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  1. The only actual striker on the team right now is Broja, and he didn't make the squad today. Why try him when we have Kai Havertz and Sterling out there? It's going so well!!
  2. Moreso curious from an attacking perspective. Don't care about letting another goal in at this point. We're stagnant in the final third so he needs to try something different. I don't ever want to see Reece play RCB again. Complete waste of his talent, and puts someone in that position that isn't as good as him. Also, Kai Havertz, besides scoring a CL Final goal, is terribly underwhelming. And not just in this game. Aaronson's our starting right winger for me at this point over Reyna/Weah. He creates a ton of trouble with his speed. Happy he and Adams are at Leeds under Marsch.
  3. Fucking Mendy what a joke. Koulibaly struggling too. Aaronson giving them both fits. Tuchel changed the formation for the second half to a back 4 so I'm curious to see how we play with this. His commitment to the wingback system is irking me. Worked his first 4 months with the club and hasn't been great since.
  4. I'll make any date work. Prefer drafting at night but that doesn't seem to be an issue.
  5. I was annoyed that he didn't start against spurs at RCB. He did pretty well there last year and that would've allowed James to play RWB instead of RLC. We're putting a lot faith in CB's over 30, one being way over 30, and I'd be resistant to let him go for the year when you consider how thin we'd be if Silva or Koulibaly get hurt. Looks like Fofana asked to be left out of the squad tomorrow, so this is getting legs.
  6. Would imagine that suspension cripples the Browns this year when you consider how stacked the AFC is. I wonder how tempted they are for Jimmy G. He keeps the ship afloat till early December and Watson helps them grab a wild card. Idk, can see it happening. Suppose that's not a terrible scenario for Jimmy when you consider the O line and running backs. He also might not care to sit behind Lance this year and see who his suitors are next year.
  7. That was Chelsea's downfall last season. That and being horrible in the final third which has plagued us since Sarri it feels like. Once Chilwell went down we were screwed last year. Alonso was our option behind him as we couldn't pull Emerson back from loan. Reece went down for 3-4 months like two weeks after Chilwell. When the wingbacks go down in this system, we lose our identity cause we don't get enough consistent production from whoever is trying to be our striker and the two forwards behind him. When healthy last season Reece and Chilwell were consistently contributing to goals.
  8. I believe he tore his acl in December. Gotta figure he's still getting back to normal, despite being healthy enough to play. Cucurella isn't dealing with the same restraints. I will say it's lovely to see someone out there that isn't Marcos Alonso. So far impressed with Cucurella.
  9. Thought the finale was alright. Had some good moments like Saul displaying his acting skills to the prosecutor and Marie, and his goodbye to Kim was nice. Maybe not a goodbye, but see you way later. This was never going to end like BB with a storm of bullets, had to remind myself that. Hats off to a great show. Gonna miss Albuquerque.
  10. Igor pulled two straight. We don't forget.
  11. oh pens... 4-1 turns to 4-4.
  12. Need more than crosby and guentzel... This was to be expected.
  13. Would imagine the Pens come out slow tonight after Tuesday. Old legs and 3 OT's isn't a good combo. If only we had NBA rest in between games. Rackell unlikely to return tonight and Zucker appears possible. Need all the seconday scoring we can get. The goalie thing has to also catch up to us.
  14. would prefer madrid/liverpool for a final anyway. have seen enough of city/pool the past month. Grealish stopped with a chance to secure it is pretty much the icing on the cake for that signing.
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