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  1. Was encouraged to apply for a voluntary arts council role that I’ve gone for. Will give me some strategy and leadership experience I’ve been wanting to gain and hopefully help me shape what arts and culture looks like in my region - fingers crossed!!
  2. NO effing way really?!?! FOLK HORROR SHARKS?!
  3. I haven’t been this compelled to watch a new series in ages so the trailers did a good job. I haven’t watched a weekly episodic series in quite awhile. And the first thing I thought about was this site to discuss it so I look forward to watching it and discussing it with you all ^_^
  4. Watched the first episode and enjoyed it. I haven’t read the books. About the start the second episode. I think the first episode peppered in enough hints like her needing a hostel to get down there, taking a whole day to get to the bottom levels near the generator(?)
  5. I agree. I like Aemond. I think the show has portrayed him very favourably so I’m not really sure what the argument is haha. also people are gushing over Daemon cos he’s proper fit. Not everything is so deep he’s done plenty of awful things in show and I’m sure he’ll do plenty more evil things later on. i definitely agree that it seems the show is much more Team Black than Team Green but I don’t think it’s quite so unbalanced as the poster up thread would suggest.
  6. I loved some of the dialogue. I don’t think it was cringe at all.
  7. We have always been meant to burn together. Oof. What a line. loved this episode.
  8. That’s Rhys Ifans!!! I would say it’s likely more of an issue of directing than acting because he’s bloody fantastic and EXCELS at ‘jamming it up’. I think the soft spoken stoic works well because when he finally loses it and shows some of the cracks in his demeanour then it will pack a better punch. But either way I HUGHLY doubt it’s down to a fault with Rhys Ifans - who is FANTASTIC.
  9. I love that though. It’s showing the difference between fantasy and myth and reality. Propaganda and the truth. it makes sense for something like F&B to be steeped in the mythical propaganda of a lot of these characters when I’m reality they’re all messy human beings.
  10. Miserable run today. HORSEFLIES EVERYWHERE. Any tips to repel them please?
  11. Fourth run this week. That’s it for me now I think, taking a couple days off. First week of Couch to 5k completed. Next run scheduled for Saturday and will start the second week!
  12. Well third run this week tonight. I’ve decided to start couch to 5k, I was always embarrassed to before because I used to be a runner for years. But i have no fitness even if I have the annoying muscle memory which makes me think I can do more than I can so I’m starting at the very beginning and actually quite excited to see what happens with something so structured like this.
  13. Just did a 9k run with my mate, my first run in a couple months no idea where I got the energy but I feel chuffed & hope I’ll continue !
  14. Im trying not to jinx it too much so not speaking about it massively but am on the same journey I was this time 3 years ago where I became the healthiest I was (briefly) until I completely burnt out on 9 months of 6 day weeks with no holiday and then the pandemic happened… but have lost a stone so far (with quite a bit to go), gained back a lot of fitness I lost when I got covid last July. And slowly and surely trying to work towards something better, more sustainable and healthier. fingers crossed it works this time…
  15. Feeling simultaneously very hopeful for the future whilst also pretty stressed and frequently miserable about the present. I love where I work, I love the people. The place. The office building itself is horrid though and I think it’s making me sick all the time. the job is 2 jobs, crushed into one, as is the habit in the cultural sector. So workload is always high and I always feel a bit like I’m scrambling and not doing my best for a place I love. but having said that I think I’m making a good name for myself in the local sector, and working on some really rewarding projects and bits of work. being a grownup is weird isn’t it. For the most part, I’m really proud of all the work I’ve put in to get where I am but now have to figure out priorities and money and my own worth. bloody love the sector I work in but it’s also underpaid, overworked and relies a lot on peoples passion for what they’re doing. is what it is though.
  16. I’ve got a video that went viral of him and it still makes me howl with laughter looking at his little face https://vm.tiktok.com/ZML6t4gdp/
  17. My dog looks like a wizard trapped in the body of a tiny brown labradoodle and it’s never going to stop being hilarious to me
  18. That’s a cute name and named after the sun god so has to be friendly hehe!!
  19. I’m absolutely vibing with Viagra Boys lately every single song of theirs just works for me. Love em
  20. I’m hoping to make it to a 2023 one because both of these are out for me really. Will absolutely be Chicago though.
  21. HAvent stopped listening to Kate Bush in weeks. First Kick Inside playing on repeat in my care - then listening to a lot of Hounds of Love and now I’m in love with The Dreaming and tipping my toe into obsessively replaying The Sensual World as well...we shall see
  22. I'm furious about this. This is gendered violence from men against women, SPECIFICALLY lesbian women who are not under their sexual control. They still find ways to try to sexualise women and slot them into fetishes or fantasies and when we refuse we're beaten up. It's so disgusting.
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