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  1. A 2nd for Sanu seems like overpayment to me. He's career second-fiddle guy to AJ Green and Julio. He's also 30, so not the youngest guy around. I'm sure he'll help, considering how inconsistent Gordon is, and Edelman has injury concerns, but it seems a bit much. I'm sure they'll come out smelling like roses so it probably doesn't matter.
  2. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    Richie Indisguise
  3. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    lol stop... Let's not look too much into a popular song being played during a sporting event. Christ...
  4. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019: Wake Belichick Up, When September Ends...

    Definitely about time. The guy just can't learn. The Goon of all Goons. Good riddance. Who woulda guessed he and AB wouldn't make it through September at Oakland.
  5. l2 0 5 5

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    Apparently TLoU2 will have dogs that accompany their masters as Ellie attempts to get by them, with the ability to catch her scent and flush her out depending on the direction she moves and where the dog is positioned. Sounds interesting, and will make navigating through swarms of hunters all the more challenging. Select media got to play about 2 hours of the game, and one guy said something along the lines of 'I've never been more conflicted when deciding to kill an enemy or not'. I guess he was alluding to how difficult/unpredictable it can be when you decide to engage your foe or not. That same candy-ass went on to drop a mini story spoiler in the next paragraph without warning so he can fuck right off.
  6. l2 0 5 5

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    I will second that. Very excited that it's a Q1 release (hope it stays that way). Also happy we can put the silly 'Joel died between the end of 1 and before 2 so now he's just a specter for Ellie' crap. Would they really off the main character off screen before the second installment comes out? C'mon... Got a nice glimpse of Tommy too. Can't wait to see and find out what's happened after the end of 1 as they obviously had a split in some way. ETA: Looks like the game will be 2 discs.
  7. l2 0 5 5

    Football: same old, same old

    What a game by Chelsea today. They needed this badly. Tammy continues to score, Mount added one on, and Tomori with an insane goal. Frank Lampard plus transfer ban has really been a blessing in disguise so far this season. Mourinho, Conte, Sarri aren't playing any of these Chelsea academy players, but Lampard, obv being English and younger, gets these young guys and has no choice but to give them a chance and they're playing superbly well right now. The formation today incorporating the wing backs was interesting as we've also run a 4-3-3 and a 4-2-3-1 so far this season. Preferably Emerson is at left wing back but with him injured during the break, Alonso slid in well to his old spot of glory. Tomori shows a lot of composure on the back line as a young guy, and nice to see Rudiger back even though he picked up a minor injury. When Kante back, I'm guessing he takes Kovacic off the field, and CHO in for Willian, this may be the most promising formation we can put on the field. Lot of talk about Reece James but I'm not ready to but Azpi on the bench just yet. Chill out. Big week ahead with Valencia on Tuesday for CL and Liverpool next Sunday. Come on Chelsea.
  8. l2 0 5 5

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    I feel the opposite.
  9. l2 0 5 5

    Football: A New Hope

    I'm pleased Lampard went with Tammy instead of sticking with Giroud. I even think Michy was on the bench? Won't do TA any good being benched every other match. Was happy with the performance. Let's get Rudiger, Kante, and CHO back by the Liverpool match on 9/22 and I'm curious to see how we hold up.
  10. l2 0 5 5

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    @Tywin et al. I'm in. You should have my email but if not I can pm.
  11. l2 0 5 5

    Westeros Football League B

    28th works for me.
  12. l2 0 5 5

    Football: A New Hope

    Recorded the game but didn’t see much. Thank the gods Kante is back in center mid. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Still have a striker problem even with giroud scoring. If he’s coming off the bench then fine, but if he’s starting big matches I think that’s a problem. Still want to see more from Tammy. Of course he’s the only one that missed a pk. Sounds like rudiger is close to coming back, along with Willian. Once CHO is good to go I’ll be more hopeful. For now just need to get through the next couple months and win the easy games cause we have a good bit of those in the PL during that time frame.
  13. l2 0 5 5

    Westeros Football League B

    I’m in if there’s a spot still open. Looks like there is.
  14. l2 0 5 5

    Fargo Season 4

    Harrow is my favorite character on the show. Ahh.... makes me sad just thinking about it. Glad to see him on board.
  15. l2 0 5 5

    Football: 'Let's talk about six, baby'

    I believe we bought him for 60M, read we sold him for 58M. Either or, I'll consider us lucky to sell him for that much when he was an utter train wreck for 80% of his stint in London. Besides the header palooza he went on the first month or so in 2017, all he did flop, called for offsides, and miss goals. Mental midget. They must think more of him in his homeland.