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  1. Had a nasty thought earlier. Caught sight of self in reflection with my hair bandana and brain shouted “PIG IN A BOW!!” and I had to stop and think. And challenge myself. “That wasn’t very nice...do I actually think that?” and the answer is of course NO. But it took a small moment of pause to reflect, understand that I’m not my intrusive thoughts and to challenge and confirm to myself that I didn’t mean it. Just a comment to say challenge yourself on those intrusive nasty thoughts, because they’re not you, be nice to yourself xx

  2. 10 hours ago, lessthanluke said:

    I'm really struggling to stay positive at the moment. So much uncertainty about the future. Tired of people with zero empathy calling me a terrible person for not wanting to lose everything due to the pandemic. Just. Tired. 

    People, more and more, are just incapable of occupying the middle ground and have to go to an extreme. I’m sorry people are accusing you of that, small businesses have been so screwed during all this. So rooting for you and wishing you the best mate

  3. 4 hours ago, ithanos said:


    Theda, I don't think I ever got around to giving feedback on your podcast. I've only listened to the first 3 or 4 - shortly after you had released them, and enjoyed them very much, thank you! You had only released the first 2 when I was travelling by rural bus to central Southern India. I was fortunate to have a window seat and to hear tales of the Mabinogion while landscapes of the vanquished Vijayanagar empire passed by was surprisingly surreal :) , I look forward to catching up on the rest of your podcasts.

    Oh wow - thanks for sharing! I’m glad I could briefly accompany you on such a journey :D I wish I could say my podcast has changed much or gotten a lot better but it’s still much the same as it ever was, hehe. One day I’ll get better equipment but I plan on keeping this show going for awhile! 

  4. On 4/22/2020 at 9:46 AM, HelenaExMachina said:

    I’ve recently started listening to another myths/legends/folklore podcast called Spirits (https://spiritspodcast.com/) which mixes alcohol and discussion of various myths and legends. Its pretty fun

    One of the first podcasts I started listening to actually but o haven’t listened to it in years! Have to remedy that! 

    On 4/21/2020 at 7:11 PM, maarsen said:

    I only listen to one podcast. Yours. I don't live that exciting a life. I suppose I am extremely monogamous also.

    Well I am incredibly honoured! :D 

  5. I’m a history/folklore podcasters so i often tend to listen to similar ish ones so

    The Myth Legend & Lore Podcast

    House of Legends Podcast

    Fabulous Folklore with Icy 

    Celtic Myth Podshow / Celtic Tomes from Gary and Ruth 

    but my favourites to listen to to cheer me up are My Dad Wrote a Porno and Bad Romance Podcast - I listen to them both on Spotify. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    Sorry to put a downer on the thread but this came up in my news feed a little while ago.

    Really feel ashamed that stuff like this still happens in London, really big tough guys beating up two women coming home from a date, I want to say I hope they change their ways but I feel so angry towards them right now all I can think is I hope they learn a thing or two about unwanted attention from men while they’re in jail.


    I'm furious about this.

    This is gendered violence from men against women, SPECIFICALLY lesbian women who are not under their sexual control. They still find ways to try to sexualise women and slot them into fetishes or fantasies and when we refuse we're beaten up. It's so disgusting. 

  7. 6 hours ago, Bittersweet Distractor said:

    Well I guess I should share here, I’m marrying my amazing gf of 9 years in July :D, others be warned though, planning a wedding is hard work!.

    I had my dress fitting last week and am already so excited for the day!.

    Congrats! Hope it’s a lovely day for you both ! 

  8. and Then on the other hand this lovely new girl in work just revealed that she asked one of the blokes in work if there was anything between us (Absolutely NOT - I REALLY like him but DONT fancy him...) and he said no that he thinks I’m a lesbian and she said “no I’m Pan and I’m pretty sure Siân is bisexual” and he was like “no shes a lesbian” which tbh him believing either works for me because I like him and sometimes worry I come across as flirting by just being really chatty and friendly so if he thinks I’m a lesbian then that’s not so bad :lol: I mean I’ve never said I am so I’m not lying. But I was very happy and pleased that the girl recognised me as bi!!! I know it’s not for everyone but I’m relatively open about it - I don’t lie if someone asks me and sometimes I’ll mention women I’m attracted to and it’s nice when I get recognised by other lgbtq+/queer people :D 

  9. 7 hours ago, Xray el Sicario said:

    The gatekeeping is bullshit, but try to not let it get you down. Her words say way more about her than they do about you. 

    It's more her being a bit cold towards me which makes encounters in the museum (where I am desperately always trying to make a good impression and advance) that bothers me more than her actual words. I don't much care about her other than drunk initial hurt. It's that this has to happen in a professional place for me. Oh well, she's childish - and I won't be in that particular museum forever. I'm hoping to move to a city when I pass my driving test and volunteer in a larger museum to make better contacts and gain more experience but this type of thing does make me nervous if it's going to happen in other professional places. 

