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    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Which is very interesting : if the horn secures the blower, Victarion may as well burn. Only, his arm may be of some protection. Speculation drives me crazy, here. The one thing it all depends on is how the horn actually works. Edit : Evening star, nobody knows what happened to Theon, except for those around Winterfell. No surprise Barristan thinks it migh me him.
  2. Oops ! I'm on my first re-read, not there yet, I totally forgot about that. Thank you !
  3. I don't think Stoneheart holds any grudge towards Jaime. Her mission in 'life' is to kill all those involved in the RW, and he was not. She is insane, of course, still, I don't think she'll kill him. It would actually be too logical if she did, and that's not GRRM's style.