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  1. After thinking about why this episode felt a little fluffy to me, I started to compare how I felt after S1E10, since a lot of folks are comparing the two. Aside from the kickass moment of the birth of Dany's dragons, the shock wave of Ned's death was explored far more. You saw all the Stark kids' reactions. While in this episode, we really only see Arya's reaction (really well done) and Sansa's (a little less well done cuz of previous BFF scene w Tyrion). Bran talks about the Rat cook, but did he green see it? We don't see John getting the news or Theon, which I thought were big missed opportunities. Jamie and Brienne's reactions would have been welcomed as well, not to mention the Tyrells. Instead there were wasted airtime on Shae, Balon and Dany doing some crowd surfing.
  2. Highlights for me were Arya's & Tywin's scenes. Bran's scenes were good but couldn't get past how their party with a wheelbarrow and on foot gets to the wall before Jon on his horse. I know those were different castles but slow fat Sam makes it to CB before Jon too. Stannis' scenes were overall good but his characterization bothers me. The real Stannis would throw Mel out of the window for talking down to him constantly like that. Jon & Ygritte scene was a low point for me... they could have had same result with just an exchange of looks between them in the last episode. Jaime's arrival before the PW was another low point. Don't get me started with Dany's crowd surfing. But still overall 8 due to quality of the show.
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