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  1. Watched The Ritual last night and LOVED it
  2. Right!?! I was surprised by how emotionally affected I was. I was flat out sobbing. I still need to watch The Raid movies! I know I’ll love thm just haven’t yet gotten around to it!
  3. Theda Baratheon

    Careerchat III

    Mine is all distance learning and part time so all done online (with a physical university though). Good luck to her! I’ve been juggling part time work, volunteering & a masters for a couple years now. It’s tough but definitely manageable and actually the strict time keeping personally helps me with my work more than having lots of free time would. I’m sure she’ll be brilliant ! but definitely a full time job might have been impossible for me too so maybe its worked out.
  4. Theda Baratheon

    How's Life thread

    I’m so sorry of course you can put it here. Sending you and your family best thoughts x
  5. Theda Baratheon

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Im really sorry to hear about your friend being in such bad shape but I honestly think you did exactly the right thing and just being a warm and caring friend will be immensely important. Too many people don’t realise just how many people genuinely care about them.
  6. Theda Baratheon

    Careerchat III

    Thank you and I’m glad things worked out okay for your wife! Hope her Masters goes/or did go (?) well. I’m doing mine part time as well - they did ask how full time work was going to affect my masters degree. So maybe it’s worked out better for me too.
  7. Just saw the trailer for the new Netflix horror “Apostle” it’s like a gorier welsh version of The Wicker Man! Oh my GOD my nerdy little heart is excited !!!!
  8. Theda Baratheon

    Careerchat III

    yeah I didn’t get it. I’m really gutted actually - it would have been perfect for me in so, so many ways. Too many ways. But they let me know by the most generic email ever. Oh well. I’m only 24 so I suppose I have more opportunities in the future. I finish my MA in less than a year & I’m finally ready to book my driving test and having a full driving lisence will open up lot s of jobs across country for me.
  9. Yeah I think it’s pretty boring lol and I’m a movie fan
  10. Theda Baratheon

    Careerchat III

    Job didn’t let me know today like they said they would so I’ve been proper anxious all day. Tomorrow is gonna be horrible if they still don’t let me know but is it okay to give them a ring or an email on Friday? (2 days after they said they would)
  11. Theda Baratheon

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    I do if there’s no one around! But as soon as it starts getting busy I pop it on my lap
  12. Theda Baratheon

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    I did lol at this
  13. Theda Baratheon

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    Hahahah maybe this will answer the question above. I sometimes ask people to move their bags or will just put on my absolute best resting bitch face and glare.
  14. That’s not fair I buy lots of movies on amazon and YouTube digitally to keep. I do work in a dvd store so I do sometimes buy them as well but it’s just so much more convenient to have them available digitally.
  15. Theda Baratheon

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    Oh don’t get me started on trains - people just putting their bags on seats in ridiculously busy carriages is the worst.