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  1. Where are you in the story? Are you referring to the clickers, I'm guessing?
  2. l2 0 5 5

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Beers I've enjoyed this season: Troegs: Blizzard of Hops, Anderson Valley: Winter Solstice, Elysian: Space Dust, Fat Heads: Headhunter and Sunshine Daydream
  3. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019: Wild Card, Mitches!

    Also, when is the last time the Titans had any big receiver threat? Derrick Mason? Huuuh?? All I remember from them is a bunch of guys who were supposed to be the guy and never lived up to hype.
  4. I think Skyrim had some great tracks. Couldn't tell you what they're called but I can hear them perfectly. Was fortunate enough to be a college kid with no big responsibilities when Skyrim came out and wasted the days away playing it when it was released. Sure do miss those days. As for Witcher, I distinctly recall the menu track for Blood and Wine being particularly enchanting and creepy at the same time.
  5. Thank you for the recs. San Junipero will be the next watch. Certainly seems to be the consensus pick.
  6. l2 0 5 5

    R,I.P. Thread

    Didn't realize Einstein was as old as he was. Also had cancer. Just awful. He was my favorite recurring character on Curb. Richard Lewis a close second. Larry and Marty's battles were legendary. I think my favorite was the Ida Funk roadside memorial. Can never forget Funk's crazy sister and Carpool lane either. RIP.
  7. Thank you! I just watched Metalhead by myself. Didn't think wife would care for that by the description. Thought it was good. Very straightforward and lacking twists. The first couple scenes had my heart pounding. May watch San Junipero with m'lady next. And you're right about these lists. Seems like all these media outlets/entertainment sites have their rankings all over the place. I'm looking at non-spoiler stuff btw. I seem to see a couple eps that are consistently in top 5 like San Junipero, USS Calister and the Entire History of You. I actually think that's pretty cool. Different eps surely evoke different takes and emotions out of different people. Only one of those three I have seen is History of You. Thought it was brilliant, scary and sad. Callister and San Junipero are on my list for next.
  8. Watched the Playtest episode of Black Mirror last night. I've been watching these in no particular order after the first season. Last episode I watched was over a year ago when my wife and I watched Nosedive with Bryce Dallas Howard. Thought that ep was amazing. Playtest was good. I like video games so I enjoyed the premise. Not my favorite ep, maybe a 7 out of 10. Need some recommendations on which ones to watch next. I would go to that thread but I'd probably see a spoiler.
  9. I agree with Rhom. You'll love it. I've re-played that game all the way through a good 8-10 times. Beat it on Grounded and Grounded Plus which is damn difficult at times, and if I feel like going back on hard mode and playing with more ammo I'll do that. Such a fantastic game all the way through. Story, acting, gameplay, music... it really has it all. Easily the most inspiring and moving game I've played in my adult life. Enjoy. While on topic of TLOU, I'm hoping we'll get a release date soon for LoU2. There was no PSX this year and they had a panel there last year where they gave a status update on the game's progress. I think Druckmann said it was around 50-60% complete, and that was just over a year ago. Then we get the amazing gameplay trailer at E3. Recently he tweeted that they just finished wrapping one of the most "complicated and heart wrenching scenes" they've ever worked on. I'm betting on a 2019 release but the year just started today so that's still a long time to wait. I want this game badly.
  10. Welp, no tie between Colts and Titans Steelers did what they had to do even though it wasn't pretty. I figured it would be a lot for the Browns to go into Baltimore and get a win when they have been playing so well recently and at home, but it was damn close. There was a good 5-7 minutes when the game switched over to Baltimore/Cleveland where I thought the Browns had it. They were cruising down the field and then fell flat as the Ravens D held up. I seriously thought they had it. That was rough. We never should've been in this situation. An effing loss to the Broncos and Raiders screwed us. Absolutely terrible. Being 7-2-1 and finishing 9-6-1 is pure golden shit. This team is so inconsistent. I doubt we make any big changes. Might cut the D coordinator loose, but I'm sure Tomlin will stay. Will be an interesting offseason. AFC North should be a slug fest next year.
  11. Fair enough. I always like watching Reed play, too. Back in the early to mid 2000 Madden days I would always draft a franchise and pick my own players. Always made Reed or Sean Taylor a priority. Loved controlling that position on defense, and those were the best at it. And I'm willing to give overzealous Browns fans the benefit of the doubt right now since they've been in misery for years upon years.
  12. Lol I bet. You guys are gonna make the division more interesting in the years to come. I like Mayfield a lot.
  13. Yikes. Getting spanked by the Browns twice and now being the Ohio little brother, and also rooting for the Ravens. This sounds like misery, Nic.
  14. Gut wrenching loss for the Steelers. Thought we played pretty well for most of the game and went toe to toe with one of the best teams in the league. The offense was moving the ball well for the majority of the game. Comes down to turnovers, once again. Effing Ridley... Don't know why he's even in the game there, or at all. Would've had Samuels running the ball as he's done well. I feel bad for Juju as he's had a helluva second year. Both he and AB went over 100 catches for the year yesterday becoming the first Steelers receiver tandem to do so. You just hate to see it. As for the Tomlin play call on fourth, da fuck? I'm actually not that pissed about going for it there but the play call was stupid. Hand the ball off to the god damn full back right up the gut for a play that requires more than 1 yard to get the first? Brainless. Typical bullshit from him after the game about making their bed and sleeping in it. FFS I'm so tired of this dude. A small part of me actually hopes we don't make playoffs so it prompts ownership to make moves with the coaching staff. Doubt we get rid of Tomlin and everyone will cite his regular season record. I hate that. He's had so many disappointing playoff performances and they might not even make it this year. Time for a change imo. The three game losing streak was crippling. Especially when you consider losses to the Broncos and Raiders (have not won there since '95). We win 6 straight, look to be in control, then lose 3 straight as the Ravens get hot. Now it comes down to us beating the Bungals (yawn), and the Browns beating the Ravens, which they did earlier this year. Easily the most dramatic (on and off field) division in the NFL has a week 17 matchup with all parties involved with a good deal on the line. Should be entertaining, at the least.