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  1. Thank you had a lovely visit to Heligan Gardens, lush vegan pasty. Now I’m chilling in my garden with gin and these massive crisps. Then I plan on eating pizza and having a nice bath with all my new bath bombs (and more gin) cheers!!!
  2. It’s my birthday and I need to force myself to do some fun things so I don’t mope about doing nothing the rest of the week
  3. Back to working on site, starting to feel way less overwhelmed now that I’m actually there and can physically see the space again (I work in a museum). my BBC audio piece will hopefully be broadcast at some point, it’s all done now. and I wrote the introduction to an illustrated mythology book! How neat is that? also it’s my birthday tomorrow
  4. Not really a strenuous exercise but started walking into work which is over 3 miles each way on a VERY hilly walk & legs are a bit sore but it’s bloody lovely and am really enjoying it. Might get a bike soon and cycle part of it as well mostly to save time because the walk itself is really scenic but I do have lots going on. Feels good!
  5. Actually twitter & tiktok are way more social to me now than Facebook is. Tiktok allows you to make videos for “friends only” so you can have “mutuals” on there that you build friendships with. And I get loads of nice social interaction on twitter - you’ve just got to find your community on there. My twitter is all Museum, heritage, history, archaeology and folklore people mostly and then a lot of local people around Cornish history & identity and I think it can be a very social place. It can absolutely be a horrible toxic place full of arguments but often if you don’t engage with people and block instantly then it’s fine
  6. I’m no where near as active as I used to be and don’t think my timeline is extremely busy but it also doesn’t feel like it’s completely dead to me either. Loads of Facebook groups I’m in send me a notification that people have posted in it all the time. In fact most of my notifications on Facebook are from that sort of thing now - so some people are using it a lot.
  7. Haha, I used to love selfies. Now I just take 100 photos of the same bit of coastline. But I don’t use insta too much anymore anyway.
  8. Yeah it’s definitely a bit suspicious in who it promotes and who it suppresses - there’s definitely some shady stuff going on but i think most of us that use social media a fair amount have just resigned ourselves to the fact that it’s always going to be intrusive in some way or another. Just hoping the pros out weigh the cons which a lot of the times they don’t.
  9. Oooh would be great to follow your science communication account if you don’t mind! I’ve just said I need to stop scrolling tiktok so much but you’re right - it’s very addictive
  10. Every social media website does to be honest. The main problem with tiktok that I face is the moderation. Apparently they suppress videos from people who are not deemed attractive or wealthy in order to bring in new viewers. It also seems to let bullying thrive on there, and suppresses a lot of people who speak on socio-political issues.
  11. Tiktok is short videos up to 1 minute. The algorithm only shows you things it think will interest you, so whilst I get really frustrated with the app in some ways as a creator on there, it’s not all dancing teenagers and things like that. If it wasn’t so poorly moderated it could (and every now and again is) a fantastic platform for educational content, comedy sketches etc. It’s also full of shit and suppresses a lot of people and I wish there was a better alternative for the type of content I make really (short history, folklore, Celtic studies vids etc)
  12. I’m probably a Very Online person. Facebook - check at least once a day for a few mins but hardly spend any time on there anymore. Instagram - don’t spend a lot of time scrolling, but will post up images from my walks. Twitter - I use this a fair amount, again, I don’t scroll for HOURS of twitter but I do tend to post and use some hashtags “#FolkloreThursday” - it’s very useful for the kind of work I do and want to promote (museums, history, heritage, storytelling etc) Tiktok - damn, I’m now on this one all the bloody time. I make a lot of content and I also scroll a lot more than I’d like. reddit - I only use to read long discussions on film and tv lol but sometimes I get stuck in a loop where I’ll spend a whole week like devouring every LetsNotMeet or AmITheAsshole post for no reason... ideally I’d like to interact with my friends on Facebook a bit more, make more content than I consume, and just stop scrolling so much on tiktok. I do like social media, but I also hate it lol. Slowly and surely finding my own good balance with it - as I naturally just prefer being outdoors anyway so if I’m using my phone to aid in that (take videos, photos, track steps etc) then it’s okay - but in doors (like RIGHT NOW!) I need to stop scrolling so much!
  13. Lost about 12 pounds now slowly and surely over the past couple of months. Really happy with this as I haven’t even been all that intensive with my exercise, just lots of walking and some running. So am excited to see how I go when I add in the gym and more intensive workouts. Im using weight as my goals for now just because I was fairly overweight - so I’m also interested to see that when I get into the “healthy” BMI weight range (I know it’s very simplified and not accurate for everyone) how my goals and fitness and relationship to food & exercise starts to change.
  14. That must be so frustrating - I used to compete a lot in sprinting, cross country & also indoor rowing. The latter I could do now (obvs not as well as I used to) and it’s the one thing I enjoy the most at the gym but running upsets me from being so good for years to being rubbish now - but we all have different capabilities and those change! Maybe I’m just better suited to long distance walks now! a nice 11 mile partly coastal walk today - wasn’t feeling the best today so I’m glad I managed it. Would like to be able to do 15+ miles without my legs being ruined though. We shall see...
  15. I usually go by miles myself but the app I was using was in km! 4 miles sounds better and easier to say tho so I’ll probably go with that now and thank you!! Actually that’s quite a helpful POV because I’m never realistic with how long I should be running, how fast etc. The thing is is that I know that I would love running, it’s what I loved in school and I was always a runner growing up, so i get very frustrated with how I run now and don’t enjoy it whatsoever - but need to push through it and hopefully come out the other side of that! Because I would love to run much longer and or much faster. Gonna need to be able to outrun the zombies...that reminds me maybe I will download that zombie run app for the added motivation
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