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  1. No argument there. It's easy to talk shite when you're at the top of the league. One can always hope for the usual capitulation to occur though. Also if you think spurs fans aren't used to suboptimal transfer activity then you haven't been paying attention.
  2. I just did show an example. Just because you didn't type "I hate Newcastle's tactics" in bold and capital letters doesn't mean your bitterness isn't coming across strong.
  3. I must have imagined Spockydog the Smug referring to Newcastle's playing style as "rotational fouling and general shithousery" then.
  4. Weird I could swear there's been some "boohoo teams won't make it easy for us to beat them every week" nonsense.
  5. Ahahhah, "first sign of trouble". Our football has been unwatchable all season. Your medal is in the post.
  6. I've been supporting Tottenham since 13 years old and dealt with 25 years of mostly shite with the odd good phase here and there. I won't be called plastic by an Arsenal fan of all people.
  7. No ways, James Bond is the bestest And it's not like we have many male heroes to root for in films these days.
  8. Anyway I'm going to be skippi8ng our game tonight. I think I'm going to watch Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray instead. I haven't had any good feelings since Messi won the world cup.
  9. A lot of sour grapes around here. I thought Newcastle had a good game plan and executed it to perfection. Howe definitely has surprised everyone as to how good he is. Newcastle aren't the finished article yet so can't be expected to play open football in every game, especially against a team that's on form. Probably within a few years Newcastle will be the new Man City.
  10. RRR (2022) Hindi language film. So good. Awesome action sequences mixed with great musical sequences mixed with a strong story. Considering all the trite produced by Hollywood lately it's nice to know foreign language production centers like Tollywood provide alternatives. 9/10. I would've give it 10/10 but at three hours it does feel like they could've shaved about 20 minutes off.
  11. Darryk


    Started off really well with a great atmosphere, lost its way in the middle due to its characters not being particularly compelling, but ended on a strong note that left me wanting more. edit: Just saw upthread that it was cancelled. Oh well.
  12. I got a lot of joy from seeing Argentina and Messi win the World Cup. It felt like seeing spurs win something. I'm doubly glad now I got to experience that.
  13. As crazy as it is, we are playing in a way teams usually play when the manager is on borrowed time.
  14. Just pointing out that anti-semitism is barely about religion. Maybe it was in medieval Europe but Nazi ideology was founded on Jews being a race. "In general" is a bit strong and I agree with Spockydog above that it's a harsh assessment, but I can certainly sympathize with how casually a lot of people express anti-Semitism. Me and by brother must not look traditionally Jewish either cause we've frequently had people say anti-Semitic things without it even occurring to them that we might be Jewish. My brother was in London with a group of people and the one guy had moved to Golder's Green and my brother was like "oh that's a very Jewish area right" and the guy responded "yeah unfortunately" without seeming to give any consideration to what he was saying. Then the others told him my brother was Jewish and he got all awkward and tried to pretend it was a joke.
  15. Wait, you're Jewish and you support Chelsea? Before Roman took over they had the second most anti-Semitic fanbase after West Ham.
  16. As Ran said you can get episode 4+5+6 off Gog.com. Then there's a way to play the Kings Quest 6 windows version off the GoG files. You definitely want to play that version rather than the DOS one. So you can get remakes of the first three games off AGD Interactive, read plot summaries of KQ 4 & 5, then play 6. I'd be interested how 6 holds up after all these years. I imagine you'll be using a walkthrough most of the time as the puzzles are hard and quite counter-intuitive in a lot of cases. There's one part involving a sleeping potion ( @Ran may remember) that I have no idea how I figured out what you're supposed to do with it.
  17. They were brutal. In Space Quest there was an item you needed to get at the beginning of the game that you only used at the end, so if you got to the end and didn't have it you had to start all over again. In Police Quest you catch a drunk driver at one point and you have to type the exact sentence "administer field sobriety test".
  18. Yeah I was one of the backers on that But still haven't gotten around to playing it , sadly. I'm often reluctant to play sequels to old favourite franchises of mine cause I'm worried they won't be able to compare to the nostalgia of the originals. Same reason I havem't played any Legend of Zelda games since Ocarina of Time.
  19. King's Quest VI was pure magic and by far the best King's Quest game. Quest for Glory IV was my favorite QFG game and probably my favourite Sierra game overall, although I loved all the QFG games, even the rather wonky 5th one.
  20. There were only 5 Quest For Glory games, not sure they'd appeal to modern gamers. Not sure what search term you typed in but the King's Quest collection definitely is on Steam, but also not suited to modern gamers, although Kings Quest VI is so brilliant that it's worth giving it a shot anyway. Definitely read plot summaries of King's Quest III and King's Quest V if you do play King's Quest VI Edit: The Kings Quest VI enhanced windows version is a lot prettier to look at than the DOS version though I'm not sure how to access it. Apparently there's a way to do it by using SCUMM to run the KQIV install files off Steam. An @@Ran mentioned AGD Interactive made remakes of the first three King's Quest games that are excellent and suitable for modern gamers, and they're free. They also did a remake of Quest for Glory II.
  21. As do I, although my favourites were always the Sierra games, especially Quest for Glory.
  22. Always on the lookout for good horror movies so I tried Barbarian and Smile, both came out this year. (always seems like you go a few years with no good horror movies then suddenly a bunch come out at once). Barbarian was a bit weird for my tastes but I'd still recommend it for horror fans. It was very creative. smile was decent too and more the kind of horror I like, but I felt like the writers were cheating too much.
  23. I dunno if it's a comedown from the elation of seeing Messi win the world cup or just disillusionment with the way we've played this season but I didn't feel very invested in that game at all. Probably a mercy.
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