in TWoW so maybe it'll make his return even more stunning) The guy who plays Davos is a great actor when Davos is being Stannis's straightman. When it comes to showing serious emotion like fear(when Mel was giving birth to the shadow baby) or batshit rage(wanting to kill Mel) he kind of sucks. The ACTOR who plays Stannis, however, did an excellent excellent job at showing Stannis in his deep depression. He redeems the rest of the Davos scenes. I think that covers it all. At least there was no Bran scenes. Likely going to watch the Red Wedding related episodes later on in the season, but that's it. This show is so garbage post-season one. I was HOPING that season two was just a major hiccup that I could forgive, despite it being my favorite book they botched, as long as they had corrected themselves with season 3. I don't see that happening with this first episode.
  10. Actually posting. I doubt anyone actually looks at these things, but whatever. Testingtesting. :P

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