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  1. The only thing I see happening in the books is the North becoming independent and I yet have to make up my mind about how exactly that will play out. Politically, I don't think many things will change. Monarchy as we and they know it will remain, only probably a change of rulers will happen. You can't just change the complete system of beliefs of a whole continent and expect things will be fine. That's the whole point of Dany's current plot in Essos. I don't see Martin writing how everybody just accepted democracy or anything similar to it. Jon not becoming King at the end will likely happen, but it won't be this ridiculous solution. The irony will be, imo, that the actual son of Rhaegar won't be the King while the fake son will likely be King (albeit for a while). Jon will get the North, the land he actually loves, while some other character will rule in the South.
  2. A friend told me something similar. "I'll watch only because I want to be free!". Makes you wonder how many people are just watching due to inertia rather than because they're enjoying it.
  3. There are two reasons why Connington didn't burn the city. One, he didn't want to be a killer (" I did not want the name of butcher.") Second, he wanted to capture Robert himself, not get him as a casualties (" I wanted the glory of slaying Robert in single combat "). None of these options are completely altruistic. He doesn't say "I didn't want to be a bad person". He says "I did not want to be known as a bad person". Of course most characters of ASOIAF have a sense of morality, but such morality is still not similar to ours. Cutting resources is normal for them during war times; that's considered a war crime now. I'm not justifying Dany's actions in the recent episode because the episode itself is a (npi) hot mess from every angle. Some people believe she had a good development that took her to this, others said she just turned mad all of a sudden. The fact that we can tell both are correct and incorrect isn't product of expectations and tropes being subverted, but rather, mediocre writing. Had Dany being given a good storyline, then I could say "well, ok, she had her reasons, I don't like it, but I understand it". For what I've seen of the episode, it seems like her actions are due to a need to shock the audience. We really cannot debate much about the characters when there is not an intention of having a good development but simply try to surprised the watcher as much as possible while also attempt to give the characters the same ending as Martin planned for them. But, as I said above, the setting of these characters has a context. They have a very tribalistic mindset. Dany loves her people, but her people have to be that: her people, people who follow her, who support her, who she feels she should protect. The rest, are her enemies. This applies for most of the characters who are in a position of power. We've seen examples of many Lords and Ladies protecting their people, but I'm sure they wouldn't mind much for the people of other lands. This doesn't make them necessarily bad because they're are very unfamiliar with the concept of universal human rights. Dany's reaction to the crucified children happened because she felt personally responsible of what happened: it personally affected her as she affected their decisions. Dany's actions in the episode, rather than amoral are absurd. Like a very cynical review said: "Dany, isn't this your land, now? Aren't you meant to pay for the reconstruction of all of this??". Reviewer has a point.
  4. NO SHOW HERE! /O/ But if you want, remember that Theon actually returned to the Iron Islands. I'm sure Theon will also. In the books, IICR, Asha is looking to void the Kingsmoot. Considering that Theon is Balon's only son, I think she has a chance to do so. There wouldn't be a need for a Kingsmoot if the real "heir" shows up.
  5. Well, he's going to give us a very close narration of the battles to come. VERY CLOSE. But seriously, I really liked this aspect of him. I would have never guessed Asha was his fav, and him giving Falia words of comfort was unexpectedly tender Nah, the then High Septon or whoever was in charged said that to make the whole thing more mysterious. I mean, you need no prophecy to know that, if you don't surrender to the guy with teh dragons, you're gonna get all burned.
  6. I agree with that, I just feel like the idea of a character similar to Bran but for the Others, could have been introduced earlier. The Others were introduced in the very first chapter, and it was obvious they were smart beings. Or maybe there is something we haven't seen
  7. There was a podcast in which one of the participants said he would hate that ASOIAF ends in some sort of "magical paraphernalia battle". Oh, boy, he's up to disappointment. Funny thing is that they are Tolkien fans. People often forget ASOIAF is fantasy. The "realism" Martin offers has nothing to do with the classic elements of fantasy. It's like they want it to be something else, more "mature", more "serious", whatever that means for them. I think they'd be happy if they accept once and for all that ASOIAF is fantasy.
  8. You start having visions about dwarves... Reminds me of Peter Dinklage's documentary/film in which he protests that small actors are only used for scenes in which people have crazy dreams.
  9. I agree with this parallel, it's just that I don't see Euron being such. I feel like then he shuld have been introduced earlier. But I, of course, could be wrong, and he was foreshadowed before. I def. need to reread before debating more or I'm totally gonna lose
  10. I haven't read the whole thread yet, but, while I like the idea of Euron being an agent of the Others (or something similar), I'm not so sure if it's a good idea to introduce him and being such a part of the main storyline at this point. It's not like Aegon being somehow mentioned since the beginning. I think there is a relationship, but not as he's his puppet. But I think that, somehow, he was supposed to be such, and he went mad. Maybe BR or anyone tried to give him visions and failed, for some reason. I definitely need to re-read the HotU visions Dany had before analysing this episode, tbh. There is something about those visions that we might have skipped. Damn, I need to read the whole Squid arc. I don't think that corpse on the prow is Aeron, and I doubt it's Euron. I think a character will be put there after Euron wins. I wonder who. IT WONT BE JON CONNINGTON SHUT UP LALALALA <O>
  11. Happened to me too, on PC. (although not at the moment).
  12. I can't upload gif avatars. As you can imagine, for me, this is a tragedy. A tragedy of the Doom of Valyria proportions. I tried first uploading. Said not.(message says: "sorry we could not find that!") I tried with an url. Said not again (message says: "a configuration or server error has occurred"). Like, it's not enough HBO cut Jon? Now the board too? T___T This is discrimination! Is because he's a redhead, right?
