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  1. It's implied in the game that they were a couple. Bill's talk to Joel in the armory, the notes left behind, Bill's catalogue of umm.... books.... lol. Yeah, I always thought they were a couple from my first playthough, they just never showed any of it. It was more, let us show you dialogue, and you come to your own conclusions. Tonight's ep bummed me out cause they completely obliterated everything about this part of the game. Ellie and Bill's back and forth was so damn good. And there were so many classic fights. Still a good ep, just didn't think it was as good as I was hearing it would be from critics. Heard on multiple podcasts, 'wait till ep 3, oh my god ep 3...'
  2. Loved the first two episodes, torn on this one. I think i suffered from hearing too many critics saying ep 3 is like a 10/10. Went in to this episode thinking of ellie/joel entering bill's town, joel tied up, the back and forth between ellie and bill, the jaunt to the armory, and then the final haul to the high school to get the battery, and then enter the games first bloater. We get none of that, and are reduced to an elongated episode of bill/frank origin story with no joel and ellie running along side bill. that's tough for me. Don't get me wrong I thought Offerman and Murray Bartlett were great. From their beginning to their end and everything in between, it was sad when they said their goodbye. Them walking around their town one last time and saying goodbye was rough to watch. It really got me. I just can't believe they scrapped all of ellie/joel/bill run through together. It's so damn good in the game I'm shocked they scrapped it all.
  3. Just happened to me once a few days ago. Luckily had a well-time save a few minutes beforehand.
  4. Running through the revamped Witcher 3 on PS5. Has pretty much consumed my life the past month. I never forgot how good this game was, but maybe it was pushed to the back of my memory. I've been enamored from the start in White Orchard till now currently in Novigrad.
  5. Ashley Johnson playing Ellie’s mom, Anna, and Troy baker will play James who is David’s henchman that fetches the antibiotics.
  6. No need? The show exists because of the game lol. There’s a lot to talk about and compare between the two after just one episode.
  7. I would think we’d want one for the people that have played the game and want to talk spoilers there in conjunction with the show. I’ll wait for someone more educated than me to have a final say on it. Don’t want to crowd the board with similar threads.
  8. Thought they nailed the prologue. Enjoyed some of the early nods to the game like Sarah’s line about selling hardcore drugs and her Halican Drops shirt. The drive from Joel’s house was almost a mirror image to the game too. Of course the Sarah death was well done. Still very sad. The actress was great. I’m curious to get more on Bill. Was excited to see him brought up so early. Looks like ep 3 is when we’ll get him and Frank. Everything I read and hear about ep 3 is that it’s out of this world good so we’ll see. The end 30 seconds was quietly one of my favorite parts. Pretty clear on Ellie’s decoding of Joel’s book that Bill is telling him shit lies ahead. I’m wondering if he’s referring to soldiers, infected or both? Not a spoiler but in game they’re not exactly next door neighbors. I guess In show they’ll be a littler closer in proximity to each other. The clicker scream in the background was an awesome ending.
  9. Thanks @Whiskeyjack fun season. Glad my aggressive two qb approach didn’t blow up in my face.
  10. The only actual striker on the team right now is Broja, and he didn't make the squad today. Why try him when we have Kai Havertz and Sterling out there? It's going so well!!
  11. Moreso curious from an attacking perspective. Don't care about letting another goal in at this point. We're stagnant in the final third so he needs to try something different. I don't ever want to see Reece play RCB again. Complete waste of his talent, and puts someone in that position that isn't as good as him. Also, Kai Havertz, besides scoring a CL Final goal, is terribly underwhelming. And not just in this game. Aaronson's our starting right winger for me at this point over Reyna/Weah. He creates a ton of trouble with his speed. Happy he and Adams are at Leeds under Marsch.
  12. Fucking Mendy what a joke. Koulibaly struggling too. Aaronson giving them both fits. Tuchel changed the formation for the second half to a back 4 so I'm curious to see how we play with this. His commitment to the wingback system is irking me. Worked his first 4 months with the club and hasn't been great since.
  13. I'll make any date work. Prefer drafting at night but that doesn't seem to be an issue.
  14. I was annoyed that he didn't start against spurs at RCB. He did pretty well there last year and that would've allowed James to play RWB instead of RLC. We're putting a lot faith in CB's over 30, one being way over 30, and I'd be resistant to let him go for the year when you consider how thin we'd be if Silva or Koulibaly get hurt. Looks like Fofana asked to be left out of the squad tomorrow, so this is getting legs.
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