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  1. i spent my 19th birthday in a counsellers room and then the bingo hall. it’s hard not to be jealous of how cool i am, really

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    2. Theda Baratheon

      Theda Baratheon

      all my friends are back at home, i'm in Uni all alone, haha! i suppose i cold have invited out some uni people i'm friendly with, but i preferred going out with my Nan to be honest

    3. Gillio


      your Nan would've been thrilled. My mum hardly ever sees my boys any more and she misses them, but they are too big to be told anything, and busy with their own lives.

    4. Theda Baratheon

      Theda Baratheon

      i currently live with her at the moment and i gotta admit, we both love the arrangement :D

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