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  1. I still need to book my accommodation…seeming most likely it will be an Airbnb or a much cheaper hotel outside of the conference area though.
  2. I cannot TAKE another bastarding rainy day in the UK!!!
  3. Okay turns out I had some kind of ear infection or wax buildup or whatever that meant I didn’t sleep properly for a few days and went increasingly a bit mental - feel a lot better today after some ear drops & a whole new skincare routine - forging my way into the new year determined to take real responsibility for my own health (mind and body)
  4. I am actually just so fucking depressed lately. I don’t know how to deal with how much change my mind and body have undergone in the last year following Covid. Long Covid/post viral fatigue/ whatever you want to call it has completely wrecked me. I actually feel like I’m losing my fucking mind a bit over how much my body has changed and my mental health and brain have. I feel so stuck in a body that doesn’t make any sort of sense to me. Totally trapped because whatever I try and do to remedy things, it doesn’t work. Or it has another negative consequence. I hope I’ll be okay again soon but I just had to vent. I really feel completely hopeless right now. I had no idea how much of an impact a certain change in my body would make to me but it’s literally making me lose my mind. To combat the fatigue I had to get b12 injections cos my b12 levels were low and from that I’ve gotten really bad skin and I feel like all the weight gain, the loss of fitness, the random little bits of sickness in my body, the bad skin. It’s all coming to head, I can’t handle it right now. Anyway rant over, just needed to get it off my chest.
  5. Yes first port of call is the doctors and ask if there’s a link between the b12 and the breakout and then find a good acne remedy and stick with that for a bit! It sounds like a humble brag (it really isn’t!!!) but I just don’t have a lot of practise with spotty skin as an adult. I always had really clear skin. Trying not to be too upset about it though, it is what it is!
  6. I’ve long mastered the art of dressing like a librarian. I think it’s basically like dressing like a museum worker, which I am but I’m going to call the doctors and find out WTF is going on!! I want my clear skin back!! Much better thank you, 2024 is about dealing with the repercussions of 2023 but I reckon it’ll be a good year for me I was born on the 24th of the month 1994, so I DEMAND it’s a good year for my 30th!
  7. I’ve always had pretty clear skin as an adult, I totally took it for granted, but I had absolutely no skin care routine and hardly ever broke out. ever since I’ve been getting b12 iron injections for a deficiency and to try and help my chronic fatigue following Covid, my skin along my neck is awful!!! I’m so not used to having bad skin so I’ve gone into a bit of an upset slump about it but now I need to get proactive and sort it. Not sure if anyone else has ever encountered similar with those types of injections?
  8. For those who don’t know these are two minority languages within the UK so I also see it as an important act of defiance against the last gasps of British Empire to keep them alive and going. Lol. Oh and they’re beautiful languages that help to contextualise folklore, history and the placenames. They link you to the past and also give you hope for the future. More minority languages should be learnt and preserved.
  9. I LOVE scores. Films, video games etc. I think they’re so clever. Some of my favourite things have been really lesser known film scores, that no one is really going to listen to by themselves but there’s a magic to being able to lift up and elevate the emotions in a scene. So I agree that some background music can be absolutely incredible art. also agree with Larry that not all art has to challenge us. It absolutely can be magnificent in uplifting our spirits and bringing us together or inspiring us to make a change in our lives. But it can also be away of escaping and finding peace for a moment and in this world, that is valid too. It might be seen as the equivalent of an unhealthy coping mechanism like binge eating to shut off the white noise in your brain but sometimes we need little coping mechanisms to, well, cope. I’ll listen to music and watch films and admire art in museums and galleries that makes me feel profoundly moved, challenges me, but I’ll also enjoy art that simply transports me away from my stresses and worries, if only for a brief moment. I think both are valid.
