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  1. One of the easiest games we've had at home. Must be good odds on Potter to be the next manager to be sacked.
  2. Like in Skyrim how the guards would keep taking the piss out of you even if you'd become head of the Mage's Guild and killed every dragon in the game.
  3. Playing Jedi: Fallen Order. Gameplay is fun but I often get lost which is frustrating. I could see the Prince of Persia type acrobatics getting tedious after a while as well. I think I will stick with it in the long run though because I like the story, characters and visuals.
  4. Austin Butler seems to be picking up Best Actor awards despite Colin Farrell and Brendan Fraser being billed as the favorites to take the oscar.
  5. Barry Keoghan is a really surprising win for best supporting actor. He didnt really have that much to do in the film.
  6. We were talking about what a great South African export Johnny Clegg was and this came up:
  7. Has anyone tried micro dosing psilocybin? I've been on SSRIs for about three years and they haven't helped much with the depression and anhedonia so I got in touch with someone who provides psilocybin (macro dosing and micro dosing). I've taken two doses so far , felt no benefits and my anxiety has gone through the roof. If it goes on much longer I may have to try Ketamine instead.
  8. Arteta's quite aggressive for someone who looks like he belongs in a makeup commercial.
  9. I feel for Conte, hope he has a good recovery, but it does feel like this is the beginning of a diplomatic parting of ways.
  10. This is a problem with most open-world games to be fair. In fact it's long been a trope of RPG games in general, which usually have your character engaging in mundane side-quests despite the world being in dire peril. Here's an old parody video that sums it up.
  11. Indy's back, and he's even older and grumpier. If you thought what they did to Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi was bad, just wait till you see this!
  12. FIFA 22 is shit. Why does anyone bother with these garbage games? I want PES back.
  13. Why is it the most awful scene, out of interest?
  14. FIFA 22 is frustrating the hell out of me. Defending is a massive headache. Crossing doesn't seem to be effective at all. All I do now is play as PSG, keep giving Messi and Mbappe the ball and just run past their defence and shoot. Works 9 times out of 10 (although the keeper saves it 9 times out of 10 too, obviously).
  15. Between this and ChatGPT it's getting worrying for writers. I never thought I was in danger of machines taking over my job.
  16. Finished all the 5 seasons of Cobra Kai and thoroughly enjoyed it. Yeah it had its fair helping of cheese (as you'd expect of something inspired by 80s movies) but it all worked for me.
  17. I'm interested to see how Conte's system, which is a clearly designed to be played in Italy, works against an Italian team.
  18. We're in for a rough ride with Fraser Forster in goal for two months. Guy looks near-sighted.
  19. Finally finished Batman: Arkham Knight, although it turns out you have to collect all the Riddler trophies to get the full ending, which irritates the hell out of me. I may just watch the ending on YouTube instead. The game had so many frustrating elements gameplay wise but the story is so great. I really wish they'd make movies from the Arkham games.
  20. Never played the games. Thoroughly enjoying the series. Only thing that's annoying me is Eli seems way too upbeat for the situation they're in. I get that they're trying to create a contrast between her and Joel, but she uses turns of phrase that I wouldn't expect a kid who grew up in a post-apocalyptic world to know.
  21. ROTK is definitely the one with the biggest gap in quality between the cinematic and extended versions IMO. Saruman's death, Gandalf vs the Witch King and the Mouth of Sauron all really should have been in the cinematic version. The reaction from Gandalf when Mouth of Sauron brandishes Frodo's mithril coat gets me every time. Also the Witch King saying "the world of men shall fall" followed by the horns of Rohan. Chills.
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