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  1. He has other projects, not least of which is the actual BOOK he's writing.
  2. Basically, they're not half as talented as Martin and almost invariably whenever they depart from the book they screw up big time. Melodramatic Cersei = bad decision-making. Non-materialistic Shae = bad decision-making. Joffrey leaving voluntary after confrontation with Tywin = bad decision-making. Mega ruthless Stannis with no misgivings about burning his nephew = bad decision-making. Removing ownage Davos lines like "two is not three" and "protect the kingdom to win the throne, not protect the throne to win the kingdom" = bad decision-making. I could go on. It's gone way beyond time constraints and has entered the realm of being presumptious.
  3. By far the worst episode of the series. I couldn't even bring myself to watch much of it and was flicking in between the video and my browser. One can only assume that GRRM was in a rush and desperate to get rid of one of the monkeys off his back. The last 3 episodes now have been pretty dready, and I have to say that the season has been a let-down. Way too much sex gossip.
  4. Rubbish. It's called the Common Tongue of Westeros and it's inconceivable that it hasn't changed over thousands of years. Preposterous, in fact. Yunkai is a major port, but since when have nobles mingled with sailors, especially sailors speaking a different language? Since when did they spend all their time hanging out in the docks? A moment's thought shows it's a dumb idea that you have. The guy learning Westerosi is roughly equivalent to an American learning Chinese, and needs a special explanation. Since this was written by GRRM, I'm assuming it's a comment on the extraordinary privilege and education of Yunkai nobles. They're probably far more educated than Westerosi nobles since that's often what happens when the martial tradition withers and the nobility is excessively pampered and supported by a slave class (e.g. classical Greece and numerous dynasties in China).
  5. The Yunkish guy can speak Westerosi. What's the idea behind that, do you think? The Masters of that city are sufficiently spoiled that one of them is highly educated in languages and/or has visited Westeros?
  6. Good episode. Patchface is probably the creepiest character in all the books, but you can understand why they need to cut him. The fetuses were a nice touch, designed to compensate for the loss in creepiness. It's nice that they're developing Roose's character as a bit of a sly sadist, but that might be a bit too subtle for non-book readers. I'll be disappointed if they don't give Roose his leeches. One of the defining features of the character -- come on!
  7. A bit uneven until the last few scenes. It made no sense that Mormont would set up camp at Craster's Keep. In the books, it was just to put a roof over their head until morning. Their goal was to get to the Wall as fast as possible. Why would he set up camp? Hopefully non-book readers will be too thunderstruck by the coolness of the Night's Watch killing one another to notice the illogicality of setting up camp at Craster's Keep.
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