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  1. Oh also, that people can see characters is so many different ways (and fight about it!) really speaks to how complex and human those characters are, rather than being told: this is the hero, this is the villain, etc. I don't feel I'm being sppon-fed or pandered to.
  2. Everything that has already been mentioned (including lengthy descriptions of food ). The story, characters, setting, etc. are amazing, and Martin is a great writer. My favourite series used to be Bernard Cornwell's Arthur books, which are amazing, but since ASOIAF, I can't get through them - the writing pales in comparison. It's also the fact that there is so much additional stuff out there, not just what's written by Martin, but the wiki, essays, and community - it becomes easier to be immersed in, to feel part of. And it's the unpredictability of the plot. I don't know if unpredictability is the word, but the fact that there are so many debated theories and ways it could go is exciting!
  3. Soooo... I'm pretty sure I'm a hypochondriac, but I'm concerned and confused! The UK advice is to call 111, but if you haven't been to an affected place or in contact with a confirmed case, they don't seem to think you can have Covid 19. I was called back yesterday from an online assessment as I have flu symptoms and cough, but no shortness of breath. She didn't even mention Covid but wanted me to visit my walk-in centre, which I refused to do. I am not leaving the house (because even if it's flu, it's obviously not one covered by the vaccine). Shouldn't they start extending the UK testing by now? There is a case in our town and a GP practice has been closed. In the last 2 weeks I have used buses, taxis, and planes. I have been in hospitals and health centres and client's homes. I have attended work meetings and my Slimming World meeting where I took people's money. I have been in shops and restaurants here and on Lanzarote. I will have been in contact with hundreds of people. I guess I am self-isolating but my family is going on as normal, although I am taking precautions to protect them and they aren't ill. I wasn't told to keep them in either. I've looked at advice but it just said try to avoid being in the same room as them and keep things clean. I mean, should I call 111 again and ask to be tested? Will they even do it if the triage computer says no? I'm sure I'll recover, although I feel like shit now, and my only underlying condition is fibromyalgia, (which probably isn't a risk factor) but could I have put others at risk, or could my family although asymptomatic? Arrgh. Damn Boris! Sort it out!
  4. I am listening to him read The World of Ice and Fire at the moment, as that book is too big to read in bed. I agree I find the pronunciation a bit difficult, and I feel like sometimes he thinks he's finished a sentence and hasn't (which is common in audio books). For these reasons, and others you mentioned, I haven't been able to purchase the main series on audio as I think it jars too much with what's in my head! I got Fire and Blood as my free audio book and I really enjoyed it, and I felt Harry Lloyd made me care even more about Dunc and Egg. I will say though, that even great books can be hampered by the narrator, so I have to be really selective. A lack of consistency, not understanding the context, misreading syntax, and just phoning it it seem to be common unfortunately. I am definitely enjoying listening to TWOIAF but I feel too protective of ASOIAF to hear anyone else read it. (Probably why I had problems with the abomination from s2 too )
  5. I did a lot of thinking once, however, about how complicit the Spicers actually were. Was it ALL planned out? Did they get into the situation by chance and realise they could make something of it? Or did they just back-track with Tywin when they realised Robb was lost? The first is the most interesting to me.
  6. This thread has been super entertaining, especially the latter part! And I always did think Asha was sexy My confession is that I feel somewhat ashamed that I wouldn't have known about ASOIAF if it wasn't for the damn show.
  7. Those and Rant and Rave kept me sane when that nonsense was on!
  8. Having recently revisted A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and listened to The World of Ice and Fire, I'm pretty convinced that there must be, given how significant the Blackfyre plot is to the history. I used to believe Aegon VI was genuine but now I'm not sure.
  9. Ha ha, got to say I love a bit of Preston (even though he's probably wrong about half of this) I loved the reviews of the later series, and also that he uses The Mico's artwork in theory videos. I know it's tinfoil, but it's entertaining to me. As for secondary characters, something more from Meereen would be good, rather than just the conqueror's/ Westerner's perspective
  10. Oh I know! I'm especially confused by all the female Rhae- names. I had to look up the spelling before I posted! i just can't get that family tree straight in my head.
  11. Thanks all. I am, in general, anti-prophesy, and I think it is deliberate that we are given lots of scenarios that could fit the prophesies in the series if viewed a certain way (like horoscopes? ), but I do think there's something curious about it.
  12. Thanks. I do somewhat agree with that, but I have seen quite a few people make the argument that it was his intention due to his belief in prophecy, etc. I just wondered why it's thought, by some, that someone obsessed with prophecy would be unspecific in his naming scheme.
  13. I've asked this somewhere before, but I was confused by the answer! If it was Rhaegar's intention to name his children for the conquerors, why did he start with the youngest? Why begin with Rhaenys not Visenya?
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