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  1. Brother Seamus

    References and Homages

    I agree Perkin Warbeck seems to be the best inspiration for Aegon (fake or not; I think he is fake).
  2. Brother Seamus

    Arya will become Queen

    I just read the first and last pages, so maybe it was already mentioned, but the best evidence for Jon and Arya getting together is the GRRM letter to his publisher setting out the broad plot points, before he even wrote the first book. Arya and Jon hooking up based on the revelation Jon isn't her brother was part of the plan from the beginning. That said, my tentative prediction is that GRRM abandons that idea, and Arya ends up having a role somewhere in the neighborhood of a combination of Bloodraven and Varys, a hand/master of whisperers/J. Edgar Hoover/head of MI5 type of character; head of internal security for the Jon Snow/Targaryen/Stark regime; the Lavrenty Beria of westeros.
  3. Brother Seamus

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

    funny. I saw something else, on fb I think, where someone claimed to have lip-read Lyanna to have said his name is .
  4. Brother Seamus

    How do i find or read sample chapters?

    yeah. what they did with the show is mash/transposition from the novels
  5. Brother Seamus

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I agree. I don't understand the complaints. we don't hear anything about catelyn's body for several chapters after the rw, and LS is revealed in the epilogue. in the book we're allowed to believe she's completely dead for half the book. if they're doing it right we don't see LS until the last episode of season 4.
  6. same here. hadn't read fantasy or sci fi since high school. thought it was too low-brow. started GOT Oct 2012 because I was/am thinking about writing a historical novel, and I wanted to see how a successful popular novel (that's kind of like a historical novel) was written. boom. totally hooked. read all 5 books in a about 3 weeks. it did not even occur to me until I was near the end of DWD that the series wasn't finished!! re-read again in March. I'm obsessed. i'm still hoping wow comes out by xmas 2013. please GRRM, write write write.