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  1. 23 minutes ago, Tywin et al. said:

    We're in the same boat. I do a lot of yoga and meditation, but I pass out constantly. Long walks with friends and family helps.

    Sorry you’re dealing with it too, mate. Luckily I kept the long walks up because I have a very active young dog so even when I was pretty bad I was making myself do daily long walks in a flat area. I never did yoga but think I could incorporate that from my living room. I desperately want to get back to my gym routine that I had maintained for months but I’m genuinely terrified of this post viral fatigue turning to chronic fatigue and don’t want to push my luck. I’m not very good at listening to my body. I often go a bit too hard and burn out/injure myself when I’m first getting back into fitness after illness (recently realised I’ve been having these illness and wellness cycles for the last few years so probs need to investigate that one day) 


    thanks all - appreciate your advice :) 

  2. 3 hours ago, Rippounet said:

    The show didn't do that too well then.

    Having rewatched that bit, it's not clear that she isn't moving: we have a close-up on her face and it's hard to tell whether she's standing still or moving very slowly.


    Yes the framing of that scene was a little confusing! Or maybe he revealed more than he should have on Twitter and they were keeping it vague for a reason? I think they just didn’t quite edit that clear enough tho 

  3. Hugh, the author, did a Silo TV Q&A last night and was able to answer a few things that aren’t big spoilers. 
    bernard didn’t turn the screen off. I was also hoping that was the case because it would have been quite interesting to question why. But she was just out of range. At the time she is stood still I think so that confused a lot of people but I suppose there was only so long the screen in the helmet was going to work. 

  4. 6 minutes ago, 3CityApache said:

    Really? I've got the definite miniseries vibe out of it. But it seems you are right, Apple renewed it. Really wonder what the second season could be about.

    Yes, I was thinking that although it feels like it’s fairly tied up at the end of the season, that there are still a few threads left to follow. 

    I don’t think 2 murders and however many more attempted ones are going to be able to be brushed away so easily…

  5. 16 minutes ago, Spockydog said:

    I just read the plot synopsis for the first three books. Bloody hell!

    Damnit!! Now I’m going to go ahead and do this :lol:  - I bought the books a few days ago but haven’t read the blurbs yet. 

    okay before I do I better blurt out all my crazy theories so I can come back here and see how right or (much more likely) how completely WRONG I was!! :lol: 


    I don’t think the air is toxic (anymore…) I think the poison is from the ‘decontamination room’ - I have no idea why the goal is for people to die as quickly as possible but maybe it was initially seen as a kindness so they don’t go outside and die slowly and painfully all alone. 

    I initially thought Bernard didn’t know about the other silos but the more I think about it the more it seems like he just might. My initial thinking was due to the fact that the door at the bottom of the silo felt like it was news to him, or maybe he just didn’t know the extent of what George (and Jules) had uncovered.  I think the door connects to tunnels that link up to one another. 

    I don’t think the silos are all exactly the same, societies would have changed and adapted and evolved in different ways despite the stringent wishes of ‘the founders’ - I think some of the silos failed so they’re filled with decaying and long dead bodies, totally devoid of life. I think some silos are probably even better than 18 which potentially more equitable societies. I think some solos are even more authoritarian and classist. 

    as for why the silos were originally built - ok I’m really spitballing here. ‘Founders’ has a vaguely colonial religious feel to it but I think ‘extreme religious doomsday cult builds underground bunker to avoid the apocalypse’ is a bit over done. So I like peoples theories about it being a prison initially. 
    I also thought it could have been a long running social experiment by some mad billionaire or something half way through the season but that’s when I thought it was ‘nice’ outside. Now I’m really so unsure…with so many of them, close together, it makes me feel as though this was build to preserve humanity from some kind of disaster but the absolute SCALE of the silos and the work required to build them means a lot of time and planning which sort of dispels the quick build something to survive the disaster theory. 


    another theory - they aren’t even on EARTH. The punishment is to MINE at the bottom of the silo, providing that’s the same as the other silos it could be that they were initially mining for resources on another planet and the silos were built because humanity can’t breathe the air above on the planet. That’s wacky theory territory but there was something quite alien about the last shot of the series…

    I think it could be very far in the future. Rather than only a few hundred years away from present day. 

    as for what I think jules might do - perhaps try to contact one of the other silos? They’re all so close together. One of them would surely let her in but what then? 
    try to make her way to the ruined city looking place in the background of the shot. It looked like it could possibly be in walking distance but perhaps not enough air time for her to get there and she’d pass a lot of silos on the way. 


    who knows if there even is an outside society out there already who may collect her when they notice she’s walking around for longer than usual (there weren’t a lot of bodies outside the silo, maybe they get moved or it really doesn’t happen often that people go out to clean)

    I think Waller is going to tell people about the tape and there is potentially going to be another rebellion in silo 18. 

