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  1. I thought this season was good, not great. I was lost on some of Cintra/Nilfgaard storylines that carried over into this season. Completely forgot that the first season aired two years ago, and I was often lost with that whole season. Eight episodes for what this show is trying to accomplish is like me trying to clean the house and run errands on the weekend, and then trying to find time for myself. The day is over and I still have a hundred things to do. I think a couple more episodes would give more time for the secondary characters to grow. I think Cavill is great as Geralt, and I warmed up to Allen playing Ciri. She's so tiny, and I just had Ciri from the games in my head where she looks closer to 30 and more of a warrior than a princess. I like the Yen actress a lot, but her storylines makes my head spin. Overall, those three do a nice job. It's the side characters that I wanted more from. I was really getting into Cahir and Fringella's storyline and just when it was heating up, season is over. Catch ya next year. Cahir with a little Jaime Lannister to him. Thought Rience's story had promise, but not enough time to develop. Same with Francesca and Filavandrel. Great job casting Graham McTavish as Dijkstra, bad job putting him in any kind of important scene. Feel like all he did was groom himself and talk to an owl. I think The Witcher, at this point, is a fun fantasy show that has occasional great moments but lags a lot in between. I do think it could be great, but it needs the secondary characters to matter more. GoT was so great because it made everyone feel important, regardless of the screentime. I feel better about the future of the show after this season than the first, where I felt pretty clueless about what I just watched for 8 hours.
  2. I said back on draft night that Cincy were thinking with their johnsons instead of their heads when drafting Chase over Sewell. I'm here to eat crow. A world with Cincy flying so high and my beloved Steelers floating to the bottom of the Mon River... And yes, I hope the title of this thread is the kiss of death. Enjoy @Nictarion @Mexal
  3. Recently went through some mini series on Netflix. Watched Clickbait and Midnight Mass. The former was an easy watch. I like how each episode was POV focused. I thought the detective and reporter were the most interesting ones. For the latter, it was largely good. Thought some of the dialogue between Riley and Erin was longwinded, and found myself drifting off. I wish Rahul Kohli had more involvement throughout. Haven't seen him in much but I really like him.
  4. Sex Education season 3 drops tomorrow. Pumped for that. As for Dexter, I watched the trailer and I'm cautiously optimistic. I believe the guy that was involved in the early good seasons of Dexter is involved in this reboot (Scott Reynolds). Agreed on seasons 1, 2, and 4 being amazing. I watched Wind River again over the weekend. Can't recommend it enough. It's on Netflix if you haven't seen it before.
  5. I like the Saul move. We got a Jorginho and Kante scare against Liverpool. Just Kovacic behind them with Gilmour on loan. A necessary move and not a bad buy option either. Speaking of Kante he left the French squad due to the ankle injury he aggravated Saturday. Glad cooler heads prevailed. Thought Deschamps was gonna run him into the ground this week.
  6. I watched all the Netflix Fear movies the past couple weeks. Overall I enjoyed them. The first two kinda emulated slashers for the years they took place in, and the last one showed more-so the origin of the story as a whole. I'm a sucker for anything taking place in the 90's so the first one was my favorite.
  7. Steelers adding Melvin Ingram on a one year deal. Injury prone and 32, but if healthy he's an asset on the edge. We'll need that with Dupree going to the Titans and Highsmith coming into his second year. I'm sure TJ Watt will be happy.
  8. Not too shabby. Almost unfair how they'll be compared to the success that Vegas has had.
  9. I agree. Werner leading the line isn't exactly an abundance of goals based on what we saw last season. Need some backup. I'm hoping Werner can improve on his scoring with a competent coach and an actual preseason without restrictions. May just do him some good.
  10. Yeah anything we get from Silva is house money at this point. I just don't like the idea of offloading talent in their early 20's in a position that we've had trouble with in recent years till Tuchel's arrival. What if Tuchel has a shit season, gets sacked, now we're stuck with Rudiger and Christensen that were wildly inconsistent prior to Tuchel being hired? That makes me uneasy. Either or, I understand the need to raise funds for big transfers, so worth the roll of the dice. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to sell Haaland now opposed to next summer when his release clause triggers for a far less amount? That's why I'm saying from their perspective to take about 100M or so for Haaland, get CHO and TA, let them prosper, and sell them if they wish for a ton of money like they've done with Dembele, Pulisic, Auba, etc. I get that their performance isn't guaranteed but the Bundesliga will likely be more welcoming to goal scorers opposed to PL.
  11. Was disappointed that W Earl Brown wasn't cast as Bill. I wasn't counting on a lot of voice actors to play themselves in the show (though they did with Marlene), but Bill/Earl Brown seemed like a slam dunk considering his HBO ties. I have faith nonetheless. Based on the description of Pierce playing a rebel in a quarantine zone, would venture to say he is playing some form of Robert.
  12. Very well would could be. I still think highly of CHO but wonder if/when he'll ever get a solid chance that isn't dependent on injury/match competition. The system we run now doesn't do him much favor being tucked inside, or playing at wing back. Also reading that Marc Guehi may be on his way to CP permanently. He played well at Swansea last season and I was looking forward to seeing how he'd progress this year. He'll be the second young academy CB we send off permanently after Tomori. Rudiger, Christensen, Silva all have one year left on their contracts so I'm not a fan of sending the young talent away, but one must afford Haaland somehow I suppose.
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