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    There you go, that better for you ;)
  2. Simadhor_saan


    LOL you know it's kinda accidental and randon. It was only a test because the 3/4 pics I tried before wouldn't work so wanted work out whether it was the pictures I tried or just something up with the site, it will be changed ;) Although the fact you'd call me Ser is funny, I'm like the hound, 'I am no ser'
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    achingly true IMO and the Jojen quote is also a good one. Tyrion is just the best character though, whilst there are lots of good characters no-one really matches up to the horrible dark wonder that is Tyrion.
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    Good day to you all :) just had a browse around whilst at work the other day and thought i should join, read some interesting threads so far. i've been through the books twice but after reading some of the threads on here seems like i might need to get through them again. @Lord Tyrion - your sig quote is also my favourite quote from the book and is currently adorning my desktop background. oh maybe you want actual info about me :P i'm sim, live on the south coast of england, 30 and a fiendish geek with a penchant for great books, great music and of course great wine!