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  1. I don’t know what this thread is for cos I’m tired n I don’t wanna read it all but it says covid so I’m assuming that’s what it is anyway I have the dreaded Corona and whilst it totally royally sucks and has knocked me for six it’s actually a nice relief to let myself be ILL for once. Don’t get me wrong I’d rather be healthy and not ill whatsoever but usually when I’m ill I try and power through as quickly as possible but this time fucj it I’m alread isolating and it’s covid, it can be serious, so am just letting myself be proper ill and actually in the long run this will get me through it much quicker and be much healthier than trying to push through it and ending up slightly run down for weeks or months on end which is what I’ve done plenty of times in the past being ill Anyway it sucks but I had a nice personal epiphany & hope I make the most of things a bit more when I’m better that’s it thanks
  2. please let me stay in the dating thread i usually have so little to contribute
  3. the dwemer better be ready to catch these hands and square go, if they come back, for what they did to the snow elves
  4. Oh…you’ve read the Lusty Argonian Maid too? *flutters eyelashes*
  5. Lets just say he didn’t ACTUALLY want to talk about wood elves
  6. So I had a guy on hinge use elves, ELVES, to segue into talking about his dick… honestly the most disappointing things is I was quite looking forward to delving deep into elder scrolls lore
  7. That’s a cute name and named after the sun god so has to be friendly hehe!!
  8. Mate I work (over) full time with a job that is basically two jobs & still try and do bits of writing, silly tiktok videos & talks. I wish I had the time to try to get some voice work I don’t actually think I have such a great voice either these days lol!
  9. 1 year later… finally uploaded another episode!!! I’m very rusty but quite relieved to have uploaded something again.
  10. It’s been a day and I’m already tired of it lol! I just think it’s so easy to pass on people who id probably get on with in real life or match with others I probably wouldn’t. But I’m determined to go on at least one date using this thing
  11. What’s hinge like compared to the other dating apps? I hated tinder and just don’t get in with it. Is hinge just the same really?
  12. Some bath bombs, a book from a museum gift shop, a new bikini
  13. Thank you had a lovely visit to Heligan Gardens, lush vegan pasty. Now I’m chilling in my garden with gin and these massive crisps. Then I plan on eating pizza and having a nice bath with all my new bath bombs (and more gin) cheers!!!
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