    I have no idea what the huge area beneath the silo with the digger will end up being but I mentioned what I think it leads to. Maybe that great bug digger thing is an old space ship or something lol. 

    Anyway some crazy thoughts before I devour the books and learn how wrong I am about everything haha!! I absolutely haven’t been this gripped by theories and excitement for a new show since season one of Westworld 

  6. 13 hours ago, Ser Scot A Ellison said:

    Holston and Becker are exactly where you saw them.  Nichols left Holston’s badge on his body.

    Thank you - I didn’t quite get that. I need to rewatch the episode in the dark as mum and I were watching it in the sunny midday because we couldn’t wait!! But as a very dark show I think I’ve missed a few little things like this!!! 

  7. Just now, karaddin said:

    I'm 60/40 on he actually doesn't know much more than the rest of the silo and is convinced it's all necessary/actually knows a lot and there was some other reason for why he turned off the fake landscape for Jules.

    Yeah I’m getting hung up on that myself. I don’t have an answer for that…

    did anyone see what looked like a city in the background?! Do we think anyone is in there or it is completely abandoned. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, karaddin said:

    Yeah, I'm now wondering if the original society actually spanned all the silos and silo 18 cut itself off from the others which is why they needed to forget everything.

    OMG. I hadn’t even thought of that either…maybe!! 

    im wondering if they’re like Fallout Vaults though, with some of them being empty/fall of the dead after failed rebellions, anarchy. And whether some of them are much nicer than Silo 18, if some of them are even worse etc. or if like you say that they’re all connected save for Silo 18. 

    do you think Bernard knows? I think he knows a lot but I don’t think he knows everything and I’m convinced yet that he even knows there are other Silos. 

  9. 7 minutes ago, karaddin said:

    I hadn't considered multiple either until I saw others immediately assume the '18' on the hard drive and the (apparently) USB key stood for the 18th silo, and there are certainly more than 18.

    Holston is definitely dead. The glitching rock that Jules put his badge onto is actually his body :( 

    Omg noooo!! I didn’t think of that at all! 

    THE DOOR!! the DOOR at the bottom - OMG it must lead to tunnels that connect up to the OTHER SILOS. They’re so close together!! 

    ahhh!!!!! I’m reading the book I’m so hyped up about this I MUST know

  10. 4 hours ago, karaddin said:

    I was begging it not to end without us getting an objective view of the outside, this was exactly the right spot to end it.

    Props to people I saw who called the heat tape not being air tight, I'm going to keep hope alive for the decontamination cycle being a toxin rather than the atmosphere itself being toxic - both work as far as the tape providing protection from it. What is out the window is Bernard not being aware though. Although...

    I'm curious why he needed to deactivate the fake AR of a green earth before she got further, maybe he is unaware? In which case he's thought the atmosphere is genuinely toxic and now he's hopeful and deactivated it to ensure it didn't walk her off a cliff? I think I'd like that actually.

    I'm absolutely reading the book now lol. I can do a week of cliffhangers with source material available but I can't do a year.

    ETA: He totally doesn't know about the door at the bottom of the silo either. She just planted an idea in his head that's going to grow curiosity in him

    LOL - I’m the same as you, I can wait a week but not a year. Off to the books I go!!! 

    OMG. One thing I did NOT factor in was that there could be MULTIPLE silos. I didn’t even dream of that at all. 

    where is Holston and Becker?! I need to know!!! 

  11. 19 hours ago, Rhom said:

    I played some when Classic released and it definitely scratched the nostalgia itch.  Alas, I don't have time for major MMO gaming these days either.

    I didn't play a lot of WotLK, so the current Classic doesn't appeal much to me.

    I stopped playing after Cata originally and I always really liked WotLK so it’s been a lot of nostalgic fun for me! 

    I was determined to get to 55 to make a troll death knight and now she’s at 80 and my original character is still at 60. I’ve just started work again so don’t foresee being able to do much but play a bit some evenings but as a casual player that is enough for me at the moment. I’m particularly enjoying helping out new players with gold and advice even though I’m pretty new (after a long time away) myself :P 

  12. On 6/28/2023 at 5:08 PM, horangi said:

    While I dont have the time for MMORPGs these days, the idea of Classic does bring back memories.  I was a part of the beta team that developed the OG Brady guide and even have my name in the credits.  I was responsible for the Barrens :D

    Oh I’m a horde player so I always loved the barrens haha! Thank you :D 

  13. 6 hours ago, mormont said:

    The thing that gets overlooked in the rush to notallmen things, but which I will constantly bring up, is that toxic masculinity also hurts men. It did me some damage, for sure. It's a serious structural problem in our society that hurts everyone, not a cheap and easy bogeyman used to unfairly attack men as a class.

    Oh yes. I see those young chaps as being victims to predatory creeps. That doesn’t excuse any violence or assault that is committed by the few that take these beliefs to an extreme, but I really do feel for any young, vulnerable people being exploited. 

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