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  1. Wow, Nice one Newcastle. A premier league classic. Always funny to see West Ham lose, especially in that manner.
  2. Another really disturbing scene was from Deep Rising where they shoot one of the monster's tentacles open and...well...I'll leave it there.
  3. Speak No Evil (2022), Danish thriller. Bloody disturbing.
  4. I don't think anyone's on par with the Joker. And no one's ever portrayed Lex Luthor as well as Heath Ledger portrays the Joker in The Dark Knight.
  5. Yeah it's weird they aged Batman up so much. I loved Batman Returns as a kid but watched it relatively recently and was disappointed in how goofy it was. I don't like the Burton films anymore. I think people mainly liked it because they were just happy they didn't get an Adam West version Also Tim Burton, like Zack Snyder., didn't give a crap that Batman's not supposed to kill. My favourite Batman movies are the Arkham games.
  6. I see the usual nutters (Alex Jones) are positing that the terrorist attack was launched by the US. I'm going to say it was launched by Putin on his own people so he could seize more power. My conspiracy theory is cooler than their conspiracy theory and has just as much evidence.
  7. Forest docked another 10 points? I saw this on Twitter but can't find confirmation on Google
  8. Liverpool were playing champagne football in the 2nd half; Man U didnt get anywhere near them. Goal came out of nowhere and suddenly Liverpool looked exhausted and Man U went into another gear. Weird game.
  9. One episode in and really enjoying The Gentlemen. Haven't liked any Guy Ritchie stuff in awhile so this feels like a return to form for him.
  10. I finished Telltale Adventures' The Expanse and it hit me really hard in the feels. Really strong story with great characters. Only thing that drags it down is long sequences where you're floating through shipwrecks in your MAG boots to try find salvage. Those got really frustrating but they stopped roundabout episode 3.
  11. If I ever make it as a writer than it'll prove the benefits of games to my family as most of the writing I do is heavily inspired by games I've played. Quite a few filmmakers have said that games inspired them. Neil Blomkamp said Half-life 2 was a significant influence on District 9.
  12. My parents banned me from playing on school days; other than that they didn't have an opinion on it one way or another. My uncle wouldn't let my cousin play though, he thought they were mindless. That always irked me. To actually answer your question though, I guess you can only show them through actions? ie. pursue a rich social life and they'll see it doesn't affect your social life. I don't know how open-minded your parents are so don't know what it would take to convince them it's a legitimate hobby. Maybe if they saw you playing some highly story-driven games or sophisticated strategy games they'll change their view. Obviously if they see you playing violent first-person shooters it's going to negatively impact their view.
  13. I played it recently and thought it aged pretty well. The combat gets a lot more satisfying once you start powering through enemies with your lightsaber.
  14. Requiem did a much better job of putting people off drugs. I remember people saying after Trainspotting that they wanted to get on drugs cause the movie made it look cool.
  15. As far as I remember Flash's style relies heavily on tanks, which were OP in StarCraft 1 but not as good in StarCraft 2.
  16. Even when I play games out of nostalgia I think I can still get an idea of how well it's aged. For example I played Age of Empires recently and I think it's aged terribly. The AI is horrible and the single-player missions are mostly frustrating to the point where you wonder what the designers were thinking. Warcraft II and StarCraft: Brood War on the other have have aged very well IMO. Still very playable with solid mission design and a manageable interface. I haven't played Baldur's Gate 1/ 2 or Fallout 2 in awhile but I would think they've aged well. The isometric interface doesn't rely heavily on graphics.
  17. I watched a rerun of the Oscar ceremony last night and I have to say I really enjoyed it this year. There were a lot of fun jokes. I liked what they did with the best supporting actor / actress and best lead presentations. The song performances were great (including Billy Eilish although she seems unpopular around here) and I agreed with all the award choices. And there was a cute dog. What more could you want? I still find Kimmel to be quite a boring host though; too safe and generic. I wish they'd get someone with a bit more edge, like maybe Chris Rock.
  18. I noticed that too! She looks so cute when annoyed.
  19. Happy with Oppenheimer sweeping and I think it will hold up a lot better than the other nominees. An expertly executed event film; pretty much Nolan's modus operandi.
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