  10. I haven’t had a vaccine in AGES. The UK hasn’t been rolling them out for younger people. But my next b12 shot this afternoon I’ll ask the nurse if they know what’s going on & whether I’d be considered eligible to get the jab now and the flu jab
  11. I straight up told the doctors that I had just had covid and thought it might have been related which is why they said post viral fatigue and then long covid. Some have been more understanding than others. Some doctors have been very dismissive. I remember one saying “well those symptoms are quite nondescript” when I listed out like 10-15 lol and told me my first blood test was totally fine (when some things did come back abnormal). But later on he did check over my SECOND blood test that another doctor had to advocate for and advised me to get b12 injections because I’m very low. So I don’t know what the general attitude is towards long covid but I don’t think it’s the best - probably still a bunch of people who simply don’t believe it exists. but if you persist and perhaps say you think it’s covid then there will be a doctor out there who will listen and advocate for your health. I had to mention I was previously fairly active and want to get back to that life and only wanted to reduce my work hours not take a sick leave, unfortunately those might have endeared me more to the second doctor which is unfair really but what can you do?
  12. Im really sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. so I get a definite hand tremor, primarily my right hand shakes a lot when I’m tired or concentrating or holding something. And I also get a jerk in my head/neck/shoulder - it’s like I’m always quickly turning my head, but it’s totally involuntary. I’m very very fatigued. I get random pains, sometimes in such strange places I never even knew I could ache, muscle and joint pains. It doesn’t sound as intense as yours at all, but it does happen pretty consistently almost every day - other stuff too but it’s 6.30 & I still haven’t slept this evening lol. I’ll comeback tomorrow morning & add any more relevant stuff. The doctors called it post viral fatigue and then a bit later long covid
  13. I don’t think we can ever completely sever the strain of classism that flows as a nasty undercurrent to a lot of this type of cultural criticism and snobbery. I say that as someone whose family is from a traditionally working class background and yet I now work in museums. the fact of the matter is, popular entertainment, whether that is soap operas, radio music or the latest films in the cinema, can often reach people much easier than loftier art might. Most working people are in a mini sort of time loop - wake up, shower, eat, go to work, come home, eat, go bed. Yes, there is also ideally time for hobbies, family time and time spent with friends. There is ideally time for going to the gym, visiting cultural institutions, walking etc. but that is the ideal, not always the reality… I’d strongly question and challenge the morals, belief system, political beliefs and social understanding of the person who believes this of less social, artistic value and relevance to normal people than this. Both can and should be valued, valuing one higher than the other seems silly to me. Ren, today’s ‘bard’ who sings of chronic illness, generational trauma, psychosis, medical service failures, and more is directly relevant to how a lot of disenfranchised people feel, let down by various elements of society. Bach’s music has been read in a number of ways, especially his sacred music as a manifestation to a devout relationship with a perceived god. Both of these music forms are valuable, and will relate to different people for different reasons and neither should be discouraged or mocked for example. anyway I doubt I’m coherent, im tired and writing this on my phone but I encourage as many people as possible to listen to Ren.
  14. Thank you at least it has truly introduced me to the genuine beauty of a good nap!!!
  15. Long covid 5 months later. Still twitching, jerking, fatigued, in pain. But I got my first b12 injection today - have a loading dose of 6 shots over 2 weeks and I’m hoping they will make a big difference to my fatigue and energy levels and help me get to a place where I can implement good habits again that will get me more well in the long run.
  16. Cornish and Welsh would be the most interesting and useful for me at the moment!
  17. Blade Runner is my favourite film but I love the Dune films. I haven’t read the book (yet) but have actually just started it I’ve spent so many hours reading about Dune-lore though so I guess you could say I am also a fan!
  18. Mitski’s new single was listening to this when I heard the news of Sinead O’Connor - sob is an understatement
  19. Apologies, I was just really upset last night. Didn’t mean to be combative
  20. She wasn’t a one hit wonder at all - Lion and the Cobra is one of the best albums, truly incredible gutted over this
  21. I have never really cried over a celebrities death before. But I am full body sobbing over Sinead O’Connor. I have so looked up to her in many occasions and seen myself in her. So in tribute to one of the most shining brilliant stars of talent, plagued by troubles, here is one of her best works: The Lion and the Cobra - one of my favourite albums of all time. RIP Sinead, I hope you’re at peace now
  22. Strikes mean this is delayed. not going to complain though, good luck to the workers and I’ll wait for when season two of Silo is ready.
  23. Will be buying my attending membership in the next couple of days. Looking forward to it.
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