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  1. How is it that nobody mentioned the atrocious dub job they did with Daario's voice? I hope they clear that up in the future.
  2. Excellent! One of the best episodes of the entire series. A television show isn't just about dialogue and events; it's also about pacing, which at times the show struggles with, hopping from scene to scene and character to character so quickly and abruptly that moments either aren't given a chance to land, or they're upon us too quickly for us to invest. But this episode was paced perfectly, allowing every scene to develop naturally, and making 50 minutes feel almost feature-length. I especially enjoyed Joff and Margaery in the sept, the little psychopathic king gleefully recounting the most gruesome deaths to befall past Targaryen royals. The show has made no secret of the Tyrells' motives, yet Margaery's obvious pandering to King Joff still comes across as sincere. The climactic scene at Craster's keep was well-done, but it's also where I lodge my one and only complaint about tonight's episode: We are never given the impression that mutiny is near. Our first hint that the crows aren't happy comes from Rast during the poo-shoveling scene, but he's always been a negative Nancy, so his vague threat isn't really a good indicator of dissent within the party. Needless to say, it's a bit jarring when factions are already formed and fighting as Sam slips out. But that's really a minor nitpick. The episode overall was tremendous. Beric Dondarrion was excellent, and though I sympathized with the Dog when he felt like he was being punished for sharing his brother's surname, Arya's objection to his claims of innocence was an awesome reminder of just how effed up of a person he really is. Forget Jaime, is there a character more gray than Sandor Clegane? Of course, I can't end this without mentioning how sorely I missed seeing Jon and the wildlings, and Robb and the Tullys. These omissions are not flaws in the episode per se, but I must be critical of how little of the northmen we've seen outside of the crows. Mance is portrayed by a brilliant actor--maybe the best actor the show has cast to date--and he's had about three minutes of screen time this season. I suppose that will change as the season--this one and next--progresses, but it's a huge disappointment that so many great characters and actors are getting so little attention. I still say ten episodes isn't enough. EDIT: I just realized I failed to mention the closing scene with Dany, the dragon, and the Unsullied. Do I even need to? It was ridiculously phenomenal.
  3. I loved the episode. Thoros' brief appearance was enjoyable, the Tully men were brilliant, and Mance delivered once again. It's just a shame that there isn't more time for the crows. I also liked how the show took it slow in the right places, rather than rushing through all the scenes as it's had a tendency to do the first two episodes. The negotiation was excellent, and I love how they give subtitles to the Astapori. LOVED Jaime's fingers twitching at the end. Made it look freaking real. Just a great episode all around. The only real negative was the end theme. That was a terrible decision, and hopefully one they don't make again.
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