  13. 6. This episode kinda had a plot. Which is an improvement. But little people care. Mostly people are worried and shocked by the death of... Hodor. It's not like the other characters dying were more important for the development of the story and their future absence can have consequenc---OMG HODOR NO!! That's the highlight of the episode, it seems. Another "shocking" shocking death. I mean, do we need any more proof that people watch this like they watch a reality show? "ooh... who is dying next week!". Watchers want to be shocked by the death and rate the episodes accordingly to how this deaths shock them. Narrative? Argument? consistency? Development? Unless they are betrayed by Littlefinger and stabbed straight to the crotch, mostly of the audience is pretty much "meh" about these things.
  14. Even if they believe the Seven are separate entities, they are still monotheists as Catholics are: they believe that The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are different things with different powers, but at the same time, they are one single God.
  15. He might later when he dies, but at least, while he's alive, he will continue as such
  16. The source is one of the comments in his not a blog, in the Arianne post.
  17. They crowns are their hair. They werent' supposed to have golden hair but black, like Robert. That's kinda the point of the prophecy: "Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds", meaning "look, your kids will have the Lannister look instead of the Baratheon, so people are going to go to war because of that and they will die". Had the kids be born with Baratheon hair, at least one of them, Ned wouldn't have doubted Cersei, Stannis would have never gone to war, and he had supported Joffrey's claim, etc, etc.
  18. I think it's both. Their "golden crows" is what make people doubt they are Robert's what eventually will condemn them. They need to be crowned with gold despite their hair is golden. That will be their curse.
  19. About my comment on Lysono and Daario (in the other thread? here? can't find!), yes, I am aware that Daario doesn't look as much as a woman as Lysono, but that's not the point. Just remember all those grandpas who saw men wearing long hair: even if they had the physical structure of the Mountain, they'd say: "he looks like a woman!". JonCon is just a grandpa at heart. The little Griffins seem to be quite young. Jon calls them "the three young griffins", and I don't see him murdering children. Yet. He also said he wanted to know them because they're their blood. Maybe they were born after he left? Also, how funny that the little Griffins have Tolkien's (Ronald) and Martin's (Raymund) names. THEY AREN'T DYING, OK? THEY SAFE. #GINGERSUPREMACY Mean U_U His name might be a hint. "Lysono" from Lys? Martin likes to be obvious about the names of people being fake.
  20. There is also the assumption of a marriage to join the Martells and Aegon, but that's not needed. Aegon is already the result of a Martell-Targaryen union. Asking for him to marry Arianne, is like asking Robb to marry a Tully girl for an alliance. He's already the son of a Tully: he doesn't need such. Aegon is the son of Elia Martell, nephew of Doran, that's all the alliance they need. You're right but not about Myrcella. I'm sure Doran is aware of her being a bastard and never planned to marry her to Trystane. He was just making time. But yeah, there is much Aegon can still offer the Martells, specially revenge, which is what they want the most.
  21. We're seeing them through different perspectives. Maybe if Griff sees Daaario, he will also think that he looks like a woman because of all of the colours and the ornaments. Doesn't he also paint his nails?
  22. I agree with this. I mean, people are assuming that Arianne will see Aegon and see him "pretty" and jump into him because of such. She doesn't just like pretty boys: Darkstar and Aerys are not just "pretty": there is a some sort of "danger" element surround them. Darkstar is a warrior and Aerys is a member of the KG. Aegon is just a boy. In any case, Arianne has already called him a "pet". To me, I think she believes him he's just a puppet and that Connington is pulling the strings, pretty or not. So, if she realises she HAS to marry him, she might, puppet or not.
  23. Maar's existence kinda serve to define and characterise both Jon and Arianne better and contrast them with Dany. Jon not only thinks he's an oddball but he also comments how Varys isn't a "man" because he's an eunuch. And Arianne feeling disgusted by Maar is the opposite of Dany who feels very attracted by Daario, who isn't different. Dany also sees her Unsullied as people, and Jon think less of them. I think Aegon is a virgin. I mean, Duck and Haldon made it sound like Griff has a very strict policy of celibacy in their group. I'm sure there is no coincidence that when Tyrion said he would want to go to a brothel, Duck says "the lad would want to go". I'm not saying that Aegon is desperate to have sex, but if you put a horny teen next to another horny teen... that won't end up well.
  24. Actually, he's not different from Daario. They're very "colourful". Being a woman who like manly man, whenever Maar or Daario are brought up, I metaphorically cross my legs a bit... Arianne agrees with me. U_U No, he's not such. He is a spymaster, like Varys. IICR, Varys has disguised himself as a woman before too.
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