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  1. It's funny how even a routine save from Mendy feels bigger than what it is because of Kepa's gaffes. Yeah, the defense did well, and in particular against set pieces. Chillwell is growing on me. a force going forward and solid defensively. Had a couple good bust ups in our 18. Mount musta caught Lampard sleeping with his mom or something. Can't understand why Lampard insists on playing him at left wing in a 4231. Not only is he out of his position but that puts Pulisic on his off wing. I'll take the draw against Sevilla. They're a tough side. ETA: Absolutely wild that Cech has been rostered as an emergency Keeper. I kinda love it, hope I never have to see it.
  2. The people that gave it all the accolades probably watched more than two episodes.
  3. l2 0 5 5

    NHL 2020

    Was shocked when I heard this morning. A huge loss in the game. I'd put his voice up against any play by play guy in any sport as the best. Wish him well.
  4. I taped the first one and was hesitant to watch it. I think I need to come to terms that I've seen the best of that universe and it was about 7-8 years ago. Blowing through Succession. I love this show so much. Interesting story, the characters are all wonderfully despicable in their own ways, and so damn funny. The Haunting of Bly Manor is meh. The story hasn't grabbed me yet about 6 eps in. The first season did a better job there. I do enjoy Victoria Pedretti, but her find her character annoying this season; though the episode that touched on her past was pretty good.
  5. Browns smoked, and Odell on the sideline with no shows on barking at the ten fans allowed in Heinz field. Tomorrow should be a good day for the media.
  6. An absolute smackdown thus far. Good to see Minkah get back to his 2019 ways with the pick six. I can't tell if Ben has no confidence in Juju or there's just too many options for him to throw to. He's definitely not a number one. He'll likely leave after this season and I'd let him.
  7. This is so damn predictable at this point. That's all I've got.
  8. Indeed. Too much inconsistency in the defensive lineup imo. Always a new cb partnership and Mendy got a minor injury on the break. That doesn't help. Excited to see what Ziyech can do now that he's finally fit enough to come off the bench.
  9. FFS Zouma and Kepa what a circus.... Beauty of a play right after though. We'll just have to rely on scoring 3 goals or more a game which is sure to work.
  10. Just finished a replay of the Lou2. There's no doubting the brilliance and scale of the game. It really is the first game on steroids without the acne and roid rage. It does drag on a bit at the end when you go from rain to sun, but I blew through that a lot quicker this time. Something I noticed more so this time was the music/score is less embedded in the game than it was for the first. Maybe an odd thing to point out, but it seemed like at every big moment in lou1, Gustavo Santaolalla's guitar was there with it. He was involved in this game, too, but noticed it far less, which is a shame. Also listened to a pod with Druckmann about the making of the game and a certain plot point:
  11. I'm all about this. Will be fun to see what Dexter gets into in serial killer country. As mentioned above, Clyde Phillips will be involved, and the first four season were the best. Also mentioned above, season 3 isn't top tier like 1,2, and 4, but I can overlook due to the excellence of the other three seasons. Cautiously optimistic.
  12. Eric Dier with an emergency shit during play. Then Mourinho goes running after him like he was gonna join him. Unreal stuff. Che/Tot went to penalties and I couldn't help but recall Kepa refusing to leave the field when Sarri was the manager. We had Mendy in today and I was thinking how wild it would be if Kepa got off the bench, kicked Mendy out between the posts and let every goal in just to spite Lampard. We ended up letting every goal in anyway and losing so it wouldn't have changed anything.
  13. Ravens look so lost when they don't have the run game going for them. As much as the media wants it, Lamar ain't Mahommes. Not even close.
  14. Last Stand First L4D2 update in some years. I believe the first since Cold Stream in 2012. Not a third installment but some well needed updates and new content. I'll try to check it out this weekend.
  15. Currently running through Succession. Loving the hell out of this show. Everyone is a piece of shit in some way. Kendall is my favorite based on how accidentally funny he is through his seriousness. The Thanksgiving episode was my favorite so far. Couple eps left in S1. After this gonna finally start Deadwood. Shamefully admitting through my years as a faithful HBO (now HBO Max) servant, I've never watched this show. I know, I know.... Besides that, I think the only other big HBO show I've never watched is Six Feet Under. For fun, I'll rank my top 5 HBO dramas knowing it's not yet complete. 1. Taxicab Confessions The Sopranos 2. Real Sex The Wire 3. Entourage Boardwalk Empire 4. Pornucopia Game of Thrones 5. Cathouse Rome I know Deadwood is gonna be up there just based on every opinion I've ever heard about it. Also need to watch The Leftovers.
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