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    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Arya/Waif stuff? No way. How would the waif know about Sansa being in her parents room? How would the waif know about Arya's target practice with Ned watching? Details seem too personal for an impostor.
  2. Remember people....it's nearly ZERO expense to WRITE all this stuff into a story. Putting it into TV is another beast all together. Why didn't Cat claw her face to ribbons? Because that make-up effect will have to be reproduced again and again, which means $$$. Give these guys a break and stop being spoiled children. Just a quick glance; the GoT audios books (5 of them) come in around 180 hours of read time at a listening pace. TV has given us about 30 hours. Expect things to be a bit flat if you have read the books already.