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  1. l2 0 5 5

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    @Tywin et al. I'm in. You should have my email but if not I can pm.
  2. l2 0 5 5

    Westeros Football League B

    28th works for me.
  3. l2 0 5 5

    Football: A New Hope

    Recorded the game but didn’t see much. Thank the gods Kante is back in center mid. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Still have a striker problem even with giroud scoring. If he’s coming off the bench then fine, but if he’s starting big matches I think that’s a problem. Still want to see more from Tammy. Of course he’s the only one that missed a pk. Sounds like rudiger is close to coming back, along with Willian. Once CHO is good to go I’ll be more hopeful. For now just need to get through the next couple months and win the easy games cause we have a good bit of those in the PL during that time frame.
  4. l2 0 5 5

    Westeros Football League B

    I’m in if there’s a spot still open. Looks like there is.
  5. l2 0 5 5

    Fargo Season 4

    Harrow is my favorite character on the show. Ahh.... makes me sad just thinking about it. Glad to see him on board.
  6. l2 0 5 5

    Football: 'Let's talk about six, baby'

    I believe we bought him for 60M, read we sold him for 58M. Either or, I'll consider us lucky to sell him for that much when he was an utter train wreck for 80% of his stint in London. Besides the header palooza he went on the first month or so in 2017, all he did flop, called for offsides, and miss goals. Mental midget. They must think more of him in his homeland.
  7. l2 0 5 5

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Loved the episode. Bronn: Getting paid or getting laid, never change Ser Bronn. I thought for a solid 30 seconds that he was getting set up Sopranos style when Qyburn was talking about a carriage out of the city. I was wondering why our favorite rogue was still in KL considering he's aided both Tyrion and Jaime over the years, and Cersei currently has them labeled as public enemy number 1 and 2. I would not be there. I am not, however, Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. I know he's all about the coin, was damn near killed over it when Dany/Drogon attacked the hike back KL, but I can't see him killing the Lannister boys. Young Umber: Seeing as the Last Hearth is indeed just that, and last major castle before reaching The Wall, I'm surprised Bran didn't interject when Jon sent him home to gather more men? He was surely aware of the proximity as he told Jon about the fall of The Wall, and the approaching army. I don't get that one. Poor fate for him, but a cool ass scene with Edd, Tormund and Beric. Cersei: Crazy as ever. Guess she considered Euron and what he might do with the GC if she didn't keep him satisfied for the time being. I had a feeling for a minute that she was gonna have The Mountain butcher him in the throne room. KL felt and looked pretty empty, even though it was night. All the action is up North right now. Will be interesting to see what develops there. Golden Company/Strickland: Curious to see what role he plays as he is cast much younger and physically capable than book Harry. It leaves me to wonder if he will absorb some book roles like Aurane/Faegon/Young Griff much like Jorah did with JonCon. I don't know, not much time to develop anything there seeing as we only have 5 eps left. Does the GC want to stay home in Westeros now that they've finally made it back in a welcoming fashion for once? Does Strickland have Blackfyre? Dark Sister? There was certainly some talk between Jon and Arya about their respective valyrian steel weapons, and that Long Claw was too heavy for her. I would think that LC and DS are more similar than Blackfyre. Arya always wished she had DS, and idolized Visenya. I would wager that at least Blackfyre has returned home. Jon: Had a lot going on. Got to ride Rhaegal which was cool and scary to watch, and found out about his true parents finally. I would think that he talks this over with Dany next ep. Arya: Cool to see all of her reunions. Gendry and The Hound were cool, but her reunion with Jon was the best. Nice to see those two have a conversation and Arya show some of her old self with him, as we didn't get to really see that with Sansa and Bran. Not sure what she wants with the blade schematic she gave to Gendry. I don't buy any of this AryaWaif stuff as we've seen too many personal/intimate moments from her since she's returned to Westeros; i.e. meeting Nymeria and realizing her wolf has moved on from her, and the Frey butchering. Arya's too important to have died in a dark room off screen a couple seasons ago. Sansa: Has hardened as the series has gone on as per her conversation with Tyrion and Dany. I would think that she has something up her sleeve but she can really use all the damn help she can get. I think that someone is going to have to really pull something out of left field for her to make a power move but we will see. Jaime: Great reunion with Bran the second he comes to Winterfell. Saw someone on Twitter call that a real Curb your enthusiasm moment which made me laugh. Will be great to see him questioned in front of Dany next week. He has a great excuse for doing what he did to Aerys that I think Dany will let that slide. All in all great episode. A lot of talking, but hey, there was a lot to talk about between all of these characters.
  8. l2 0 5 5

