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  1. Prince DragonFly

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    It seems to me that Davos will smuggle Gendry across the Narrow Sea and that will play into Arya's reasoning to take flight to Essos. TV viewers might not be ok with her leaving the scene and not exacting revenge right away unless she goes looking for Gendry.
  2. Prince DragonFly

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    I loved the mention of the whore being able to do a merenesse knot! what a nod to book readers. Overall i thought it was a great episode. The scene with Craster was awesome. It was like a nod to us who read the Heretic thread. The scene with Pod, Bronn, and Tyrion was hilarious. Nice to have some light hearted scenes and not have everything be so bleek. Last week everyone was complaining and making a stink about how they should have made it more clear that Jamie was at a severe disadvantage when fighting Brienne and that she made him look like a chump. I think they cleared that up pretty well. I think it sucks that we do not have Vargo Hoat and that the man who has Jamie prisoner is just an unknown Bolton bannerman. Makes no sense that a Westerosi noble would cut off his hand really considering Jamie's worth from a ransom and his worth to Robb and Roose. Vargo Hoat at least was a savage who didn't care. I thought the introduction to the Blackfish and Edmure stayed true to the essence of the books despite the obvious plot difference. I think it is obvious that Karstark will kill the Lannister boys, or else why show them? The next episode is going to be epic. We will get Dany's dracarys, the NW mutiny, and much much more. The exposition and set up is finally over with this episode! The stage is set!
  3. Prince DragonFly

    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    do you guys discuss while it is airing or only after?