  10. 6 hours ago, karaddin said:

    SIgh, I really hate this shit :( how old is she?

    A few years older than me - late 20s. I knew she seemed off with me and I went for drinks with a few of my museum friends and they said she’d said that and I just was not surprised at all. Lots of lesbian and bisexual women in this museum as well that are really lovely to me, in fact I think she’s really friendly to another bi woman. But always seemed kinda cold with me even though we’ve had a couple of nice conversations on occasion. Such a weird reason not to like me but not the first time I’ve encountered that sentiment :(

  11. OMG just found out one of the lesbians in the museumhates me (btw am drunk) and I always knew she disn like me but I couldn’t figure out why abd she hates me because apparently I’m a TOKEN GAY who ITS CUTE SHE TRIES TO FIT IN (Ive barely spoken to her????) and that I only recently came out as bisexual (really????? Bee ‘out! Since I was 19 biiitch( and so it’s a fad and I’m annoying


    im hurt

    but I’m also like wtf !!!!!!!! I never speak to her I don’t overly bring up my sexuality’s it’s  just who I am.....wtf

  12. i can only talk to South Wales valleys and Cornwall and can honestly say most people don’t really care at all what you are. I see lesbian couples relatively often. In both places. 

    I really, really think that rural places and working class people get a very bad rap when it comes to percieved bigotry - especially in the UK. Yes - it exists and yes we had a referendum that voted to leave the EU because of an awful campaign that predominantly preyed on xenophobia but I have to say that I don’t think rural British people, for the most part are all that hostile towards lgbt people at all. Not now anyway. 

    I read an excellent book Pride that was a companion book to the film that came out a few years back - brilliant film too, about Lesbian and Gay Activists teaming up with South Welsh Miners during the mining strike and building up a lasting friendship. There was this idea, a lot of the time from middle class politicians, that working class people like miners would be the most bigoted, the most violent and hateful and maybe in parts of England and Scotland that was true - but the overriding attitude by the miners was the men not caring about their personal lives and being thankful for help in the fight against thatcher and a lot of the women becoming close friends with the gay and lesbian activists, this was mid 80s btw near the AIDS scare when homophobia in the country was really at its worst because of thatcher. I think some of the children, after that visit later came out as gay from that and neighbouring valleys and were accepted. I see quite a fair amount of lesbian couples, in particular, in Wales. Don’t forget uk isn’t just England. 

    But yeah I don’t think things are rosy here, and there definitely must be prejudice that I don’t see, certainly my young trans friends speak of it but actually they all live in cities. 

    I don’t think rural areas, in that regard, are all that unsafe at all. I don’t know what rural America is like, only what films and tv tell me tbh - but traditionally in places like wales and to a lesser extent cornwall with big mining (working class) communities the politics of the people, personal politics,  have always been very left wing bordering on socialist opposed to right wing in a lot of cases. Of course that was many decades ago now and things have changed politically - the Tories are still awful - but now they other groups of people to attack. I haven’t noticed an overwhelming anti-lgbt attitude here. 

    Individual people but for the most part people aren’t that bothered in the two areas of the UK I’ve spent a significant amount of time in. 

    But from the sounds of it - Ireland might suit you better to live Robin, nothing stops you visiting UK when/if you live there :) 

    i just wanted to say that rural areas here aren’t really violent or unsafe for the most part 

  13. I very rarely ever see or encounter homophobia and I’m also in south west. Not saying it doesn’t exist - it most likely does - but I don’t think it’s an unsafe place. The uk doesn’t have the best history with lgbt rights but then again where does???? At present, despite the shitty government, I don’t think the majority are homophobic. 

  14. On 3/30/2018 at 0:46 AM, karaddin said:

    I think Brook is dead on with the reason they're doing it, but yes this does sound like how men talk to other men about women at the same time. And you're also dead on with this:

    It really is down to gender 101 - generally speaking when discussing the physical attributes of someone they're attracted to, wlw talk about other women as subjects while men frequently talk about women as objects. Even when just focusing on the body, there is a element about the person inhabiting the body rather than that person being largely irrelevant.

    That makes a lot of sense to me and explains why I'm finding it as uncomfortable as I am. I just don't like talking about people like that. Even men I fancy I don't think I've ever gone to my friends that are women an gone "ooooh would you have a go at that lads!" lmfao

  15. 1 hour ago, brook said:

    Ugh and that feeling when you just KNOW the reason they are asking is because they are getting off on imagining it...

    I want to come and yell at them for you

    It makes me so uncomfortable I don' like to assume anything of people and seem conceited but I have to ask myself why do they keep bringing it up!? Maybe this is just what men talk like I don't know LOL maybe my occasionally fancying some women now makes me "one of the lads" but if he does it again I'll just say it makes me uncomfortable and o just bloody well stop with it 

  16. Actually...good to get that out because I'm going to tell him exactly that next time he bloody does it. 


    This is the guy I was kind of half pining over and fancied and it's like the more I get to know him the less I fancy him so that's a good thing I guess 

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