    My hope for AryaWaif holds on

    Can't see this aryawaif thing happening. We've seen too many intimate/personal moments for Arya since she left Bravos (i.e. Nymeria, killing Freys, family reunion, etc). I don't know what aryawaif would get out of trying to have a moment with Nymeria, and then willingly let her walk away when she realized her wolf has moved on from her. I don't buy it.
  9. l2 0 5 5

    NHL: 2019-20

    Columbus with a shocking lead over TB right now. There’s still no way they could pull this level of upset off over the course of a seven game series. I think they can win 1-2, but not 4. That leads me to question their thought process in not trading Panarin and Bob, and bring in Duchene. Clearly going for a cup run but they struggled to make the playoffs and must know how stacked the east is. No way in hell they even make it to ECF. Probably better to be realistic than hopeful at the trade deadline. Can’t see this being a good offseason for the BJ’s.
  10. l2 0 5 5

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    The Green Bay story was a fun read. Long as shit too. I was surprised to read about how long Rodgers has hated McCarthy. Didn't realize McCarthy was the OC for the 49ers when they drafted Alex Smith, and commented on how he thought he was a better QB than Rodgers. He's definitely not a guy to let things go. Like DG said, to this day I'm shocked that we've never seen Packers/Pats in a SB. Damn shame. Packers shoulda beat the Hawks that one year they went into Seattle and were knocking them around, only to Atlanta Falcons all over the second half and run the ball religiously. When it comes down to it, in terms of who looks worse, I'd rather be an arrogant prick than a bumbling, lazy, moron.
  11. l2 0 5 5

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    The Pirates rinse and repeat last night against the Cards. Taillon goes 7 strong and the bullpen blows it for him immediately and we lose. Had bases loaded in the 9th with one out and did nothing with it. Second straight game against them where we come out hot, put runs on the board, great starting pitching, and the relief blows it. We also go stale with the bats around the 4th-5th inning so that doesn't help. I won't overreact but I hope this doesn't turn into a trend. Seems like the Cubs have similar bullpen issues early on.
  12. l2 0 5 5

    MLB Offseason 2018: Harper, Your Herald Boras Sings

    Pirates do the most Pirates thing the other day and blow a 4-0 lead against the Cards and lose in 11. Bucs find a way to lose those games, and Cards find a way to win, always. Some tremendous fielding errors at third and shortstop lead to fruitful innings for the Cards. Not sure how Moran didn't get credited for an error on the first one. He made up for it at the plate but I'm curious what a +/- for him would have looked like. We'll go at it again tonight.
  13. l2 0 5 5

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    Agreed. Like I said, I think he falls in that category of very good player but not hof worthy.
  14. l2 0 5 5

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    I'm leaning more towards disliking the pi challenge rule. So much of that stuff is borderline in real time, and when slowed down, will look worse for the aggressor. I would be more ok with booth reviews only in last two minutes of game if it needs to be reviewed. We will see how it goes. Only confirmed for 2019. Jordy Nelson retired today. Saw Mr. Big Chest strut through the door and decided to call it quits. Can't blame him. He finished with 613/8,587/72 in 11 seasons, 1 SB (against us unfortunately). Not sure about him and HoF. I think he falls into the category of damn good player, but does that = HoF? He and Rodgers were a great tandem for a number of years, but let's not confuse them as Manning and Harrison, or even Wayne. Hell, Isaac Bruce finished with 1,024/15,208/91 and 1 SB and can't get in. Not sure how a guy like that can't get into HoF and we have people talking about Edelman getting in after the last SB. Such a weird science. For me, Nelson is not HoF'er.
  15. l2 0 5 5

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    @dbunting Agreed on Gronk being the guy I'm picking for a SB in their prime. And yeah, there's other guys you can pull out of history but these three felt the most comparable since 2000 (TG started in 1997 but played till 2013). Since 2000, I would say that Jimmy Graham would come in at 4th with comparable numbers to Gronk (611/7,436/71) and the same amount of seasons. Gronk would surpass him in all categories if it wasn't for injury, though JG has had some injuries as well. JG hasn't had the successive years of dominance that Gronk showed. He burned out after he left the Saints, and wasn't in the same offense. To circle back to your point, yes, in a single game I'm going with Gronk. Matchup nightmare in all facets.