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    This is all Jon’s fault

    Exactly! The moment Sansa saw those dragons she should of realized that trying to go independent would have a very uncertain future. She has just gotten her family and home back. Being adversarial to Dany would get her and the north nothing good. Sansa would have used her courtesies as a weapon and made friends with her (like Margery did with her), then push for Dany and Jon to marry. Thus, making them all family. Going independent was the only option with Cersei on the throne but with the arrival of Dany, the game changed. Show Sansa is acting like Littlefinger. Pulling stings and getting a lot of other people killed.
  2. Lady's Secret

    Mourning Dany

    I think GRRM told them that Danny burns down King’s Landing and kills almost everyone in it...but left out that it was an accident. In the books, Kings Landing’s still has caches of wildfire underground rigged to go off in a chain reaction to destroy the whole city if one cache is ignited. How much dragon fire do you think it would take to ignite one cache and set the whole thing off? I don’t think it would take much. And only Jaime and Brienne know about it. I’ve always thought this detail would come back into play. And I like the idea of Jaime not really saving King’s Landing but only delaying the inevitable. All because he is too proud to explain his actions. Also Danny would likely lose everyone fighting for her that enters King’s Landing when this happens. Talk about a mental stressor! In her quest for the iron throne, she gets a whole city full of civilians killed, destroys her own capital, fulfills the Mad King’s plan and causes the death of her own soldiers. That’s pretty damn bittersweet.