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  1. Theda Baratheon

    The value of going to college at different times

    “We’re not going to be a society of artists it doesn’t lead to a better quality of life” gonna have to just 100% disagree with you there, buddy. I think engineers are awesome, I do. But just because you value STEM, doesn’t mean you have to de-value the arts. You need a 50-50 in my opinion otherwise what the, excuse me, fuck is the point in living? If we are all workers working away towards some technologically advanced Dream. Jesus Christ - I love science fiction but you know I love the little moments of enjoyment in life too. And where can you often get this? The arts. I’m working on a masters degree, I work minimum wage in a shitty job. I don’t feel much entitled to anything else until I’ve been working in the right direction a bit longer. Am a history grad, working on a second specialised history degree. INCREDIBLY niche and not likely to offer a job straight away but because it’s so niche not everyone will be doing it and every bit of my volunteering in museum hours and working on my own history/folklore podcast in my free time will help me towards my goal. Yes college degrees have almost become meaningless and most people have them and I totally admire the physical workers who have skills. Unskilled labour my arse - the men and women performing physical labour - blacksmiths, electricians, carpenters and builders are awesome. Im not physically strong, I’m easily distracted when it comes to physical work - but I’m good at research, am passionate about my subject and people often like to hear me talk about it so I’m fine with my choice. Life isn’t all about making the most money - my best friend earns a lot in STEM and shes going to do a masters in artificial intelligence - she’s freakin awesome but not everyone can study stuff like that. I don’t think it’s helpful or necessary to ridicule or look down on people just because you want to ‘big up’ others. I wish everything didn’t need a college degree - but am actually using mine. Kinda. Least I’m working on it.
  2. Shirley Bassey!!! https://youtu.be/jmOCDc3xLCs
  3. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    It’s weird - it’s not fun and there’s no luck thrilling things keeping me hooked but I an hooked on this already. Very intrigued. I like the detective. Wonder what Tangle and Punish meant on the car number plates. Interesting to see scared, sacred and possible ‘scarred’
  4. Theda Baratheon

    What are you listening to Ventiquattro - Dont let Life pass you by.

    Been listening to Duran Duran’s Rio album. The whole album is so gorgeous...so many great tracks.
  5. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    “Dirt” is written on her car one second and one second gone “bad” is scrawled onto her desk in her apartment “wrong” flashes up on her car radio ”yelp” is behind the police officer who finds the second dead girl “girl” is written on the painting in her half sisters doll house and isn’t there the next moment and of course “vanish” on her skin as well as lots of other words by the look of it
  6. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    Really? that’s a shame
  7. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    That’s fair. I still haven’t finished the second half of the new Twin Peaks and it must be like...a year now. I was watching it alongside the 1st season of Handmaids Tale and it was just too much for me...too depressing.
  8. Theda Baratheon

    International News Thread

    So childish. And those British divers did bloody amazing work and have done amazing work in the past too. I don’t care if they’re sour looking - good on them. They did much for for those boys than Musk. funny how you tried to criticise Mormont (?) for apparently being emotional but whenever Musk acts like a genuinely petty child it’s OK - lol.
  9. Theda Baratheon

    International News Thread

    ABsolutely agree. If he wanted to help he could have put forward money. If helping was his MAIN CONCERN - which it wasn’t. It was to show off. And so, SO transparent about it.
  10. Theda Baratheon

    LGBTQ+ 6 -- It's a Rainbow of Flavors

    and Then on the other hand this lovely new girl in work just revealed that she asked one of the blokes in work if there was anything between us (Absolutely NOT - I REALLY like him but DONT fancy him...) and he said no that he thinks I’m a lesbian and she said “no I’m Pan and I’m pretty sure Siân is bisexual” and he was like “no shes a lesbian” which tbh him believing either works for me because I like him and sometimes worry I come across as flirting by just being really chatty and friendly so if he thinks I’m a lesbian then that’s not so bad I mean I’ve never said I am so I’m not lying. But I was very happy and pleased that the girl recognised me as bi!!! I know it’s not for everyone but I’m relatively open about it - I don’t lie if someone asks me and sometimes I’ll mention women I’m attracted to and it’s nice when I get recognised by other lgbtq+/queer people
  11. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    It really was but I also somehow can’t wait to watch more??
  12. Theda Baratheon

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Just watched Big Little Lies. Finally... Really brilliant. The last ten minutes of the last episode had me sobbing. Amazing TV.
  13. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    Patricia Clarkson really is just absolutely bloody fantastic in everything she does.
  14. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    Also interesting that it shows all types of self-harming behaviours from Camille's mother picking at her eyelashes and Camille cutting and carving her own skin.
  15. Theda Baratheon

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    I think there’s going to be a lot to unpack in further episodes and wanted a dedicated place to do it!