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  1. Theda Baratheon

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    My Nan told me about this yesterday - he’s much too old to be driving around like that now surely. I don’t want to be “ageist” by saying that but at that point in your life get everyone else to drive you around especially if you’re a Royal
  2. Theda Baratheon

    Shows like Discovery of Witches?

    I really did enjoy this show. Can’t wait for the second season.
  3. Theda Baratheon

    My Podcast: Celtic Myths & Legends

    Thank you! And im glad it didn’t horrify listeners LOL! I do love a bit of a sing
  4. Theda Baratheon

    You (Netflix)

    That’s whats so fucked up about it - at times you kinda empathise with him and you kinda like him and then a minute later you’re like WTF! he’s terrible!
  5. Theda Baratheon

    My Podcast: Celtic Myths & Legends

    Also am gonna be annoying & again ask if anyone on iTunes who listens to this will give it a rating & review! Thanks!
  6. Theda Baratheon

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I love this
  7. Theda Baratheon

    My Podcast: Celtic Myths & Legends

    Hi everyone! Episode 8 is finally ready! http://celticmythspodcast.libsyn.com/wassailing-with-the-mari-lwyd learn about wassailing and the welsh folk custom of the Mari Lwyd! Ive also decided to set up a patreon for the podcast (www.patreon.com/celticmythspod) - I am not looking to make money from this podcast, just enough to help cover my hosting costs a month! Hope you enjoy the episode!!! Thanks all
  8. Theda Baratheon

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    That all sounds great!
  9. Theda Baratheon

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I’ve bought my first car! I have it all insured and taxed and ready to go! So excited to get driving properly in my OWN car *love heart eyes*
  10. Theda Baratheon

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I couldn’t stand my instructor - I don’t know why I didn’t change because one of the best things about passing is never having to sit in a confined space with that man ever again LOL. Hope you can work through that fear at some point - I’m hoping the freedom of driving is going to alleviate some of my depression because and I can actually leave the house now lol
  11. Theda Baratheon

    Favorite books/series about elves?

    I prefer folklore and mythology about elves. Love to read about the Welsh and Irish ''Otherworld'' The irish Tuatha De Danann and the Welsh ''Tylwth Teg''. I suppose you could argue they're fairies but they seem more like Tolkein elves.
  12. Theda Baratheon

    True Detective Season 3 (SPOILERS)

    Is it any good then? I've had ZERO interest in it. I hated season 2. But then I remember how much I freakin LOVED season 1 - I even had a poster of it on my wall when I was in college lol.
  13. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    I wanted to make a thread for Big Little Lies but I came to it quite late so didn't think there'd be a lot of discussion around it as it was no longer fresh. I LOVED the show. I watched it twice in the space of 2 weeks. I might watch it again soon. I find the ending with the attack interspersed with the crashing waves on the rocks to be truly beautiful. Yeah there's less than 10 years between them! Mother and daughter would be so jarring to me lol! There was so much about this show that I adored and it definitely rewards on repeated viewing - I wasn't smart enough the first time around to pick up on certain details but it really is a fantastic piece of work.
  14. Theda Baratheon

    Outlander II: Sing me a Song...

    I really hate the over reliance on rape though...but that's a fault of Gabaldon and the books. I think the show try their best to be as respectful as they can and they don't make it exploitative but my god it's all the TIME.
  15. Theda Baratheon

    Outlander II: Sing me a Song...

    I actually really love Brianna and Roger and I seem to be the only one LOL! I believe their romance. They are the only two people in their own time who can truly understand strange, large parts of who they are. People are SO mean to Sophie the actress...honestly, I LOVE Outlander and I watch a lot of extra videos on YouTube but some of the fans of this show are...A Lot. I'm really glad that the show seems to be trying to handle the material of Gabaldon's books in a way that actually makes more sense. For once I'm all for the show veering away from the books at times. I haven't read them all but I've gone and read like all the synopsis of every book HAHA (I will eventually read them) and honestly some of it sounds sooooo convoluted and ridiculous. I kinda like that the showrunners are trying their best to make a show that can be understood without the books.