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  1. Have run through a number of movies and shows recently. Peaky Blinders - Loved every minute of it. Pretty much the English equivalent of Boardwalk Empire minus the music at times. Arthur Shelby is an absolute beauty of a character. Would say this is a top 10 show for me. Sinner Season 3 - Still working our way through it, but enjoyable. Can't see it ever matching the first season with Biel. Freaks and Geeks - Working my way through this as well, but I love it. Cool to see all the actors who turn out to be huge stars in their early days. The music is awesome. Deadwood - Yes, I've decided enough is enough, and finally am working my way to remove the tv watching taint from my resume, and watching this glorious show. Halfway through season 2 and can already say this is a top 5 show for me. Swearengen and EB are my two favorite characters to share the screen, though plenty of other combinations are right there with them. All I see and hear is Bill from tLoU when Dan Dorrity is on the screen lol. Sure it's the exact opposite for most people who've seen the show already. Rogue One - Was a fun watch. I'm not into the lore of Star Wars so I have nothing to nitpick that a super fan might. Entertaining couple hours. Love Simon - I'm a sucker for any coming of age/high school movie. This was right up there with some of my favorites. Nice story and I like Nick Robinson. Fuck the mascot kid. 1917 - Holy shit. I wasn't ready for how awesome this move is. The single camera shot was fucking amazing. High pace intensity from start to finish. Couldn't recommend enough.
  2. Well we're getting the best conference championship games we could ask for. Bills stand the best chance of dethroning the Chiefs in AFC, and Bucs have a waaaaaay better chance of beating the Packers in GB than the Saints did. If Brees sucks in his dome can you imagine how bad he would be in 20 degree GB weather? Next weekend will be fun.
  3. Would imagine the Hurts benching and players talking publicly afterwards about it was the final straw there. Seems like he lost the team with that.
  4. Well that was rough. Ranking this L above the Tebow OT TD and the 2017 loss to the Jags. By no means did I think we were going anywhere in the postseason. We had proven that the 11-0 was Fraudulent by all means. However, certainly thought we'd win tonight easily. Can't believe Tomlin punted on the fourth and one. At no time in the game did we have more momentum than at that point. And we punt... Ah well. As for offseason changes, I'm good on running it back with Ben. Time to face the music that he's done, and the sooner we do that the sooner we can start to find his successor which is the hardest position to get right in professional sports. As for Tomlin, I'd wait and see what's available before making a decision there. Easy to say Fire the coach!!! Yeah, cool, but who's gonna replace him? Look how many coaches the Brownies have run through in two decades. Woof. Can't see the Rooney's firing him either. Their patience can be a blessing/curse. Can't argue with his pitiful record since the 2011 SB. 3 playoff wins. I don't see a move happening there, but I think it's time we consider it. The Steelers don't hang playoff berth banners. Would say bye to Juju. Thanks for the memories and Tiktoks, not worth $$$. He does do a lot for the community so won't hate too hard but he has Lev Bell levels of side projects so I'll pass. O-line needs revamped. Old and broken. Pouncey wtf was that snap??? Will need to get Watt signed, he's the real deal. And desperately need a solid RB. Seems like one of the easiest positions to fill in the league.
  5. This game isn’t even worth a hangover. Lol I’m going to bed.
  6. I would've preferred Rudolph thrown 4 picks opposed to looking competent and capable of throwing the ball down the field. My father in law was over and went full boomer saying he'd start Rudolph over Ben next week. I politely had to tell him that while Rudolph looked decent today, he would crumble under pressure in a playoff game, though did have to admit that he was throwing the ball downfield better than Ben has all season. I really hate having those conversations.
  7. There's no way the Browns should lose tomorrow considering the amount of Steelers starters that'll be on the bench. So naturally, the Browns may find a way.
