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  1. eugh - general disdain for life right now

  2. born in the shadows of the sphinx

  3. Oh no I cut off most of my hair.

  4. How do I upload a gif as my profile picture? Gravatar doesn't seem to allow gifs and I don't have any other options other than the uploading from my computer which I know doesn't work.
  5. How on Earth have I managed 900+ posts already.

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    2. Full-Faced Braavosi

      Full-Faced Braavosi

      Intriguing new member title - fits the photo, I suppose.

    3. Theda Baratheon

      Theda Baratheon

      It's Marsha from spaced ;D

    4. Little Red Riding Hood

      Little Red Riding Hood

      I like Blade Runner...( :

  6. 10. I remember first watching this on TV and just being absolutely awe-struck. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING EPISODE. One of the best pieces of television you will ever see.
  7. I'm Sian, I live in Cardiff and study Archaeology and Ancient History and I've always wanted to be an actress. I love reading (obviously) and writing. I love ASOIAF so much it has now somehow been incorporated into my identity as a human being, haha! I love everyone except most people.
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