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  1. Hullo to everyone. :)

    I read the series in preparation for some fantastic new show my friends told me about. ;)

    I've already poked about the forums a lot for various theories so I decided to join.

    Hey there ^_^
  2. Hi everyone,

    I'm a 30something bloke from the UK. I got into GoT sort-of by accident in December, became quickly addicted, and then spent the last couple of months reading the books.

    Now I've finished them, I feel strangely sad.

    Hope to have fun on these forums.

    I felt strangely sad the first time I read them through aswell, but the book forums are great for re-read threads and picking up stuff you might have missed the first time and they're good fun!

    Enjoy ^_^

  3. OH; I did notice there's a Castle of the Night's Watch called Icemark (if I'm remembering correctly) and there is a fantasy series 'Cry of the Ice Mark' but I'm not sure if there are any real connections, as ASOIAF seems to be much older.

  4. Thanks for asking. Archaelogy and Ancient History are awesome. Do you have much fieldwork?

    I studied clinical psychology and artificial intelligence. I miss those days :)

    Oh wow, that sounds awesome. I haven't had any excavations yet! Hopefully will in the summer though. :cool4:
  5. Hey everyone,

    Thank you for sharing information and your opinions and theories on the series with others on this board. I really enjoy being able to talk to other fans and sharing ideas with them.

    I'm a (late) twentysomething lady from western Europe, feeling a bit sorry for myself that my days of studying are over. I am a history nut and a bit of a romantic (turn of the century style), I wear heels even though I'm 6 ft and I am a terrible geek.

    To share the excruciating waiting as Anth stated, I am looking forward to reading more from all of you!

    Hi! What did you study?? I'm in Uni atm studying Archaeology and Ancient History :D
  6. I'm Sian, I live in Cardiff and study Archaeology and Ancient History and I've always wanted to be an actress.

    I love reading (obviously) and writing.

    I love ASOIAF so much it has now somehow been incorporated into my identity as a human being, haha!

    I love everyone except most people.

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