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    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    Earl Thomas and Mark Ingram to the Ravens doesn't do much for me. I think Thomas on a good team is a nice addition if you get him at a modest price, but that's not the case. Approaching 30 and some really bad leg injuries in his recent past, I'm not impressed. I think there's three things you need to look for when signing someone: are they over/under 30, knee/leg injuries, and character. Thomas checks about all 3 of those boxes in a bad way. Sure, some might think he's admirable for not practicing till he got a contract, but he seems like a jackass like many of the other Seahawks over the past 6-7 years. As for Ingram, eh, not impressed either. He played well in a good system that had Brees and then Kamara for the last two years. He will not do the same in Baltimore. The Ravens have lost Suggs, Za'Darious Smith, Weddle, and Mosley. On offense, they lost John Smith and Crabtree. That leaves them with Willie Snead as their lead receiver? Ingram et. al. for their backs? Don't know who their tight end is. This will all be lead by Lamar Jackson who I am most certainly not convinced of. I think the Ravens will be ass this year. Browns definitely look like the favorite for the AFC North this year. I see the Bengals signed an O-lineman that they're getting crushed for. I know fuck all about him but I think we can already count them out this year, along with Baltimore. My guess is it will be between Steelers and Browns for the division crown. Hopefully we can grab one of the Devin inside backers in the draft.
  2. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Jabril Peppers, first and third round pick this year for Beckham. Obj and Landry will destroy teams.
  3. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Fuck man.... Browns are coming in hot. *on paper* rest of the division should be scared.
  4. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Yeah Brown won that exchange with us. He got everything he wanted. Traded and guaranteed money. Also, not a bad deal at all for the Raiders in terms of draft picks. They keep the late first round picks and also the early second. I'm disappointed but not really surprised. I Was hoping for the early second round pick or one of the late first round picks, but we really had no leverage at all. At least we don't have to pay the $2M bonus to him. Oh well, good riddance.
  5. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Haven't had the chance to post about the Mr. Big Chest drama and I won't as I think it's reached peak levels of absurdity over the past couple weeks. The interview with ESPN and his appearance on LeBron's show do a good job of showing how much of a narcissist he is. Zero accountability. Only thing I care about at this point is what we can get for him. His play hasn't dropped off at all. Over 100 catches last year and 15 td's. Safe to say we won't get an equal return for his production. Going on 31, and a pain in the ass in the locker room. Now he's also wanting a new contract and guaranteed money when he still has 3 years on the current deal. I'd be happy with a second round pick, but am expecting something in the 3rd round. Was initially hoping for a first but that's been shot down since Mr. Big Chest keeps doing stupid on top of stupid. At this point we just need to get rid of him before he does something really dumb like throwing a chair over the balcony of his 14th floor apartment. What a nut.
  6. Mediocre episode tonight though I think the last four of this half could be good. I think the whisperers, so far at least, come off as one of the weakest opponents in the show so far. They don’t have the foot soldiers and numbers that negan had, they don’t have any firepower, they just have the element of surprise, an invisibility cloak if you will, and that’s now gone since everyone knows their guise. It’s like a hot rookie quarterback who catches a couple teams off guard but once there’s film on the guy, a defense will properly prep for him and now all the sudden he’s found out and not as succesful. Tonight, for example, Daryl uses their own tactics against them, cuts away at their numbers, and leaves with boy wonder. I think alpha and beta are tough adversaries but that’s it. Their followers aren’t the saviors, or the governors people. They seem weak and probably hate their leader. One good firing squad and they’d all be wiped out. I’m not a comic reader so I don’t know, but I can’t see this battle with the whisperers lasting very long. They’ll probably lead a bunch of the dead to this fair and wipe people out, which will be a victory for them, but I don’t think they have numbers or weapons to make this a long term war. i just wanna see Alexandria unleash the kraken and let negan out. Patience, as always...
  7. l2 0 5 5

