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    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Watching You right now with my wife. It's pretty entertaining. Has small Dexter elements to it with the inner monologue. Joe even said in one of the first eps "Tonight's the night..." It's an easy watch. We'll cruise through it before watching Ozark S3.
  2. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2020: Please Don't Be Fetch

    Couple days late on this but Manny Sanders to the Saints makes sense for both. Sanders has been fortunate in the teams he winds up on. Will have a chance to grab another ring. For the Saints, the gap between Thomas and the next receiver (technically a TE) in catches is a difference of 106 . Kamara had 81 as an RB so obviously that helps, but a Robin to MT's Batman was necessary. I think that division will again have the Saints as the alphas and the other 3 fighting for a wildcard spot. Fortunate for them there'll be the 7th seed starting next year.
  3. l2 0 5 5

    Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10 [SPOILERS]

    Enjoyed it. Larry going by "Buck" was sneakily one of the funnier lines to me for some reason. The cameos were all great too. Kunis is just so damn delightful.
  4. Yeah they get a rough draw. My fears for Rb's is 1. Is this the season they get the big knee injury? 2. Is this the year they decline/over the hill, and 3. RBBC may be more efficient, why pay the big $$$ to one guy?
  5. Todd Gurley gets cut His deal seemed to go south before the ink dried. Gurley is only 25 but they were talking about knee wear/tear when he was only 24. Wild stuff. I think he can be about 80% of what he was those couple seasons that got him the big deal if he goes to the right team. People are already talking about the Bucs.
  6. Can't see the NFL getting messed up at all. I mean it's March... I'm not prepared to look that far into the future. Say everything is back to normal by July, right around training camp, why would anything have to change based on that timeline? Does the new CBA eliminate minicamps/ota's? Are was that something the players were trying to get? I might not be remembering correctly.
  7. Seems like a wild thing to say to Hopkins if BoB did in fact say that. I never hear shit about the guy off the field. Why get involved with what he does when he's by no means an AB? Also why confide anything in Irvin?
  8. Simply done to create more episodes and plot. I can't help but think 'what i would do in that situation' but have to remember that this is a drama and would be pretty boring if the characters always did what makes to most logical sense.
  9. Seems like Negan was testing Alpha when quizzing her about killing her daughter, and when she wouldn't back off it, he slit her throat. Leads me to wonder why he hid her at all? Did he plan on letting Alpha go if she backed off? Or was that supposed to be an effect for the viewer for suspense? Overall I liked the ending, and am happy she's gone so we can move on from the Whisperers at season end, which I think needs to happen. Time to move on from them.
  10. When they get a first round pick for the receiver they probably think they can fill the void in other areas of need that can help the team overall. I truly think the fear of cutting ties with an above average QB, while a window is open, deters teams from looking elsewhere. I don't disagree that Cousins isn't the guy, by the way.
  11. The struggle of having an above average QB and the fear of trying to find someone that's better...
  12. Yeah I think it's a bit overpay but I get why they did it. There's always 33 year old Manny Sanders! Saw them on espn earlier today talking about how enticing that could be for Brady if they got Sanders... lol. Think Brady is looking for a little more than that. Yeah I like the trade for you guys. Makes sense as he's leaving eventually and I hate to see assets walk without a return, so to get a first plus more is nice.
  13. Diggs to the Bills for a 2020 1st, 5th, and 6th round pick, 2021 4th round pick. Whoa... Now that's a haul for a talented receiver. Take notes BOB. Sucks for the Vikings to lose him cause he is dynamic and always great to have two top receivers, but he seems prone to pouty bitch syndrome so don't blame the Vikings for letting him go. The Bills needed a number one receiver badly so makes sense for them. Gave up a helluva lot for a receiver that's used to having another good receiver on the other side of the field from him. Not sure if he can carry the load as a one so we'll see.
  14. I also don't get the Texans deal. Hopkins is 27, easily one of the best receivers in the league and trumps the second highest pass catcher on the team by over 50 receptions. Also, their first pick isn't till 57th, so it's not like they can get a high end talent early in the draft. Will Fuller is very injury prone, and not a 1... by any stretch. Reports are saying that Hopkins and O'Brien didn't see eye to eye, which, whatever? Can't BOB get over that? And if not, the Texans are gonna back buttchin over Hopkins? I don't get it. It's not like they're bringing in Derrick Henry or even Melvin Gordon. DJ is a legit one year wonder in 2016. 1,200 rush yards, 16 td's and 80 receptions. He then gets the big contract and does fuck all since. He turns 29 in December which is practically AARP for running backs. Can't imagine how frustrated/confused Watson is.
  15. l2 0 5 5

    Football: What Football?

    Hudson-Odoi tests positive. What a rough year for the guy. Just couldn't get anything going on the field, bunch of nagging injuries and now this. Rough stuff.