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  1. Agreed, Strictly Ballroom is a great Aussie movie. I saw ‘Australia’ years ago and don’t remember the details, just that I didn’t really like it. Can’t remember what it was exactly, just a bit meh and a lot of hype for nothing. I saw The Dressmaker recently, highly recommend.
  2. electronic Travel Authority now required for NZ (not applicable to Australian citizens). https://conzealand.nz/blog/2019/08/07/new-entrance-requirements-for-new-zealand-from-1-october
  3. Hello n00bs and oletimers, long time no speaky here. I was just looking to register for CoNZealand membership and now have heart palpitations because it costs $400NZD (around A$375). Anyway, still going to go, but I also noticed prices go up another $25NZD on 1 October, so if anyone’s planning to go now might be a good time to lock in a membership.
  4. FYI, just noticed that Adult Attending fee will increase to $425NZD on 1 October.
  5. Ouch, $400NZD. That’s three times the price of the last Con I attended!
  6. Absolutely loved this episode, best one yet. So many awesome scenes with dialogue straight out of the book. Really loved the bit where Bran tells Rickon that Robb's gone to free father and then they'll come home with mother. And Rickon says "No, they won't". So much eery foreshadowing in those few words. edit: for accuracy
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