  8. Been fucking around with Oblivion recently. The game is probably somewhere around 7 or 8 in terms of most logged minutes all time for me. I was taken aback slightly with how aged the game looks when you exit the sewers, but I looked past it quickly and started mowing over imps and mudcrabs on my way to Chorrol and then Kvatch. Took me a minute to remember that dreadful speech wheel, but it was like picking up a bike after years of sitting in the garage. Got owned quite a few times in Oblivion, but remembered how frequently you have to save. Every guy in the game, green or grey, is a chiseled god. No one at the Blades Temple has the time of day to talk to you. I missed this game so much. And that soundtrack....
  9. Finished watching A Teacher on Hulu. Overall it kept my attention and that's most likely because the eps were like 20-25 minutes long which seems like a trend for Hulu dramas. Not hating on the length, cause this is probably like a 6 episode miniseries on Netflix or HBO, just an interesting trend for them. I know Normal People was similar. I think Devs was 45-50 mins though, so maybe my point here just sucks. Either or, thought Kate Mara was pretty good, and Nick Robinson playing a high school heart throb is like a yoyo master walking the dog. Rooney is still my favorite Mara.
  10. Werner on a streak of 3-4 games with absolute embarrassing misses. Even with the misses, still manages to affect the game. I'm not worried. Funny that we bring him in to play striker and he probably has the least amount of minutes playing that position when you compare with Abraham and Giroud. It's working, so I won't complain. Would imagine he'll be slotted back into that role when Pulisic is fully fit to start.
  11. Yeah I just find it confusing and a mediocre watch. Not sure if that has anything to do with my race.
  12. Working my way through season 4 of Outlander. Overall I find the show entertaining though outlandish at times. Can't believe I'm saying this but the sex scenes are too long. Way too long at times. I sometimes feel like Jamie and Claire have their own 18th century game of trying to have sex in every room and establishment they can imagine, making an ever-growing list that I'm sure even makes them blush at times. Also watching: 1. The Mandalorian: Fun as advertised. I try to keep up with all Star Wars stuff but am not a superfan. Also watched Rise of Skywalker last weekend. Again, it entertains me throughout, don't care about the lore, etc. 2. Suburra: Fucking love this show. Season 3 popping up a couple weeks ago caught me by surprise. Only 6 episodes sadly. 3. The Undoing: I've only watched the first ep, and I'm sure this has been said, but this seems like the NY version of Big Little Lies. Nicole Kidman's character welcomes the out of town enigma and assures her the affluent community they live in isn't so bad if you surround yourself with the right people, blah, blah, blah. Having said that I was entertained. Will continue to watch. 4. Lovecraft Country: I've stalled out after episode 7. The "play next episode" prompt on HBO Max is blatantly flicking me off right now. I don't foresee myself finishing it. Cool first ep, and enjoyed the third one too, but everything else lost/bored me.
  13. I love seeing the Steelers smack the Bengals around. That said, I like their skill players. Burrow and co will be a tough opponent in years to come. I think this years Dolphins is what the Bengals aspire to be in the next two years if they can draft well and get a good HC. The Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd combo is nice. Captain Obvious comment on the o line being trash. Don't want Burrow to be the next Andrew Luck. Lamar being on the same level as Mahommes might be the most premature take ever from the media. I can't remember who all said that exactly cause I don't jot this stuff down, but I recall all mainstream media on Fox and ESPN had Lamar in the same tier as Mahommes/Rodgers/Wilson. Pump the brakes.
  14. Nice win today. Shame Pulisic got injured in warm ups. The guy can't shake these nagging injuries and it's frustrating as a fan, can't imagine how frustrating it is for him. The best run of form he's shown was in restart. Can't string together more than a handful of games. Good thing we have depth as Werner showed today at wing, plus CHO. Ziyech is a joy to watch and creates a lot of chances. Mount and Havertz do well in the 433, Kante great behind them, no nervy moments at the back. Yeah, it was Burnely, but I think this will only help the team grow with confidence going forward.
  15. Happy with yesterday even if we almost blew another big lead. That's an unsettling trend I've noticed this year. Have now allowed Texans, Eagles, Broncos and Titans to make it closer than it should have been. Gonna bite us in the ass sooner or later. At least we know Lamar can't come back when down a couple touchdowns Hope D. Johnson is alright. When healthy, we have an embarrassment of riches at WR. Onward!
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