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  1. Well the batmobile is in the game and it was really fun driving it around the city at first but then you have to start using it to fight these tanks that the main villain is using and the level of skill required is beyond me. There's one part which took me about 45 minutes and I had to spend most of it hiding from the tanks and waiting to attack them from behind cause they blow you up in one shot. Then there's the stealth, which was a lot of fun in the first two games, but they've added in so many other things you have to contend with now, like automatic turrets and drones that just make it so much more difficult. Anyway I'm soldiering on with it cause it's a great story and I love the Batman character. It's just that Batman is supposed to be this super awesome, highly competent character and being him is supposed to make you feel cool but I just feel like I'm letting the character down cause I'm constantly dying.
  2. Why do the critics love Rian Johnson so much? I'll never understand it. Just one of the most pretentious, narcissistic directors around.
  3. This has become one of the best channels on YouTube.
  4. Arkham Knight has a great story but it's bloody difficult to the point where I've considered rage-quitting several times. The other two Arkham games were nowhere near this frustrating.
  5. Just finished the first season of Cobra Kai and it's brilliant. I'm completely hooked.
  6. I can't follow this whole thing, all I know is my D&D group is pissed off about it.
  7. That's an interesting take. Personally I'll stick my neck out and say that HOTD will get tonnes of Emmy nominations because it IS one of the best shows of the year. Why it's getting shut out of the Guild awards is beyond me, but like or hate the GG, more people pay attention to that than SAG.
  8. To be fair a lot of people have cultivated successful YouTube careers by doing this.
  9. Rings of Power predictably snubbed by SAG but House of the Dragon as well? Weird
  10. I didnt think much of The Fabelmans. Glad Michelle Yeoh got an award though.
  11. I'm happy with the results. Just weird that Andor was nominated for lead actor and nothing else.
  12. I agree, he just quietly sidelined him and waited for him to implode.
  13. I really liked this one as well. Came out around the time of the 2010 world cup when everyone was complaining about the vuvuzelas.
  14. An absolute classic. One of the earliest YouTube memes (think it's almost as old as YouTube). Unfortunately the guy who made it died recently. RIP
  15. The Menu (2022) is a fun movie. You definitely want to go in knowing nothing about it.
  16. It was this kind of thing, the freebies and stuff that I was referring to, that I suspect in many cases makes critics reluctant to give bad reviews. I wasn't suggesting any of them are bribed. I also acknowledge that it's probably a small percentage of critics that are influenced by this stuff.
  17. Maybe, I've always been told I have a wild imagination. I was being hyperbolic. But the fact is a lot of critics do like their freebies. It's also just inexplicable how something like She-Hulk gets good ratings from critics. I think it's quite significant that a show costing 60 million per episode got no nominations, and I compared it to HOTD cause those are the two big fantasy shows that come out. IMO one highlighted how to do things right and the other how to do things wrong.
  18. I imagine Newcastle fans as people who've largely had it rough with the football club being one of the few things they have in life so I'd never deign to put the onus on them to abandon their club because of decisions made by higher-ups in suits.
  19. So more like the Daniel Craig version then? I think for film (which, let's face it, is where the majority know Bond from), Sean Connery demonstrates the qualities that people associate with the character, although my favorite is Brosnan.
  20. Pretty hard to hold moral high ground in the modern world. UK government sells Saudis weapons so no matter what you do you're implicated. Also it was the premier league that allowed the Saudis to buy the club. It wasn't up to Newcastle fans.
  21. Mission Impossible movies area fine but I love the British aspect of the Bond movies. And I love the classy aspect of the character vs the grittiness of Bourne and Ethan Hunt.
  22. This is totally not how I expected this to go. I was sure there was no coming back from Villa.
  23. Two strikers injured, the other two off form and 6 defenders on the bench. This is going to be ugly.
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