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  1. Oh I know! I'm especially confused by all the female Rhae- names. I had to look up the spelling before I posted! i just can't get that family tree straight in my head.
  2. Thanks all. I am, in general, anti-prophesy, and I think it is deliberate that we are given lots of scenarios that could fit the prophesies in the series if viewed a certain way (like horoscopes? ), but I do think there's something curious about it.
  3. Thanks. I do somewhat agree with that, but I have seen quite a few people make the argument that it was his intention due to his belief in prophecy, etc. I just wondered why it's thought, by some, that someone obsessed with prophecy would be unspecific in his naming scheme.
  4. I've asked this somewhere before, but I was confused by the answer! If it was Rhaegar's intention to name his children for the conquerors, why did he start with the youngest? Why begin with Rhaenys not Visenya?
  5. I can see this may be confusing. It was my intention to address the author (whom I assumed would be reading this), by commenting on the subject of research methods, to which your post was relevant. My apologies.
  6. I'm guessing your 75 were off forum? Have you also considered that seeing each other's answers might influence us, thereby affecting your results? Best of luck with your research though.
  7. 35 Female Jaime Ramsey (It seems that a lot of people are going with characters they would like/ dislike in universe, rather than their feelings about reading them, so this is what I've done too.)
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