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  1. Gave it a 7, since theres no 6.5. pretty enjoyable episode. The scene that particularly stood out was the burning of Shireen and I think that they should have put it last and built it up a bit more.
  2. Lol dude you're obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. LoL a welcome after my own heart[emoji134] I love you too, Edulcorated. K, thanks bye[emoji15]
  4. I feel like I never got a warm raucous welcome to the boards. Welcome me, plebs! Please
  5. Hi Eddard. My name is Jose and I like to do internets.
  6. Lord Tony, You may just have the 13th coolest avatar I've seen...anywhere.
  7. Nobody expected to see you here.
  8. The tuna know, the tuna know everything. It is known. Hi I like to friends so westeros help for me too much! Welcome to me!
  9. So many Croats..I wonder when we'll finally spot Borat.
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