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  1. In terms of hygiene - Public toilets will always be gross lol. They’re always going to be full of germs and what have you - but if the pandemic has drilled into us the importance of personal hygiene I hope they’ll be a little better - I usually did anyway but definitely going to make sure I always carry hand sanitisers everywhere with me
  2. I’m not saying random acts of sexual assault and violence don’t happen but I wish we’d focus on the fact that most sexual violence committed on women is by someone they know and not a complete stranger, especially not a trans woman in a unisex bathroom. anyway on the point - I’ve always been for “all gender bathrooms” that are stalls with sinks inside and locks - then everyone feels safe. but this not only helps trans people which is fantastic, but also fathers and young daughters, mothers and young sons etc. absolutely no problem with unisex/all gender bathrooms at all - certainly not going to make a marginalised group who already receive large amounts of violence into a bogeyman character.
  3. Had a nasty thought earlier. Caught sight of self in reflection with my hair bandana and brain shouted “PIG IN A BOW!!” and I had to stop and think. And challenge myself. “That wasn’t very nice...do I actually think that?” and the answer is of course NO. But it took a small moment of pause to reflect, understand that I’m not my intrusive thoughts and to challenge and confirm to myself that I didn’t mean it. Just a comment to say challenge yourself on those intrusive nasty thoughts, because they’re not you, be nice to yourself xx
  4. I’m team Jackie Weaver, excuse me Britney Spears
  5. So it’s official - I am a Master of Arts in Celtic Studies hehe! And overall I got a Merit which I’m very pleased with!! The last few years weren’t a waste after all! I’m so much more competent than I ever give myself any credit for. I always think of myself as this lazy useless slug of a person but my goodness I have done a ridiculous amount of things this year and to a high standard!! Really appreciating that now.
  6. I PASSED MY MASTERS !! My dissertation is a merit and possibly even a distinction!!! I’m SO relieved
  7. It’s definitely all connected!! I couldn’t run for a few days because I had to isolate then my mum got a negative result for COVID which was good so we went for a couple long coastal walks after work instead. Eating fairly well and still feeling really good mental health wise, almost excited to go for another run tomorrow tho lol.
  8. I definitely don’t disagree with you that everything is connected but for me it was the slightly better mental health that helped me eat and sleep better which helped give me the energy and motivation to go running. Now I’m hoping I can keep the cycle going lol. I did really good last year before getting ill & then the world going mad. So hoping I can replicate that and keep it going
  9. I’ve not been commenting on this thread, but on my 3rd run in a few days. Knocked a minute off my pace today. Might chill out for the next couple days and then go for another on Thursday. Really chuffed. Dunno what’s happened but mental health is much better lately, so I’m sleeping better and eating better and moving better. I’ll take it.
  10. I’ve been here since I was 18 I think so would have just started uni
  11. BUZZING im working on a comedy script and I’ve been panicking that I’m just not funny and it’s been really worrying me but actually my mentor just read through it and loved it and told me all it needs is fine tuning and editing slightly because all the jokes actually land!!! I’m so happy and feel quite validated hahah
  12. Starting Monday I’ll be the new Exhibitions and Engagement Officer at my museum !! So happy.
  13. I never used to be bothered by it and watched Karen freak out videos sometimes. Until I’ve been called a Karen...for just...existing? And daring to have opinions? And I genuinely mean that. No shouting, racism, nastiness. Just me on tiktok making one of my history or folklore videos or on livestream. “ITS A KAREN!!! HIIIIII KAREN” im 26 years old I just wanna talk about regional history Now I think there after being firmly rooted in mainstream there can be an element of sexism to the usage. BUT I have to be fully honest, I’ll still watch those videos & not be hugely bothered because some of those women are truly vile and if we are going to constantly talk about how some men can be truly disgusting, and we should, we can’t ignore or deny that women can as well. HOWEVER I hate the videos of young men who are basically antagonising a woman to get video views and then she turns into some kind of stressed approximation of “a Karen” but you can tell there’s been a lot of antagonism before the video starts just to get a video with a million views.
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