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  1. 1) In the books, the defense of the Wall lasts several days and consists of several skirmishes, none too big. The most important moments were the defense of Castle Black from the south and the destruction of the ram, with subsequent fight in the tunnels. I'm pretty pissed we got no ram, cause it's kinda the central piece of the siege. 2) The only "big" battle that happens is when Stannis arrives. I dont think it could have happened in this episode, because we got no real feel of the Mance army - we only got to see like a thousand people pointlessly snarling at the wall, even though they cant see anyone, 2 giants and 1 mammoth. 3) The only reason I'm pissed Stannis didnt show up yet, is because I wanted to see more of Stannis on the wall this season and his dry wit, but seems we are not getting any of that. To summirize the disappointments: no ram, we dont see Mance main host at all. I think the episode was alright. I'd give it a 6 or 7. In no way does it measure up to episode 9 of other seasons. The battle didnt have the scale, and nothing important happened plotwise (like the arrival of Stannis, which shouldnt have happened so soon anyway). The thing is, I believe the siege of the Wall should have started in episode 7 or so, or even earlier, with each episode spending 10-15 minutes at the wall to show the highlights of the siege. It shouldnt be this one thing that happens, should be more of a background setting for a couple of episodes. Substitute pointless Craster's plotline with attack on Castle Black from the south in episode 7, let them set the first ram on fire in episode 8, and have the intire episode 9 focusing on the wall, starting from the 2nd ram with giants and battle at the tunnel, then parley in the middle of the episode, finish with THE battle, when Stannis smashes Mance - and there you have it.
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    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    this chapter remains the best of all sample chapters
  3. The episode was average with a couple awful moments. awful first - Sansa didn't look disturbed at all while talking to Olenna about Joffrey. She just kept smiling dumbly. It all felt so plastic. She breaks and tells them about joffrey cutting off her father's head and then her acting falls on its face when she tries to pull off "oh i didnt mean that what have i done" believably awful second - Jamie and Brienne fight. Just awful. Just horrible. It doesn't feel that there is any force behind those blows and the only blow that didn't look clumsy was Brienne backhanding Jamie. Coster Waldau is extremely ungainly with the sword. Even in season 1 fight between Ned and Jamie that scene looked good only thanks to Sean Bean, who had good plasticity. If you watch Jamie in it, it was just awful. The episode was bad, Reeds were rushed in really. Theon was the only good part, but it all feels somehow extremely rushed.