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  1. ninewinter

    Small Questions v. 10106

    I'm not sure if it's ok to post some Show "world" trivia here, but I want to ask what are your thoughts about Tyrion saying Kings Landing has a population of 1 million? It seems pretty canon in the show that 1 million is the population of KL. As far as I can remember it's only half a million.
  2. ninewinter

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Your point is legitimate. I'm only hoping that with a Dragon Emperor, the legions will fight better and their enemies will lose morale and give up easily. Remember, the nobility of Dorne are partly Rhoynar, and they are one of the few peoples in Planetos who have faced dragons and defeated them in open combat. I'm sure some of the scrolls in Sunspear showed strategy or thoughts on how to counter the dragons or survived with an invading army with dragons, such as guerrilla tactics, which they have done. However, the countless "barbarians" of Europe lived in an age of superstition and facing three realDragons will certainly take the heart of them. Again this is plain speculation, and the "germans" might lose easily, whereas the Picts will fight Dorne style. But the argument is correct that a Dragon Emperor will surely fare better than most Roman Emperors did. If Tiberius almost pacified Germania, Aegon could too. It's not too far stretched that Aegon can surprassed Alexander the Great as one of the best generals in Antiquity.
  3. ninewinter

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    I think now that the quickest and possibly the only road to conquer Europe is for him to arrive in the time of Nero. The Roman Empire is intact, but the Emperor is a Mad Man. Aegon can claim he's a true Julian, show the dragons as evidence of Divine approval. make himself a Dragon Emperor striking Rome fast and hard. Not all the legions will surrender of course, but with the dragons he can defeat other would be General-Emperors, consolidate the Roman Empire and proceed to conquer Germania, Scythia, Hibernia and the Picts. With the skills and organisation of the Empire and the legions, as well as a Senate quite content with Aegon's effective but loose hand of ruling, I'm sure he can do that within his lifetime.
  4. ninewinter

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    I know, and yeah, it's quite careless to stretch Machiavelli can be a Hand when we're talking for early 15th century here. Possibly a Theologian, to placate the people and make a better "Exceptionalist" theology. But the Turks have Yes but that's the problem. When the Targs have conquered substantial amount of territory, let's say half France, they'll be very vulnerable to peasant uprisings that is hard to put down without the help of the Church. The story of the turks is different since they have a huge army to silence the religious dissent whereas Aegon will depend on whatever forces his new vassals will gave him. And I doubt if it's really an asset since Europe is so decentralised. There's no lord who can bend the knee and give him huge amount of manpower and resource supplies. He needs to wage and wage war, Dorne style, and we saw Aegon got tired of that kind of warfare.
  5. The state of government of Westeros pre-War of the five Kings is also chaotic. The Monarch seems to have power over life and death even to his main bannermen, some of which are as rich or richer than the crown, and with more powerful numerous army. I get that during Aegon I he didn't need such a huge army because any rebellious lords will be answered by dragons but Post Dance we can see that the Monarchs have difficulty enforcing their will to the people. The government is too civil war prone, there's no parliament for a regular meeting of lords. The small council is so small you're wondering how they manage to run the Kingdoms that is larger than the Roman Empire with hundreds of senators. The center of power should remain in the Crownlands and extend to the Riverlands, which might be the first step that a King should do after the Long Night v.2. Centralised the seven kingdoms such as what such as what King Louise VI and VII did in France during the 12th century. Incorporate The Riverlands and some of the Vale to the Crownlands, reduce the Reach and Westerlands. Divide Dorne and the North into two kingdoms lessening the potential of revolts that are extremely hard to put down and exterminate the Iron Islands way of Life. The vikings should be taught the way of the seven and their reaving be part of the history books. The King should have at least twice the number of banners than the other Wardens. Make the Nights Watch part of the Royal Prerogative and colonise all the lands north of the wall. Make a strong fortress port in Stepstones. Only then after a hundred years when Westeros is fully united, and the people would have a strong identity of nationa consciousness can we strive for the seeds of democracy. Who knows maybe Westeros can have a some sort of French revolution or Glorious revolution in three years time.
  6. ninewinter

