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  1. Last Stand First L4D2 update in some years. I believe the first since Cold Stream in 2012. Not a third installment but some well needed updates and new content. I'll try to check it out this weekend.
  2. Currently running through Succession. Loving the hell out of this show. Everyone is a piece of shit in some way. Kendall is my favorite based on how accidentally funny he is through his seriousness. The Thanksgiving episode was my favorite so far. Couple eps left in S1. After this gonna finally start Deadwood. Shamefully admitting through my years as a faithful HBO (now HBO Max) servant, I've never watched this show. I know, I know.... Besides that, I think the only other big HBO show I've never watched is Six Feet Under. For fun, I'll rank my top 5 HBO dramas knowing it's not yet complete. 1. Taxicab Confessions The Sopranos 2. Real Sex The Wire 3. Entourage Boardwalk Empire 4. Pornucopia Game of Thrones 5. Cathouse Rome I know Deadwood is gonna be up there just based on every opinion I've ever heard about it. Also need to watch The Leftovers.
  3. Missed on Saints and your Vikings, Tywin. I'm Runestone Raiders, btw.
  4. Unreal choke by the Falcons. Great resolve by the Cowboys! Pretty much locking a 6 team parlay I took. Just need a Chiefs win! Steelers let the Broncos back in it. Pretty bad Broncos side too, and without Lock as the Dupree sack/fumble knocked him out of the game in the first quarter. We got a ton of pressure on the QB today. Watt and Heyward in particular. Dupree is in 'playing awesome for a contract' mode for the second straight year. We had some lapses in the third quarter but were able to hang on and get a late 4th down stop. The offense played pretty well. I'm a 7/10 concerned about the offensive line at this point (injuries) but they held up well today. Conner was strong, and almost took a 70 yarder in for a TD in the last minute of the game before tiring out. Claypool with another huge play on an 84 yard TD. I'd like to see him get more reps. He's impressed greatly in the first two games but doesn't see the field often floating in the WR4 area. On to the Texans next. Hopefully they can surprise the Ravens today. I didn't realize Kevin Harlan called NFL games for CBS. They have far and away the best play by play announcers. Nantz, Eagle, Harlan, and Gumbel. Would gladly listen to any of them call a game.
  5. For fucks sake Kepa... Wow. It's like he's fucking with Lampard at this point. Also, not sure who CHO has to suck off to get a starting job, christ. Mason Mount at right wing just kill me...
  6. Late thoughts on the Steelers game. Thought Ben shook the rust off relatively quickly. Amazing that a 38 yr old QB coming off a year long injury on his throwing arm can make the offense look so much better than what duck and Rudolph could do. Shows you how bad they are. We don't need a 30 ppg offense when we have a top D. Just consistent play and limited turnovers. Juju will have a good sophomore year as the number one. He was bad last year but can't hold that against him due to QB play. I like Diontae Johnson a lot, and James Washington is solid, too. Claypool's gonna struggle for time on the field but he had a good first showing with that sideline catch. Conner already hurt (big surprise), but Benny Snell played very well. Tomlin's gonna run Conner into the ground like he normally does with RBs. Conner looks like a go for this weekend. Injuries and age on the O-line has me concerned. That's my biggest question mark for the offense. That and Big Dumb staying healthy. Guess those two concerns go hand in hand. He has his Lord and Savior on his side so that means all is well. Defense is beastly. Ton of pressure all night long on Jones. Nelson got beat twice by Darius Slayton which seems to be a favorite for Jones. That's about the only negative I have for the D. Pretty good opening night.
  7. @Veltigar I enjoyed eps 1 and 3 of Lovecraft Country. The other 3 have bored/confused me as well. Kinda like The Outsider where it had a compelling first episode that hooked me and disappointed the rest of the way.
  8. Any chance they go after him when the year is over?
  9. Good rush offense meets bad rush defense and there you have it. Bengals offense is gonna keep them in more games this year than they probably have a right to be.
  10. Oh we've got a game! Can't imagine the media tonight/tomorrow if Baker blows this.
  11. Burrow and Baker playing pretty well tonight. Baker's just learning to throw the ball away when nothing is there. Burrow will learn eventually. Cleveland also realizing they have two good running backs and they should focus the offense there and let the passing game grow from that. Not a bad Thursday night game. Not peak AFC North football but pretty good.
  12. The Hogwarts Legacy trailer looked like a lot of fun. I'll definitely get it. Played the hell out of Sorcerer's Stone through PoA on the PS2 and then 360 for OotP and HBP. Here's to hoping HL delivers something new and exciting in that world.
  13. That ref is a Trump supporter. Beat everyone to it.
  14. There's your drop week lol. That happens to me 1-2x per year.
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