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  1. I didn’t realise ratings were awful! It has a HUGE fan base... i personally think it’s the source material...the show has differed in small ways from the books and the fans get furious sometimes but I hope it differs some more if it means not being quite as outdated. I still love it though & I did enjoy the whole moral and medical oath from Claire and her conflicting emotions. Balfe is amazing. And Marseli doing it for her shows how much she loves & respects Claire
  2. I will continue to watch the show because I LOVE it. I love the characters and I love the actors but my goodness...
  3. God that last episode destroyed me. I really couldn’t take it I was sobbing and found it so difficult. Hated seeing Claire put through that and be so powerless knowing that there was nothing she could do about it, even after the fact. I’ve read that some people found it very well done and as victims of a similar nightmare appreciated the acting. But my goodness it just felt like...every character has been raped...
  4. I appareciate the extreme support LOL no really though thank you for always being very encouraging
  5. Just made it to 100,00k all time downloads! Wow! That’s amazing. My episodes have been listened to that many times! I’m chuffed
  6. Where do people listen to their podcasts?
  7. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I really put a lot of work into this one and for once I felt proud and happy about it. There’s a few little things I forget to edit out because I was editing so many things but for the most part m chuffed with it! hehe I’m not used to having such a silent dog especially as he is so hyper!
  8. Latest episode https://celticmythspodcast.libsyn.com/northern-lights-storm-kelpies-and-green-maidens really quite proud of this one - spent a lot of time on it - it’s a bit different but I’m still always experimenting with things!
  9. I don’t know what rules look like where you’re from but If you were breaking restrictions and putting yourself and others at risk just to have a hookup during a global pandemic then that’s kinda...I don’t know, I don’t want to be a bitch. But I do roll my eyes a bit.
  10. I go for a long walk most days but I’m missing running and more exercise. We can only go for one trip outside a day in the UK for exercise so I have to use mine to walk with the doggy which I love anyway. I sometimes try to find an empty field to run with him though. Something I guess. I’m eating a lot in lockdown from boredom. I cant do a huge amount of exercise from home because I live with my parents in a tiny bloody house & any exercise upstairs would sound like the floors are caving in and any exercise downstairs would disturb my dad working down here. So have to some really basic stuff.
  11. In the UK - so during lockdown. Sounds so first world problems ad obviously I agree with the closure of pubs and although I’m not enjoying it I would prefer a much longer lockdown to be sure than to end it quickly and then have to keep going back but my goodness I’m missing the pub with friends It hasn’t changed my job but it has changed my work. I work in a small industrial museum and my role as a Trainee Curator is very much collections based and there’s a lot of things I can only do properly on site. As it is, being the youngest member of staff by far I’ve essentially become a social media manager in the last few weeks which takes up a LOT of time actually. I’ve been making and editing videos, writing blog posts, recording audio clips for bbc radio. All new stuff. But old stuff I can still do some interpretation work so rewriting old signs, updating guidebook information. My mental health isn’t brilliant, I have to admit. But then, it never was. I think I’m definitely doing much better than I tell myself though. I keep telling myself I am not being productive at all and not doing any work whatsoever as I am technically full time still and it doesn’t feel like I’m doing eight hours worth of work a day and then I think even on site there was a lot of waffle so nothing was ever purely eight hours of work. And I do a lot of little tasks (social media and emails) outside of work hours so I am not finding a great working from home balance atm. I either go too hard and do way too much work or nothing in a day. I love deadlines and tiny bits of helpful stress and having goals to reach so this new weird floating and no sense of urgency feeling in work and all the uncertainty is making me feel really strange. Having said that I am really lucky to have a job, I’m living with my parents at the moment and actually other than a couple arguments with my dad things are surprisingly pretty good here. Not massively strained at all. And I can tell when my dad is pissed off with something so I just avoid him when he’s being an asshole anyway.
  12. Like Liffguard I was already doing distance learning for my part time MA before all this. Hardly ever used video calling for the last 3+ years. I think I would have much preferred that now but at the time 1) I was a little shy and 2) I was always working when they had those meetings. I think any zoom I’ll do lately because it’s just someone to talk to and almost kind of hang out with aha. I am struggling with all of my university life, work life, social life and home life all in exactly the same place at the moment though.
  13. I think it must have been my latest normal episode but oh my gosh that wasp for a week straight would not leave me ALONE
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