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    If Aegon can conquer Westeros with many many times more population and army than England, then I'm sure he can conquer the entirety of British Isles or the Kingdom of France and kingdoms in HRE within his lifetime. Remember he defeated a 50k army in the Field of fire. How many kingdoms in the middle ages can field such a large army? Some can, but what are their capabilities to fight in another day after that? The main problem would be yes, the Catholic Church but, Aegon can accept Christianity as he did with the Seven, he didn't care.But the problem is there's a real thinking IRL that dragons are evil and connected with the devil, not in the case with Westeros. Also there's no Valyria, so the people of Europe would probably think of them as aliens really. It would have been great if Aegon can have a copy of the Prince. Much better if Machiavelli would help him as a King's hand.
  7. ninewinter

    Expansion Across the Narrow Sea

    If Rhaenyra survived the Dance and she won the war, I'm sure she would have wanted revenge against at least one of the three Triarchy possibly Myr, who killed her Jace. And I think Myr is conquerable. Its not an island City State, possibly, drawing much of its power on a rural environs, so a siege is desirable. It's going to be expensive yeah, but if you pull the free-the -slave card it's doable. Conqeuring Myr will more than recompensate the expenses of the invasion as Myr is one of the most advanced Free City. The location alone as having a foothold in Essos with it's land routes to luxury goods is very tempting to many Westerosi nobles. Just make sure to confine it to the disputed lands as Volantis, Braavos or even the Dothraki, can make the invasion very problematic.
  8. Yeah. That's what I was often thinking when I read about posts like "why didn't the Targaryens conquer the Free Cities etc. I always think that the Free Cities are very complex and not just your average Italian City States. Volantis for example is definitely bigger than Venice or Milan as it possessed "towns" such as Volon Therys and Selhorys, each according to Tyrion, as big as Gulltown, (so possibly having at least a hundred thousands people), a perfectly fine city for Westeros or medieval standards. And also going back to the topic, as what @Jaak said TWOIAF is full of "absurdities and omissions" and heavily Westeros oriented, which is very understandable, but I think, as with all parts of Essos, there's plenty of room for George to write about, maybe something that focused on Essos, its demography, history of the Andals for example, as I find it intriguing. Andal invasion in Westeros is similar to the "Germanic migrations" during the 3rd - 7th century. We may discover that Pentos, though founded by Valyrian colonist is primarily "Andal" in the country side. Religion may differ as I think Pentos mostly followed the Lord of Light but in terms of genetic composition they're not that far with Westeros. Same way as Greek and Italian may look alike, Pentoshi and people from the stormlands or the Vale may, and have been portrayed in the show, to look pretty similar.
  9. ninewinter

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    It's a little bit more complex than the real carrier pigeons of our world. It is said in the 5th book of A Song of Ice and Fire A Dance with Dragons, that the Children of the Forest taught the first men how to delivery these messages, at first, the Ravens will speak the words, or the Ravens can be skin changer and thus can travel from anywhere around Westeros. In time, when the First Men lost their magical affinity with the Children, they train to carry messages on paper by runes, or by letters as spread by the coming of the Andals. According to the published chapter in the Winds of Winter, Some special Ravens can travel to different locations as they memorise it and can learn through the words of the Maesters, but most Ravens are trained to go to one place only. If you release it to it's cage, then it will go for ex. a Raven specifically brought up to King Landing will go to KL after you release him in Winterfell. Kind a like how people who have birds as pet they release their animals somewhere in the forest and their birds can go back to their home. In that sense, it means that only the wealthiest and most powerful houses can have Ravens. some houses may have Ravens going through Kings Landing only.
  10. ninewinter

