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  1. I think the answer is absolutely yes. I am confident the question of human sacrifice is a major part of the answer to the core mystery/mysteries of the series, which i think are all inter-related: why are the others coming back now; why is magic returning to the world and getting more potent; why have the dragons been re-born now; who are the others and what is their origin; what does it mean that there must always be a stark in winterfell; why are the seasons messed up; what is the origin of the magic that makes the weirwoood/greenseer thing work; what happened between the first men and COTF; what was the doom of in Valyria; what explains the Valyrians' power over dragons; etc etc. I'm not going to spend hours researching and citing text. I think the issue of human sacrifice is woven throughout the books. I also think slavery is the other element that will somehow be a big part of the answers to these questions.
  2. In the next Arya chapter after Mercy, Arya is either in westeros or on a ship on her way there.
  3. I think the murder of raff in the sample chapter means she is done with the faceless men. She's broken the rules for the last time. She's out. I don't think she'll even try to go back, but if she does they'll kick her out. I don't think they'll kill her or otherwise punish her. It's possible she spends the rest of the series looking over her shoulder for an assassin but that's not my prediction. I think she leaves, either with or without the FM's knowledge and they don't go after her. That was the point of the Raff killing. She's Arya Stark of Winterfell and she always will be and there's nothing she can do about it. The next chapter after the Mercy chapter will have her on a boat to westeros or in westeros. I think she'll reunite with LS and Nymeria more or less simultaneously, and kill a bunch of Freys soon thereafter. Giving LS Mercy is also a good prediction. After that she'll be heading for Cersei but get misdirected somehow to the wall and to resurrected Jon and join in the fight for the north, if it's still going on, and against the others. And I won't be surprised if the climax of her story is something in the ballpark of that which must not be mentioned.
  4. Not going to do the whole thing, but want to mention that in our family of four, all good eaters, we sometimes joke that our house words are "we clean our plates."
  5. OK. So it definitely not a GRRM mistake, and apparently the "rules" of westeros are flexible enough that Cersei wasn't worried about using Joffrey's mother's family's cloak, even after Stannis' letter. Question answered. Thanks.
  6. I'm rereading SoS and it seems pretty clear that the bride cloak Joffrey puts on Margaery at their wedding is a Lannister cloak; it says it was given to him by Cersei but belonged to her mother before her. Any explanation? Did I misunderstand?
  7. I'm re-reading, most of the way through SoS. I noticed that, while it's not 100% explicit, it's pretty clear that Margaery's bride cloak was a Lannister cloak, not Baratheon. I don't have the book in front of me but there's something to the effect that it was Cersei's, and Cersei's mother's before her. Is this a GRRm screw-up? or is there some explanation I'm missing, or have I misunderstood? Has this been addressed before in the forums?
  8. It's nice to see someone say this. Back a few years when I posted on this forum more often, I said the same thing: fundamentally this is a story about a family that is separated and meets with a series of disasters, the survivors mostly unaware of the fates of the others, who then go on their own journeys of adversity and survival and self-discovery, and then presumably eventually reunite to some extent, re-form their family, and overcome their tragedies and in some sense or another (I predict) prevail. The Starks, especially Bran and Arya, and to a lesser extent Jon and Sansa, are the emotional heart of the story. They are who the story is really about. Don't get me wrong, I also love the mythologizing, the faux-medieval world building, the mixing and matching and altering of real-world history and anthropology, the mystery/detective/suspense novel elements, and the action, but what has kept me waiting on the edge of my seat since I read all five novels in single month in 2013 is the deep need to find out what happens to Arya, Bran, Jon ,and Sansa, roughly in that order.
  9. Exactly. They didn't see Dany coming. never gave her much thought because of her gender. a pawn to be moved around, no will of her own.
  10. long ago it was apparent that there was some inconsistency to be resolved between the notion that Varys and Illyrio had been behind Dany getting married off to Khal Drogo so he would support Viserys in invading Westeros, and the fact that Varys was also behind the long-term grooming of Aegon. my resolution was that Aegon was always the real candidate Varys was behind, and the plan was to either: (a) have Viserys and the Dothraki invade first, to (1) soften up Westeros for Aegon by depleting westerosi armies; (2) discredit Viserys, who Varys has already realized has no business being king; (3) set Aegon up to ride in as the savior hero, who can rally the (presumably, at that point) beleaguered westerosi lords and people to his cause. Or, (b) in the alternative, Viserys would fail to get the Dothraki behind him and end up getting himself killed or get lost with the Dothraki in the great grass sea, and thus out of the way. Either helps Aegon. this plan went down the tubes due to Dany's unexpected survival and success with the Dothraki, the genuine love of Khal Drogo for Dany, Viserys antagonizing Drogo enough to get himself killed, and finally Drogo's death, Dany's survival and the birth of the dragons. So, the current situation, where there are two (supposedly) legit Targaryen pretenders was unexpected and Varys and Illyrio are playing it by ear, improvising, doing their best, but they have largely lost control over the situation, mostly due to Dany's actions after the birth of the dragons, culminating on the conquest of slavers bay, emancipation of slaves, etc., and now, secondarily, because Aegon has decided to say screw you guys Im not waiting for Dany any longer I'm going home. to westeros. I think all of this was unanticipated by Varys and Illyrio.
  11. I agree Perkin Warbeck seems to be the best inspiration for Aegon (fake or not; I think he is fake).
  12. yeah. what they did with the show is mash/transposition from the novels
  13. I agree. I don't understand the complaints. we don't hear anything about catelyn's body for several chapters after the rw, and LS is revealed in the epilogue. in the book we're allowed to believe she's completely dead for half the book. if they're doing it right we don't see LS until the last episode of season 4.
  14. same here. hadn't read fantasy or sci fi since high school. thought it was too low-brow. started GOT Oct 2012 because I was/am thinking about writing a historical novel, and I wanted to see how a successful popular novel (that's kind of like a historical novel) was written. boom. totally hooked. read all 5 books in a about 3 weeks. it did not even occur to me until I was near the end of DWD that the series wasn't finished!! re-read again in March. I'm obsessed. i'm still hoping wow comes out by xmas 2013. please GRRM, write write write.
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