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  1. Making my way through The Shield again. For some reason I stopped watching it like ten years ago when I first started it. Made it through like five seasons. In season 3 now. It's hold up pretty well.
  2. You know things are bad in Philly when the tush push doesn’t work.
  3. Welp season over! Tomlin got his winning season. And nothing else matterrrrrrssss Credit to the Bills. I think they’ve won 6 straight, despite injury after injury. They were dominant on offense with Allen going to video game mode throughout the game. No turnovers. No Watt gave us little hope. The offense was due to return to our sub-20 point nature in this one. Pulling for a Lions/Bills Owl at this point.
  4. My brain went to Vick at Lambeau like 2002-2003 for some reason.
  5. That Allen run was dominant.
  6. I smell an ass whooping, with the Steelers as the recipient.
  7. Way late on this but I'm indifferent on Dever as Abby. Pointing out the physical differences between her and her character are fair, though. I think Abby's build is a big part of her character, and her motivations to train are for a reason. Her physical feats are more believable as well. I've only seen her in Unbelievable, which was very good. Game spoiler stuff -
  8. If Tomlin was smart he’d have that Eucerin sponsorship signed and dated cause he’s about to get stroked to Pluto for going 9-8 or 10-7 this year. Romo and Nantz already got wind of it.
  9. Should’ve put up 40 at this point. Not stepping on throats. Should be fine though.
  10. That was a long time ago, and not impressive in hindsight. Nothing special about emasculating a potential afc 7 seed.
  11. Kenneth Walker is destroying us
  12. Pounded the ball the whole way down the field. Nice start for the Steelers. No need to tempt fate by allowing Rudolph to throw a lot if unnecessary. Dolphins have shown poser energy all season and officially confirmed today not serious. McDaniel is gonna need to roll his pant legs down and shed some of the gold accessories. Needs to earn that.
  13. You're nuts. I feel like the local shop tech in a horror movie trying to tell the college kids to turn around before it's too late. I'll accept this trade if it's official. I really just can't understand why everyone on here thinks he's a great coach. 2009 was a long time ago. The shortcomings and failures since then are higher than Mt. Doom.
  14. Man management? He has people quitting on the team and making it a known issue for the past 6-7years. Bell, Blount, Brown, Harrison, Melvin Ingram, Morgan Burnett, Martavis Bryant, and Juju constantly being a distraction. He now has two clowns in Johnson and Pickens that can't stay focused or give full effort and it happens more than once so clearly Tomlin doesn't rectify the problem. I don't understand why people slap him on the back for keeping AB's behavior under wraps for so long. AB's craziness escalated over time, it wasn't there from the start, not like how we saw it at the end. To say that year 1-4 AB was the same as 2017-18 era AB is wrong. Cool anecdote on Harrison and the training sessions. Wonder if he was leading that jamboree when he was sleeping in meetings cause he wasn't getting playing time towards the end. Tomlin saw success early on cause he didn't have to man manage anyone. He had Heath Miller, Kiesel, Polamalu, Hines Ward, Willie Colon, Farrior, and a less disgruntled Harrison, etc taking care of that. It's after those guys leave where you see the issues popping up. Keep drinking his cool aid and you'll keep seeing these recycled issues pop up every year.
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