    Popular shows you quit on

    Homeland after season 3. The Dana stuff was just too much for me. Ruined the show. Thought the first season was brilliant which carried me through S3 till I stopped. House of Cards after season 3. Just lost interest. Great first couple seasons. Should've quit Dexter after season 4. First 4 were brilliant, though S3 is not as good as 1,2 and 4. The rest were awful, so I can't say I didn't finish it. I feel bad to say I fell out of The Expanse, The 100, and The Magicians. I fully plan on catching up if I find time. I burned out on Hannibal on S3, which was the last season iirc.
  8. l2 0 5 5

    NHL 2018-2019

    We're so bad against the Devils. Bummer for you guys that Hall has been out for so long considering the season he had last year. Rough game tonight. We blow a two goal lead late in the third, and I hear that Dumoulin has a concussion and Letang broke a vertebrae? Wtf. I jinxed his Norris bid it seems. That poor guy can't catch a break. A stroke, neck surgery, and now this? Just awful... The play didn't even look that bad for him And we lose to the Flyers...
  9. l2 0 5 5

    Football: Bayern Seek the CHOsen One

    Didn't see much between Chelsea and United today but disappointing as is the norm now for the blues. Bournemouth, City and now United have blanked us in recent weeks. Beating a dead horse with Odoi, but god damn how can he not get on the field in an FA Cup match. Don't blame him for wanting to leave. The flanks at Bayern are more likely to leave than the ones at Chelsea. I'm pretty sure both Robben and Ribery have been announced to be done with Bayern at the end of the season. Hazard is most likely gone to Real and Willian will pout and go somewhere or stay at Chelsea and pout some more, and Pedro should be coming off the bench at this stage of his career or starting in League Cup matches, etc. I also don't know why Kante can't get a couple games in his old role to see if that sparks a change. I suppose Sarri is too stubborn to change, as Consigliere said.
  10. l2 0 5 5

    NHL 2018-2019

    I'm posting the last ten Norris winners after the posts yesterday. 2018 Hedman 2017 Burns 2016 Doughty 2015 Karlsson 2014 Keith 2013 Subban 2012 Karlsson 2011 Lidstrom (his last of 7 , and at age 40) 2010 Keith 2009 Chara As I said before, completely agree with MA that it is a crime that Weber never won one in this era. Letang is making his best case this year but Giordano will make it hard for him.
  11. l2 0 5 5

    NHL 2018-2019

    Didn’t see MA’s post on Weber. I completely agree.
  12. l2 0 5 5

    NHL 2018-2019

    Yeah there’s definitely a lot of studs that never won the award. Stevens is a crime. Can’t believe he never won one. Shea Weber also never has one which is surprising. An absolute menace for a number of years. We play you guys Tuesday and even though you’re not having a great year the devils always have our number so I’m skeptical. Looking forward to pens flyers next Saturday outdoors. Malkin has awoken the rivalry with his stupid stick swing last week. Should be fun.
  13. l2 0 5 5

    NHL 2018-2019

    Pens turning it on this third period after a tough loss yesterday. Almost had a great comeback against a good flames team. Two goals for Letang today takes him to 15 on the season. His career best is 16 so he should surpass that. Gotta wonder if this is the year Letang gets even a single look for the Norris. This is a homer thought but I think it’s borderline disrespectful that he’s never even been a finalist/runner up. He’s had a lot of injuries but the guy is a warrior on the ice, produces points, and is tough defensively. In a world of Karlson, burns, Subban, Keith, Douty, I know it’s hard to outshine them with the offensive production, but I think Letang brings the whole package. Not that all those guys don’t have the whole package, but I would’ve thought that Letang would’ve had a consideration now that he’s near 32 years old. Not to mention never making team canada for the olympics in 2010 and ‘14. Just goddamn disrespectful (Stephen a smith voice)
  14. l2 0 5 5

    NFL 2019 Super Bowl: the restless shade of Mike Martz

    Might be late on this, but I don't think I saw anything on the Bengals new hire. Thoughts @Nictarion and @Mexal?
  15. Agreed. I feel like that game has spoiled me for any game I've played after it. What I would do to play the game with no memory of how it plays out for the first time again... And the DLC is brilliant, too. Heart of Stone was solid, but Blood & Wine was brilliant. Everything from the story, acting, and visuals was a pure masterpiece imo.