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Yeah, well I raise the question because the setting of the books seems like early 15th century to me as there are no prevalent gunpowder and as the story of the books is very loosely inspired on the War of Roses. But yeah correct, 500 AD Europe is so ripe after the fall of Western Rome he can conquer half of Europe in his lifetime. He can fight Clovis and I'm sure Clovis will bend the knee in a Torrhen Stark like manner. Britain is divided into dozens of petty kingdoms easy to conquer, and I'm interested if he could make an alliance of convenience with Justinian.
  11. In the chapter 5 of the Dance with Dragons, Tyrion travelled in the lands of what was Andalos. I'm quite intrigued at what happened to their kingdoms and petty lordships? a. I know Pentos and possibly Myr and Braavos is part Andal. All of these cities worship other gods now though, and they're not culturally Andal anymore right? b. What is the extent of Andal culture? I know reading from TWOIAF it extends in the Axe from modern day Braavos to Lorath. It's said that there's an Andal outpost in Myr too. So does it extend all the way to the whole of modern day Disputed lands, maybe bordering the Rhoynar? c. When did they arrive to Westeros 4,000 years ago or 2,000? Seems to me the later is most likely and the 4k is just the classic exaggeration/misinterpretation or the limited data available for a medieval scholars such as it is in the maesters of Westeros. d. Do you think their main reason going to Westeros is because of the Valyrian Free hold? e. The Dothraki called Jorah Mormont Jorah the Andal, does it mean that they have encountered and fought with Andal petty kingdoms remaining in Essos or just because he's from Westeros and lack of knowledge that the Northern part of Westeros is dominantly not Andal? f. Last but not the least I'm curious if you think it's the Andals who really brought Iron to Westeros. Thanks for your insight!
  12. ninewinter

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Personally I believe a huge chunk of France under the Mad King Charles VI is ripe for the picking. If the English under Henry V manage to conquer half of France with 12,000 army, I'm sure a 1000 Targ force with three dragons is a match against the French nobility. Considering Aegon I character of incorporating defeated enemies to his force, that 1k could swell easily to 10k. Maybe an alliance with Burgundy? Or maybe Spain is much better, strategically located in the edge of Western Europe, under King Juan II who loves poetry more than war, with Spain having much lower population than France, Aegon could win just three decisive victory and he could conquer Castile, then head on to Portugal, Granada, then to France or Italy maybe when by the time of Aenys or Maegor.
  13. ninewinter

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    Agree. Gunpowder only becomes really very effective by the late 15th century and early 16th. The Targaryens, if they could rally enough support and gather enough material could very much acquire a good bunch of territory wherever they landed. Good point on someone who mentioned they should head on the pope. Not because I necessarily wanted to put the pope naked but as much as dissuade any "crusade" like movement being formed up which might be dangerous. I imagined some sort of branding for Aegon I as the Anti Christ, and that would be very bad for his popularity.
  14. Let's say Dragonstone is somewhere around north west of Brittany near the coast of Cornwall. Can Aegon I conquer Western Europe in the beginning of the 15th century? Where do you think he should start? England, France, Ireland, or Spain? How many areas can he conquer? Can Aegon I, with Visenya and Rhaenrya with a few hundred vassals conquer Western Europe or he's going to fail after a volley of English longbows?
  15. I think Aegon III is one of the most underrated rulers in Westeros. Most people only attributed his reign as responsible for the death of dragons but didn't he tried his best to seek and hatch more dragons? He's personally afraid of dragons as a dragon ate his mom in his very eyes when he's a kid, but as far as I can tell in FaB he didn't try to forbade Morning in KL, nor did he seek out to kill all the remaining dragons. Also he's one oft he few Monarchs who really care for the smallfolk. He didn't agree to tour the Westeros as adviced by Lord Manderly but I think he's correct on that point. Westeros has just suffered a very expensive war, and the people ought to rebuilt their lives from the devastation. Royal tours are very expensive not just for the King but for the place he visited. No major war occurred during his reign, no huge plague, the realm heals, I think he's probably not one of the worst but probably the 5th of 6th best Targ King in Westeros overall.