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  1. JCRB's Honeypot

    Football: Just Slaven Away

    Thanks, mate. Just woke up. The country's still mad and celebrating. Now, where's Russia? How do I get there??? /O/ Putin, here we go!
  2. JCRB's Honeypot

    Football: Just Slaven Away

    Nope. We're going. After 36 years. The streets, the cities, the whole country's gone mad now. It's been declared National Holiday. We broke the curse. Still can't believe it. Yes, we're crying.
  3. JCRB's Honeypot

    Rhaegar's final words

    Plottwist: he said "ARTHUR!".
  4. JCRB's Honeypot

    How did Cersei get Jamie in the KG

    She did. IICR; she remembered she mocked his mustache.
  5. JCRB's Honeypot

    How did Cersei get Jamie in the KG

    There is no way in the seven hells that Cersei wouldn't remember sleeping with Aerys and mention it at some point. This is one of those rare cases in which absence of evidence proves something. Especially when we know how much he compares Rhaegar to other men, and Aerys was the closest thing to Rhaegar that existed at that point.
  6. I agree with what you say, but I think Varys is not that much omnipotent to expect Tyrion to act in the exact way he did. Even without Tyrion killing him, I'm sure Varys already planned to get rid of him one way or another.
  7. JCRB's Honeypot

    Rhaegar's final words

    Rhaegar represents the "old Westeros", the more romantic and "fantasy-like" side of it. So, it makes sense that he dies with this romantic action. Also, I think the reason for him to say so is to "curse" Robert Baratheon, albeit not intentionally. To remind him the reason why he's fighting at all, and that he had the one thing he wanted but would never have. Robert often dreams of himself killing Rhaegar, so I'm sure he also remember that Rhaegar died with Lyanna's name on his lips. This reminds him that Rhaegar took her away. He pretty much accepts that himself as he acknowledges that Rhaegar "won". The simple mention of Lyanna's name was enough to destroy Robert for the rest of his life.
  8. JCRB's Honeypot

    Targaryen Morality

    All nobility is entitled. Otherwise, they'd be democrats. With that being said, exist some who believe they have a duty towards their people rather than to their own interests or the interests of their kin (e.g. Tywin vs Egg). That, of course, includes the Targaryens. But I wouldn't say many of them do it for the people, but rather for their own. I think, honestly, the only one who actually believes in helping people beyond a paternalist feeling, are Egg and Young Griff (who isn't confirmed to be a Targaryen, but for the sake of discussion, let's say he is).
  9. JCRB's Honeypot

    What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    I know I'm biased, but I have a special love for this particular scene because of how it was written. Don't tell me that those three paragraphs didn't make you root for Griff, come on!
  10. JCRB's Honeypot

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    I'm sure Jon was present during the times Rhaegar was planning whatever he planned. AWOIAF seem to imply he left KL with Rhaegar when he went to the Riverlands. Some people say that Rhaegar not being romantically interested in Jon meant he didn't like him, but I disagree. Rhaegar summoned him to court and AWOIAF also implies that Jon, as well as his other two friends, were spies in court for him. I think he trusted him enough. The question isn't whether Jon will tell people about Rhaegar. He will likely do. The question is to who.
  11. JCRB's Honeypot

    Rhaegar wasn't polygamous, he was dumping Elia for Lyanna

    There is a saying here, "no dead is bad". Jon isn't completely blind about Rhaegar, though. "[E]ven Rhaegar saw that plain enough". I think this kinda implies Rhaegar was taking too time in realizing Aerys was mad, and I doubt Jon was the only one impatient about it. They couldn't just tell him to his face. I'm sure that, given the time, Jon will tell us what we don't know about Rhaegar as he, unlike Cersei or Barristan, knew him more personally than they did (but not as close as Arthur) and he will even tell us the bad things. He just, as you say, has no reason to say anything negative now as many of his friends died and he blames himself.
  12. JCRB's Honeypot

    Do Unsullied always train ?

    Grey Worm mentions they have a goddess exclusively for them, so, at least they do spend some time worshiping her or doing any kind of ritual related to her. Considering this goddess has many names, I'd say this is a small evidence of how they still retain their individuality. So, yes, they probably spend their days doing something else besides training and praying. They just aren't obvious about it.
  13. I don't think the idea of the Iron Throne "rejecting" an unfit King so farfetched, nor there is anything magical about it. Aegon made the Throne that way to make sure no King sits comfortable, they would have to be always wary and alert, but also calm. A King that isn't in that state, can get cut easily. Aerys, as he was mad and paranoid, probably was always anxious when sitting on the Throne and moved a lot. That's why he cut himself all the time.
  14. Small Off-topic: guys, guys, guuuuys. Hi. Not dead (and I haven't become a Trump supporter either). Rumours of both have been quite exaggerated. I've been busy with personal projects, I got sick again last month, and for those of you who have heard about the floods in Peru, yes: it's been terrible here. I'm ok, I live in a place that is safe (although the city didn't have water for four days and it's still the same for many districts until they can fix it all). Sadly, more than 50% of the country has been damaged one way or another, and thousands have lost everything. It's calmed down a bit, but it might continue the next week because more rains are coming. Also, in case you thought you had problems, we had a prison set on fire, a small earthquake, a terrorist attack, and today, a volcano too. Maybe Captain Planet will show up? Yes, I'm joking about it: joking helps people to go through bad times. Those whose countries are already sent help or are sending help by now (South America, EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Turkey), thank you very much. It's highly appreciated. I know for certain that it's already been distributed among those who need it the most. For those who want to help, Peruvian embassies all over the world are receiving donations*. Here is a list with all the bank accounts that had been opened. The money will go to the INDECI, the Institute that provides help during disasters. (that's an official list by the government, I had nothing to do with it, I'm not the president. Yet). If you have any questions, please don't derail the thread and DM. But as I said, I'm ok, my family and friends in general are ok as well. *Those living in Florida, I know the Peruvian community there is taking food and other things and they need a lot of help, specially to send it here. Now, let's continue with our shenanigans. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Thought of a crazy theory but you can't prove it and just want to tell everyone? Some lines gave you a hunch that you're certain might happen but you have no evidence? You think X is an idiot and need to tell the world? Fear no more. We all been there. No discussions. No evidence. Just... random thoughts. not mix up with small questions or I never noticed that previous ones, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9
  15. Just wondering how you are, have not seen you post or Rant lately?